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The new iPhone is thinner, has a bigger 4-inch screen and faster 4G data here in the UK -- small but important improvements. The iPhone 5C has a colourful, plastic body and a decent camera, but it's not much The Bad Top-end 5S is not much more expensive; Same size and resolution as The plastic really split opinion in the CNET UK team. Apple's newest flagship smartphone is its most advanced iPhone yet, but The full review of the Apple iPhone 5S, originally posted on Sep. ($99 with a typical 2-year contract in the US, $ off contract; £ in the UK;. The Good Extremely powerful; Sturdy, luxurious design; iOS 7 software is simple to use and has some handy new additions; Great camera;. iPhone SE review: If you hate the modern trend for big phones, the iPhone The iPhone SE is an affordable, well-designed small phone that packs all the features of a full-fat flagship. Evan Kypreos February 5, pm. The iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 with a plastic housing. US ("free" with a 2-year contract), £ in the UK, and AU$ in Australia.

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Iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s model also includes: All generations of the iPhone use Apple's iOS mobile operating system software. The first-generation iPhone was released on June 29,and multiple new hardware iterations with new iOS releases have been released since.

The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and can connect to cellular networks.

An iPhone can shoot video though this was not a standard feature until the iPhone 3GStake photosplay musicsend and receive emailbrowse the websend and receive text messagesfollow GPS navigationrecord notes, perform mathematical calculations, and receive visual voicemail. Other functionality, such as video games, iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s works, and social networking, can be enabled by downloading mobile apps. Apple has released eleven generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the eleven major releases of the iOS operating system.

The original first-generation iPhone was a GSM phone and established design precedents, such as a button placement that has persisted throughout all releases and a screen size maintained for the next four iterations. The iPhone 3G added 3G network support, and was followed by the 3GS with improved hardware, the 4 with a metal chassis, higher display resolution and front-facing camera, and the 4S with improved hardware and the voice assistant Siri.

The iPhone 5 featured a taller, 4-inch display and Apple's newly introduced Lightning connector. InApple released the 5S with improved hardware and a fingerprint readerand the lower-cost 5Ca version of the 5 with colored plastic casings instead of metal. They were followed by the larger iPhone 6with models featuring 4. The iPhone 6S was introduced the following year, which featured hardware upgrades and support for pressure-sensitive touch inputsas well as the SE —which featured hardware from the 6S but the smaller form factor of the 5S.

InApple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s Pluswhich add water resistance, improved system and graphics performance, a new rear dual-camera setup on the Plus model, and new color options, while removing the 3.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were released inadding a glass back and an improved screen and camera. The iPhone X was released alongside the 8 and 8 Plus, with its highlights being a near bezel-less design, an improved camera and a new facial recognition system, named Face IDbut having no home button, and therefore, no Touch ID.

The original iPhone was described as "revolutionary" and a "game-changer" for the mobile phone industry. Subsequent iterations of the iPhone have also garnered praise. The iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones in the world, and its success has been credited with helping Apple become one of the world's most valuable publicly traded companies. Development of what was to become the iPhone began inwhen Apple started to gather a iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s of 1, employees including Jonathan Ivethe designer behind the iMac and iPod [15] to work on the highly confidential "Project Purple.

According to Steve Jobs, the "i" word in "iMac" and therefore "iPod", "iPhone" and "iPad" stands for internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire. Apple rejected the " design by committee " approach that had yielded the Motorola ROKR E1a largely unsuccessful collaboration with Motorola. Cingular gave Apple the iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s to develop the iPhone's hardware and software in-house [23] [24] and even paid Apple a fraction of its monthly service revenue until the iPhone 3G[25] in exchange for four years of exclusive US sales, until On July 11,Apple released the iPhone 3G in twenty-two countries, including the original six.

The back of the original first generation iPhone was made of aluminum with a black plastic accent. The iPhone 3GS was available in both colors, regardless of storage capacity. The iPhone 4 has an aluminosilicate glass front and back with a stainless steel edge that serves as the antennas. It was at first available in black; the white version was announced, but not released until April10 months later. This became known as antennagate. Verizon said it would be available for pre-order on February 3, with a release set for February On Tuesday, September 27, Apple sent invitations for a press event to be held October 4,at In FebruaryComScore reported that On September 12,Apple announced the iPhone 5.

It iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s a 4-inch display, up from its predecessors' 3. The device comes with the same pixels per inch found in the iPhone 4 and 4S. On July 22,the company's suppliers said that Apple is testing out larger screens for the iPhone and iPad.

On September 10,Apple unveiled two new iPhone models during a highly anticipated press event in Cupertino. The iPhone 5C, a mid-range-priced version of the handset that is designed to increase accessibility due to its price is available in five colors green, blue, yellow, pink, and white and is made of plastic. The iPhone 5S comes in three colors black, white, and gold and the home button is replaced with a fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Both phones shipped on September 20, Both devices had a larger screen than their predecessor, at 4. InApple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Pluswhich added water and dust resistance, improved system and graphics performance, a new dual-camera setup on the Plus model, new color options, and featured the removal of the 3.

On September 12,Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which features a new glass design, camera improvements, a True Tone display, wireless charging and improved system performance. It also unveiled the iPhone X, which features a near bezel-less design, a facial recognition feature dubbed "Face ID" with facial tracking used for Animojis, an OLED screen with the highest pixel density on an iPhone, a new telephoto lens which works better in low light drift city full version, and improved cameras for AR.

Apple sold 6. Recorded sales grew steadily thereafter, and by the end of fiscal e2defrag itunesa total of Apple's sales surpassed that of Research in Motion 's In the fourth quarter ofthe iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S were the best-selling handsets with sales of While Samsung has led in worldwide sales of smartphones, Apple's iPhone line has still managed to top Samsung's smartphone offerings in the United States, [72] with The continued top popularity of the iPhone despite growing Android competition was also attributed to Apple being able to deliver iOS updates over the air, while Android theatre subversion are frequently impeded by carrier testing requirements and hardware tailoring, forcing consumers to purchase a new Android smartphone to get the latest version of iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s OS.

Apple announced on September 1,that its iPhone trade-in burning love mp3 elvis presley would be implemented at all of its specialty stores in the US.

For the program to become available, customers must have a valid contract and must purchase a new phone, rather than simply receive credit to be used at a later date. A significant part of the program's goal is to increase the number of customers who purchase iPhones at Apple stores iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s than carrier stores.

On September 20,the sales date of the iPhone 5S and 5C models, the longest ever queue was observed at the New York City flagship Apple store, in addition to prominent queues in San Francisco, US and Canada; however, locations throughout the brachyplatystoma filamentosa pdf were identified for the anticipation of corresponding consumers.

This was the first time that Apple has simultaneously launched two models and the inclusion of China in the list of markets contributed to the record sales result. The store's high sales results are due to the absence of a sales tax in the state of Delaware. The finalization of a deal between Apple and China Mobile, the world's largest mobile network, was announced in late December The multi-year agreement provides iPhone access to iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s million China Mobile subscribers.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is a month program designed for consumers to be able to get the latest iPhone every year, without paying the whole price up-front. The program consists of "low monthly payments", where consumers will gradually pay for the iPhone they have over a month period, with an opportunity to switch upgrade to the new iPhone after 12 months of payment have passed. Once 12 months have passed, consumers can trade their current iPhone with a new one, and the payments are transferred from the old device to the new device, and the program "restarts" with a new month period.

Criticism of the program includes the potential endless cycle of payments, with The Huffington Post ' s Damon Beres writing, "Complete the full month payment cycle, and you're stuck with an outdated phone.

Upgrade every 12 months, and you'll never stop owing Apple money for iPhones". Additionally, the program is limited to just the iPhone hardware; cell phone service from a network operator is not included. Before the release of the iPhone, handset manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola were enjoying record sales of cell phones based more on fashion and brand rather than technological innovation. Phones at the time were designed around carrier and business limits which were conservative with regards to bandwidth usage and battery life.

Apple's marketing, developing from the success of iPod campaigns, allowed the phone to become a mass-market product with many buyers on launch day. Some market research has found that, unusually for a technology product, iPhone users are disproportionately female. When then-CEO of Research in Motion Mike Lazaridis pried open an iPhone, his impression was of a Mac stuffed into a cellphone, as it used much more memory and processing power than the smartphones on the market at the time.

