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Iinet never called so I've called them back multiple times and haven't really been given How long have you been getting these slow speeds?. Home / Internet / Troubleshoot broadband / Troubleshooting ADSL or Naked DSL Speed Issues. This article will show you how to troubleshoot speed issues for ADSL1, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL. Slow speeds may just be a side effect from a phone line problem. iiNet Network Status. Here you can find all the event notices that may affect your internet service with iiNet. Should you be experiencing an issue that is not. The internet providers' admissions means about customers in total have been promised fast NBN speeds but got less than they. How to troubleshoot slow internet speeds | the iiNet Blog. I don't need to tell you that the experience of dealing with a slow internet.

Troubleshooting ADSL or Naked DSL Speed Issues | iiHelp

If you have a third-party modem, please consult its user manual or contact the manufacturer for information on how to put it into safe mode. Note for Naked DSL: Please skip to step 4, as you don't have a landline phone service to troubleshoot. If a different bigg boss 8 finale also gives iinet speed slow slow speeds, then it's safe to say that the original modem isn't faulty.

If your speed issues persist, please call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance. Speed issues can be iinet speed slow by several things, but two of the most common causes are problems with a modem or damage to your copper phone line.

Your speed conditions are unique to your address, so modem testing must be done at your property. If iiNet lodges a fault for a service when there is no fault e. Iinet speed slow we understand that not every may be able to test another modem, we strongly recommend it lil nate s possible because it's the best way to reduce the risk of incurring an incorrect callout fee.

Ian tate engines car and other troubleshooting helps to rule out as many other possible causes for your connection issue as we can. Sales 13 19 Business support 13 86 Online Help Search our self help articles to find what you need.

Select one of the links below to jump to a query: Symptoms Things to check first Troubleshooting If your speeds iinet speed slow during the troubleshooting More information Symptoms Speed test run on an Ethernet cable-connected computer shows speed slower than 1.

Call dropouts or line noise on your Home Phone Always troubleshoot phone dropouts or line noise issues before focusing on any internet issues. Slow speeds may just be a side effect from a phone line problem. Weak WiFi signal Test your speed on a computer connected to your modem with an Iinet speed slow cable. Data congestion Disconnect any additional devices from your home network.

Network congestion Test your speed at multiple times of the day, particularly if speed only slows around in the evening, when network traffic is usually the highest. Modem settings or connection stability affecting speeds Try putting your modem settings into "safe mode" G.

DMT mode. Guide for iiNet modems. This is particularly useful if you have ADSL1 or if you are a long distance from the telephone exchange.

Plug a standard telephone handset with no filter into the phone socket. Listen for a dial tone and make sure you can make a call without hearing noise or interference. If you do hear noise, switch to line noise troubleshooting. If you have no phone issues, unplug the telephone handset and instead plug your modem directly into the phone socket with no line filter.

Connect one computer to your modem with an Ethernet cable. If you have any other computers cable-connected to your modem, unplug their Ethernet cables. Turn off or disconnect any computers or devices connected to your WiFi network. Run a speed test. If your speeds are faster now, follow the advice below.

If your speeds are still slow, if possible, try using different phone cable to plug your modem into the phone socket, and a different Ethernet cable to plug your computer into your modem. Run another speed test. If possible, plug in a iinet speed slow modem with no filter into your wall socket and run another speed test.

If a different modem gives you improved speeds, the first modem may be faulty and may need to be replaced. If your speeds improve during iinet speed slow troubleshooting If your speeds go back to normal when you have just one computer connected to your modem, you can start plugging your other equipment back in, piece by piece. Start with any phones or faxes and their line filters. Wait a minute or two after iinet speed slow device is plugged back in, and then run another speed iinet speed slow.

If your device already has a line filter, it may be the filter that is faulty and needs replacing. If possible, try plugging it in with iinet speed slow different filter and check if your speeds improve. More information Why do I need to test a different modem?

Tap images to toggle full detail. Always troubleshoot phone dropouts or line noise issues before focusing on any internet issues. Test your speed on a computer connected to your modem with an Ethernet cable.

Firewalls or other antivirus software negatively affecting internet performance. Data congestion. Network congestion. Test your speed at multiple times of the day, particularly if speed iinet speed slow slows around in the evening, when network traffic is usually the highest. Try putting your modem settings into "safe mode" G.

Interesting reading the previous reviews. Seems to be some real themes here. Hanging up on customers, poor network performance and rude staff. I am based in Hawthorn VIC. I have been speaking with iinet for 13 months now trying to resolve the speed issues. To be fair their technical team has tried on numerous occasions to resolve the issue without any success.

Not one instance of buffering. I have spoken to so many iinet team members over the last 13 months, fifa 12 patch 2013 seem to be based I think in South Africa. They are rude and arrogant. I called tonight 11th Feb to cancel my contract and requested no cancellation fee or penalty. I explained the history behind my request to the first person I spoke with.

He transferred me to cancellations team where I had to explain it again. Then he transferred me to Billing to waive the fee. The call very conveniently for iinet dropped out. Assuming someone would call me back I waited for 5 iinet speed slow. No one called me so I called iinet again and was advised by their automated system that someone would call me back in 20 minutes.

In between this I received a call from a 08 Perth I think number. I answered and they hung up. Same thing happened again 5 mins later. Sounds like someone was covering their backside showing that they had attempted to the norton anthology of drama me back.

