create user identified externally oracle 11g

Create an External user using Create User statement. the keywords followed by the name of our user which we just determined and then IDENTIFIED clause. Assigning default role to EXTERNALLY IDENTIFIED Oracle user Here's the basic run down of how the user is created. This all works. Home / Database / Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 1 () .. CREATE USER app_user1 IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY DEFAULT. Next, try to connect to Oracle as an OS authenticated user. UNIX CREATE USER ops$tim_hall IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY; GRANT CREATE. Using CREATE USER IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY, you create database accounts that must be authenticated by the operating system or network service. All user accounts that are identified externally (that is, without an Oracle password) will not You can also create the user with the "identified externally" clause.

Ask TOM "connecting as another user without their password"

The latest release of the Oracle Database is here. Check out the new features here Question and Answer Thanks for the question, Hani. This question is Whilst you are here, check out some content from the AskTom team: DDL for constraints - subtle things.

Questions connecting as another user without their password. Check out the new features here. Question and Answer. Whilst you are here, check out some content from the AskTom team: Latest Followup. You cannot have this amazing trick because you do have to change their password for a second -- but -- you can change it right back without ever knowing what it was.

Is that enough of a trick? Write a Review. July 14, - Clean music program reader.

Very useful. However, if we are using password verification routines that prevent reuse of a password this may not work. Also if profiles are used to force password resetting every N days, this might interupt that schedule. Is there a better way? Not sure what I am talking about, but is there any such way? July 15, - But what about the privileges?

How do we have an environment with equivalent privs? Dear Tom, Sorry if I am not able to get across to you what I mean. I am talking about a "Not appropriately privileged user" tryign to mimic another users environment.

I cannot use the change passwod script which you provided above, because of the password reset function. What I am lookig for is: Temporarily create user identified externally oracle 11g the same privilege as the other user. I am asking you if it is possible to do it and if yes how.

Andy from Germany. I've received a request to allow certain "superusers" to log-in from our app as another user without knowing that user's password. Could I adapt your su. I log in as "joe", and later i. A stored procedure in the db looks up in a table to see if "joe" is one of the recognised superusers, and, if so, executes something similar to su. How would I do the "re-connect me as bob" bit? Do I need definer rights so that "joe" can execute the procedure with alter user privileges even though he does not have them?

I don't get it. July 29, - 1: Not to change the subject, But of what conceivable legitimate use could this be? Is there some purpose for doing something like this other than to confound auditing? Having trouble getting to your osi directory. March 07, - Stewart W. I thought you might like to know. More information March 07, - Here is the link March 07, - 9: Neelz from Japan.

Thanks Neez March 08, - 3: To provide the grants September 21, - 9: Jim Lyons from Italy. So I only need to sort out the grants now. This would avoid maintenance every time a new object was created in the "S" schema. This might help someone but any better ideas would be appreciated. September 28, - 3: I can either define the user as: Unless you could help me to find a way to help me Tom I'm back where I started from.

Thanks, Jim. Thanks September 29, - 2: Is su. August 18, - 2: Tom, Do you still consider your su. I see that this is a very old thread and was wondering if it still applies. Recently, somebody on the OraFAQ forums, who said he had sys privileges, asked for a way to connect as another user, in order to create a private database link to a remote database, without having to ask the user for his password or permanently change the user's password, which would affect other things, or supply the remote password to the user.

In response, I supplied a link to your script. A fellow moderator expressed concern that this might not be appropriate for current versions and that by supplying your script, I might be providing create user identified externally oracle 11g with a method for hacking or some such illegitimate purpose.

My initial thinking was that if you thought it was appropriate to provide the script publicly on your website, then that was good enough for me. However, it was pointed out by my fellow moderator that, as the years go by, and things change from version to version, your point of view sometimes changes and you may not remove or update old threads.

So, I would appreciate it if you would please share your current thoughts on this topic. Thanks, Barbara. Thanks for the follow-up! August 22, - 1: Tom, Thanks for responding and providing the newer olx add new song. Regards, Barbara.

August 22, - 2: Michel Cadot from France. Tom, Barbara, I am the "fellow moderator" Barbara was talking about although I'm more an agitator. Here are some points I want to clarify if you have some time to waste. I said that su. Now this is useless for this purpose but database link. Now in this very specific case, the poster wanted a way to create a create user identified externally oracle 11g database link without knowing the password of the user and without changing it as clients use this user.

I asked him several times why he does not ask create user identified externally oracle 11g password to the user and he never answered. This leads me to say to Barbara that giving create user identified externally oracle 11g link may be "providing someone with a method for hacking or some such illegitimate purpose".

Maybe it was not for hacking in the sense of connecting to a user without permission as he create user identified externally oracle 11g SYS and can do what he wants - and connecting as SYS to create a database link is a create user identified externally oracle 11g bad thing but this is another questionmaybe it was just to hide an erroneous "drop database link" he made but I thought that giving the link in this case was not a good thing.

Of course, hiding a script is not a good security policy, of course if connecting to a user is not permitted this should be audited as SYS operations should be but this is also another point. To connect this to another thread where we said that "grant any object privilege" privilege does not allow to grant yourself an object privilege. Does creating and publishing a script to achieve this a good or bad thing? Regards Michel. August 23, - 4: I didn't mean anything just raising a point to think.

Does this be published or not? It is open for each one. The problem with proxy authentication is that between "grant connect through" and "revoke connect through" the user cannot connect and, unlike the previous su.

August 23, - 5: Sorry, my bad, I apologize, the user is still able to directly connect after the "grant connect through". I made a wrong test. So this is definitively a better way to do it. Is 'su' still appropriate for 11g?

August 28, - 5: Vinay Pai from London.

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create user identified externally oracle 11g


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