The dominant mobile operating systems at the time such as SymbianBlackBerry OSand Windows Mobile were not designed to handle additional tasks beyond communication and basic functions. These operating systems never focused on applications and developers, and due to infighting among manufacturers as well as the complexity of developing on their low-memory hardware, they never developed a thriving ecosystem like Apple's App Store or Android 's Google Play. The iPhone's success has led to a decline in sales of high-end fashion phones and iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s smartphones such as Vertu and BlackBerryas well as Nokia.

It ultimately agreed to a technology-sharing deal and then a takeover from Microsoft. Prior to the iPhone, "Handsets were viewed largely as cheap, disposable lures, massively subsidized to snare subscribers and lock them into using the carriers' proprietary services.

By contrast, Google has allowed carriers and OEMs to dictate the "pace of upgrades and pre-load phones with their own software on top of Android ". As a result, many Android OEMs often lag months behind Google's release of the next iteration of Android; although Nexus and Pixel devices are guaranteed two years of operating system updates and a third addition year for security.

However, Apple has supported older iterations of iPhones for over four years. In Decemberthere were reports that Apple has been using a policy of slowing down the speed of its older iPhones when issuing operating system upgrades.

Up to the iPhone 4all iPhone models, as well as other iOS devices were manufactured exclusively by Foxconnbased in Taiwan. Inafter Tim Cook became CEO of the company, Apple changed its outsourcing strategy, for the first time increasing its supply partners. The iPhone 4s in was the first model which was manufactured simultaneously by two stand-alone companies: Foxconn as well as Pegatronalso based in Taiwan.

The 6 Plus model is being produced solely by Foxconn. The iPhone 5 model's screen results in an aspect ratio of approximately The touch and gesture features of the iPhone are based on technology originally developed by FingerWorks.

The iPhone 3GS and later also feature a fingerprint -resistant oleophobic coating. The iPhone has a minimal hardware user interface, with most models featuring five buttons. The only physical menu button is situated directly below the display, and is called the "Home button" because its primary function is to close the active app and navigates to the home screen of the interface. Earlier models included a rounded squarereminiscent of the shape special 26 movie avi icons on the iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s screen, however, new models which include Apple's fingerprint recognition feature Touch ID which use the Home button as the fingerprint sensor have no symbol.

It serves as the unit's power button, and also controls phone calls. Situated on the left spine are the volume adjustment controls. The iPhone 4 has two separate circular buttons to increase and decrease the volume; all earlier models house two switches under a single plastic panel, known as a rocker switch, which could reasonably be counted as either one or two buttons.

This switch does not mute alarm sounds from the Clock application, iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s in some countries or regions it will not mute the camera shutter or Voice Memo sound effects. The touchscreen furnishes the remainder of the user interface. A software update in January [] allowed the first-generation iPhone to use cell tower and Wi-Fi network iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s trilateration[] despite lacking GPS hardware.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, introduced infeature 3D Touch displays which allows the screen to recognize how hard it is being pressed using pressure sensitive multi-touch technology. An example of how this technology will be used is lightly pressing the screen to preview a photograph and pressing down to take it. A proximity sensor deactivates the display and touchscreen when the device is brought near the face during a call.

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iPhone X review: Still the best iPhone

The aluminum XR is slightly less durable than the steel XS. Editors' note, Nov. We've updated this review, originally published Oct. The overall rating has moved from 8. Does the iPhone shopping landscape seem daunting? There's an easy iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s. If you're looking for a great iPhone that costs well under a grand, dive right in to the iPhone XR.

This is the iPhone. This is the one you're looking for. I'm glad I did. Yes, there are compromises: The screen and the camera take small steps back from the XS models, along with a few other feature nips and tucks. Using the XR after living with the XS, the only feature I truly missed was the rear camera's telephoto lens. But the iPhone XR actually makes a few improvements on its more expensive siblings. Its screen is bigger than the XS' 6. I still wish Apple had introduced an even less expensive phone.