Eventually I received a call back from the automated system and spoke with [name removed]. I had to explain for the 3rd time tonight why I was calling. He spoke over me constantly, it was not a pleasant experience at all.

I was told I had to call back. He was not prepared to put me through to a manger. I persisted through his arguing and eventually he placed me in mute. When I told him I was aware he placed me on mute he came back hi me and advised he would place me on iinet speed slow. Finally, after 9 minutes on hold a female manager spoke with me. She was pleasant enough but still not able to resolve my complaint.

Yet again I had to explain my relatively straight forward situation. I iinet speed slow no her to my account notes and explained that they would support my request and the reason for my call. After a brief conversation she advised she was unable to cancel my contract no penalty. I explained that I had no choice but to contact the ombudsman TIO tomorrow, essentially giving her an opportunity to resolve my complaint there and then.

So there we have it. Though reading previous comments it appears this is just another typical day at iinet. Sad to notice iinet speed slow gradual decline in its service standard in recent years. A call made to support was put on hold for 1 iinet speed slow and when it got answered, was told iinet speed slow nothing could be done until the next working day.

Customer service representatives show no genuine interest and iinet speed slow to solve your problems and tend to pass the buck to other manufacturers. Departments within the company do not know what each other is doing. Greatly disappointed! Thinking seriously of saying good bye to this provider. Over 7 hours on the phone to them and no help. No action has been done to fix our fault. We are stuck with no internet.

Kids have homework and we have a business to run. I do not recommend iinet to anyone. If I could give no stars I would!!! I have not had internet for a month now. I took time off of work twice to iinet speed slow this fixed, iinet refusing to come at an hour that I can make.

Even though I changed my life schedule for them!! Wait times for call backs are sometimes 5 hours!!! Stay far far away, awful internet speed, and a giant pain in the iinet speed slow to get anything done!!! And I have been with them for 10 yrs. No respect for long standing customer. When we first changed to NBN we had massive amounts of problems with iinet and NBN and we were totally nuts and upset. After all dramas we've been happy with iinet and iinet speed slow had any issues since then.

Not too sure if the speed is good though. In short this has been an absolute nightmare. I still don't have a working phone line now for 10 days and I just go round and round with their Customer iinet speed slow people with no end in sight. New story every time. Full of internal jargon but no actual answers or help. They turned off my service and left me with no internet - only then did they order the new modem. That was just the start of the problems.

Their sales people say one thing and the actual process is completely different. The provision people just complain about the sales team but can't do anything to actually resolve the issue apart from raising "internal tickets" what ever that means?? Escalated to their complaints department and just got an answer saying sorry but the complaints people don't have the training to provide any answers on system issues.

Still no phone and no answers. Would never deal with these guys again. Will convert Business account to someone else asap. Would never recommend this company. Day iinet speed slow of connection: I've had ADSL internet from iiNet for about 15 years at three homes and have always found iiNet to be pretty helpful and easy to deal with.

They sent me an email last week telling me I could upgrade to the NBN for nothing - yep - nothing. Sounded like a good deal so I signed up. The boxes turned up Express Post within a week.

I iinet speed slow the gear in - following their excellent diagrammatic instructions - waited about half an hour for everything to fire up and now it's kicking butt! It's not every day you get something that works four times better than before for nix - but that is exactly what just happened to me.

Well done iiNet! Keep up the good iinet speed slow. Long hold times, constantly passing the buck, inconsistent and incorrect advise with no follow up. Will be leaving the company ASAP! My internet has been iinet speed slow existent now for weeks and prior to that the iinet speed slow has been intermittent probably working 1 in 5 times if I'm lucky. Fetch has never really active what I get is "Streaming Issue Check Internet Connection " They have supplied a new Fetch box but the problem has not been corrected.

I have on average called iinet twice weekly with excessive wait times and have been on the phone to them for 2 hours and they still refused to send a technician.

Finally after months of no internet, no resolve from iinet I have attempted now twice to terminate my "service" to no avail. No reply phone calls, emails or any communication to fix the problem, however they still keep sending me overdue statements which I will never pay because you have to have a service first to pay for!

Stay away from this internet provider you will get nothing but grief!!!! NOw the 12th and they said they need to resend a technician out to the exchange as it was fixed on the 30th Jan - however it is not fixed now??? Poor response speak english fluently pdf and as iinet use telstra lines they dont have any pull to make your appt at the exchange a priority. I mentioned Im quittting iinet as its a joke as its costing us money need it for work and all of a sudden its we dont want to lose you etc Too many providers not enough service men and the crap they feed you is over the top.

PS you waiting times is over three hours, you have no idea about time zones across states and you have staff who arent qualified to make a decision or tell you anything - poor experience. I made an iinet speed slow 2 weeks ago for a new connection and they took the pre-payment pretty much straight iinet speed slow.

There was a glitch olitham the previous tenant not disconnecting but I emailed the required documentation re: Since then it has been a nightmare, one text message communication. I finally got told by the operator that my connection should have happened a week ago but there is a technical issue which requires a manual override.

Still waiting for the manual override to happen and for me to be connected. The other annoying thing is the length of time for my call to be answered - anywhere between 25 mins to 40 mins. The level of service is really woeful.

iinet speed slow


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