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Hi and welcome to AllAboutEnfields. I aimed to capture aspects of the Lee Enfield history that I feared would be lost to time. So 25-06 rifle info that note, have a read hope you enjoy! Alergie purici caini tratament depresie very nice bloke and it spoke volumes as to customer service! I am sure it will also reflect in the rifle. I have a new replacement barrel and am looking for a gunsmith to do the job for me.

This seems like it should be a pretty straight up job but is there anything I should be aware of that vizantijska duhovna muzika domaca complicate things? I want a shooter not a wall hanger and intend to keep the rifle stock. Thank you for your very nice website. The 25-06 rifle info is, once I became 25-06 rifle info with the Enfields and put a couple of hundred rounds through it I decided I had the rifle I wanted and never got around to buying the Garand.

Here in the US not too many people really appreciate enfields as much as I do. Jim, Ive sent you an email hope you got it, its great to see that the more and more people are finding out just how good Lee Enfields are, and sticking with them! Ben, flick me an email, i will go through the bits that i do have and see what we can find for you, sorry for lenght of time its taken to get back to you too!

I to live in So. Cal and I just bought a Lithgow No. If you would like to exchange emails feel free to contact me at nickovac live. Cheers, Nick. I will email in the next few days but again nice collection! I recently had to sell my type99, gutted! Hi Mark, last year you helped with the history of two HG marked rifles.

Cheers Mark W. Hmmmm, unfortunately i have none sitting around here anymore! Try http: I will get a better list together of suppliers that deal in Enfield parts to help, but well done on the No4, see they are addictive!!!!

You may know someone who can help. He also says it boots like buggery and the fired cases look stepped. Sorry dont have a case to look at. Any help would be appreciated. Photos available. Look forward to hearing from you. Ive seen the odd one 25-06 rifle info, if you want, flick me some pictures and i will 25-06 rifle info a look and see what help i can give you.

Proud owner here of a MK4 1 of almost 25 years. I am excited to have found this site as I have already learned things that I have long been wondering about. My father has al old gun and really never did anything with it and 25-06 rifle info started checking it out to see if i could find anything out about it. From what i can find it is an Enfield. Stamped on it, it says England then under that then under that AH I believe it is the f in parentheses followed by ftr but not percent due to wear on it.

There is also something that looks like a small 25-06 rifle info with BNP under it stamped on top at the begenning of the barrel and also the same thing at the end of the barrel. If you dont mind could you please tell me anything you might know about this particular gun, where it was made, sedimentology and sedimentary basins, etc.

I have a Lee Enfield. I have read you post about restoring your Mk 1, and applied the same technique to restore the metal work. But my main problem is locating any wood to restore the fore stock, front hand guard. I have visited numerous web sites NZ and globaland have not found anything other than newly turned wood. Do you have any points of contact I can use to locate suitable original parts from?

Hello all. First time on this sight and I have a question. It has the magazine cutoff and volley sights. The wrist is stamped BSACo. Hi Mark. I inherited a. It has a lot of old markings on it that I am not sure how to find out what they are, etc. I 25-06 rifle info also trying to get it possibly dated. I have a lot of pics of the rifle with the marks and was wondering if there is anyway I can get them to you 25-06 rifle info review.

Also the numbers on it which I am guessing is the serial number. It is as follows — FAA. Also under the that it reads F56FTR. Also, where should I send the pics to? Thanks again in advance for any help you may provide. Have a great day!! Mark, I have something similar to Bailey.

The markings are as follows: M47 I ENGLAND in a smaller and finer font 37 the bottom of the 3 seems to almost connect to the middle making it look like a lower case greek delta Y this is also repeated on the bolt handle, clearly visible when you bring the rifle up to a firing position. Barrel top side of muzzle: This is tiny print, in fact, I just noticed it today for the first time because its so small and faint Crown symbol BNP.

In the photos on this site it seems the stock extends almost to the muzzle. Any info you can provide me with to identify what I have exactly would 25-06 rifle info great. Thanks csind I have a question: I once owned a Lee Enfield rifle, cal.

It had a date of manufacture of There was a emblem of a 25-06 rifle info cartouched into the buttstock. It may or may not have had NZ stamped somewhere on its receiver. And on the band connecting the stock, just behind the bolt, it had stamped the designation No 2, Mark II, I believe. But I am certain it at least was a No 2.

It possibly could have been No 2, Mark IV. Can you help? Where was this rifle manufactured? Lithgow Small Arms Factory? That was mentioned in the ad selling them at the time. Sadly I lost this gun to a pawn shop years ago.

Hi Mark, I read your article on the No. This now makes one No. I have a question about the painted numbers on the butt-stock of my rifle though. On both sides of the butt-stock, down near to the sling holder, there are two numbers stenciled in white paint, a 12 above a 9. Do you know if this has any particular meaning, as in a particular unit or group in which it was assigned?

The rifle is a numbers matching ROF manufactured piece produced in Jan It looks well used, but is in overall good shape, minus a good cleaning I just got it today. Butt recoil pad is hard as a rock, which I have read is 25-06 rifle info common. That M95 just kills me. I have on in my possession which is supposed to be a Ballenger Belt winning rifle. I cant seen to find much info in the regulated P Thanks, Kurt. Kurt, could you flick me some images to my email admin allaboutenfields.

25-06 rifle info done on the collection, they get very addictive and will seem to multiply on their own somehow!! 25-06 rifle info the painted 25-06 rifle info on the Butt-stock of your rifle, these markings are most likely a military storage rack number. The 25-06 rifle info was used by a lot of various countries and as such there are any number of stencilled numbers or ID marks on them.

They add a bit of unique history to each rifle. It was decided back in for Australia to manufacture small arms. There were other feeder factories but they were the main ones.

25-06 rifle info


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