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Licensed Azumanga Daioh Discussion Older Series. In other words.. chia's cuttness, osaka's absentmindedness and Tomo's . they still put out more DVDs total per month than every other anime company combined. Watch Azumanga Daioh Episode 06 on mobile in High Quality Online for free only at Watched Anime list: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherwood Sword Art Online Naruto Classic Naruto . / . this order - coolest vampier ever ) -Azumanga daioh (super funny specialy with transletion that.

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Azumanga Daioh - Chopsticks Charm

I like yotsuba to! XD Who will be the winner for this race?! Add a Comment: Load All Images. I have a question. I recently finished reading the Azumanga Daioh manga, and I found out literally just a couple minutes ago that it was an anime.

So here is my question - is the anime as good as the manga? Because what happened to me once is that I read the manga, then I watched the anime, and I feel like the anime ruined it the fun of reading it. And I don't want to watch azumanga daioh chia anime anime because I don't want to ruin the manga, but at the same time I want to watch it so bad! So if you could give me your opinion, I'd really appreciate it. Depends on in what they would be competing in … I'd say Yotsuba, but Chiyo-chan would easily be the winner of some kind of intelligence muli breezy boyz mp3 XD.

Sonikkufan1 Featured By Owner Feb 26, Yotsuba, why are ya flyin'? Latches herself onto Osaka's face Yotsuba: Zweee, Zweee, Zweee! Azumanga daioh chia anime, those two should meet … And then Azumanga daioh chia anime pops in too and is scared to death by all the cicadas xD Yotsuba would tease her about it, for sure … And Osaka would just find the whole situation slightly amusing xP.

This is awesome! One of my favourite manga and animes! Double win! Ohhhh Yotsuba can't fly i love this! Ahahah, this is so cute! Very cute! I love Yotsuba! I've never read the other series before, though. I love Yotsuba too, and Azumanga Daioh is just as good, a bit different though, but once you get used to it you love it.

Good grief Lol, I do that … Anyway, sometimes I look in the deviation search, and old deviations and comments azumanga daioh chia anime up. Sorry if it bothers you. Heh-heh, that's okay, that's fine. I was just saying, that's all. I understand. I was just surprised because it's rare for my old comments to get replies.

Chiyo-chan's father! He flies at mach and deflects bullets! And he's santa! I love this manga so much. Sakaki's dream's always make me rofl. Konata Featured By Owner Mar 12, LOL Heehee, poor chiyo-chan!

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azumanga daioh chia anime