The front-facing TrueDepth camera is the same: The rear single camera is wide-angle, the same as the XS' wide-angle lens. Smart HDR shots and everyday photos look the same. The real difference is that this phone doesn't have the rear telephoto lens. That impacts photos two ways: The XR can take Portrait photos, too, but the results are different. Not having 2x optical zoom bothered me more than I thought it would. I rely on that 2x for framing close-up shots, I found.

It also makes a difference for zooming in on far-off objects. My 5x zoom on the Flatiron building looked far crisper with the XS iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s it did with the XR's purely digital zoom. That's not to say that Portrait mode is missing from the XR altogether.

Gurunet firefox has taken a page from Google's book and delivered portrait mode effects with a single lens via software. The effects really do work, but they're different than how the XS takes its portraits.

The wide-angle portrait mode's simulated bokeh blur is more subtle than with the iPhone X and XS. The photos also look farther away from the subject, requiring you to get closer, as there's no digital zoom in Portrait mode. For example, in the shots above, I photographed my colleague Marrian Zhou from the same distance, but she appears "farther" away in the XR shot. Below, I got closer with the XR to compensate for the focal length difference.

Faces end up looking a little more distorted than the better composed, more flattering telephoto Portrait mode on the X and XS, although faces on XR shots can sometimes look more detailed in low light than iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s telephoto versions. While the effects can be a little more bin than on the iPhone XS, I've never had them fail when taking a photo of a person.

And, once I got the hang of its limitations, it ended up producing some really nice results. Portrait Mode, when it first debuted in beta on the iPhone 7 Plusseemed a bit artificial at times. A year later, it's producing much better results with just a single lens. The image above shows before and after the bokeh effect is added. You can see where the strands of flyaway hair get blurred into the background.

A future software update will allow previews of the depth effect before shooting. Apple's Iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s demands the presence of a person. If it doesn't "see" a person, it won't engage portrait mode at all. I tried with people, mannequins, photos, people-like sculptures, animals and things like fruit and flowers. Occasionally, the camera's portrait mode was tricked by a wig-wearing mannequin head or a sculpture of a face, or a wall poster that featured actors' faces, adding a bokeh blur effect.

I couldn't get it to recognize adorable dogs at a dog park, though, while the Pixel 3 did just fine. The Google Pixel 3 has a single rear camera lens, too, but Google performs more computational photography tricks with that phone, iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s crisper digital zoom and a portrait mode that works on anything, including pets. That's the missing part of the iPhone XR's portrait mode. Sure, the XR takes great shots otherwise, but pet portraits? Not this year.

One odd camera note: Occasionally, I saw bits of blue lens flare when shooting at night near bright lights, something that also happened occasionally on the iPhone XS.

Note that the Pixel 3 camera iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s better for still photos -- even before the impressive Night Sight feature was activated -- but the XR is better for video. I admire Apple's plus-size iPhones, but I've never enjoyed holding them. The width hurts my hand. They're not one-hand-friendly.

That's what made the iPhone X great: It shrunk that iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s screen down into a smaller case. It's right in the middle, and that middle size feels much more comfortable to hold than the wider XS Max. It feels more one-hand-able than the Plus and Max phonesjust by shrinking a tiny bit. At first glance, the 6. It has a notch at the top, curved corners and a tall But put the phones side by side, and you'll see differences.

The bezels around the display are a little bigger, lending to iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s slightly less "to the edge" feel.

Yes, the actual screen technology is different, too. But it doesn't always seem as vibrant to the eye. Side by side, the XR looks a little dimmer, whites not quite as white, and black levels obviously not the super black of OLED. If you're directly comparing, you'll see the OLED's superiority, but in everyday use, I barely noticed.

Colors look iphone 5 reviews cnet uk s, and the display seems better than the iPhone 8, and as good as recent iPads. Sometimes it gets really hard to spot the differences. Technically the display is lower resolution than the XS' "Super Retina" display. My eye can't perceive the missing pixels. All the apps I downloaded, from games to news apps to video and camera apps, looked superb in the new display size.

No HDR means some missing detail. I watched Blade Runner on the iPhone XS and XR, and the difference stood out -- darker areas of rooms, or the folds of Harrison Ford's jacket didn't have the same detail on the cheaper phone.

High-contrast videos won't look quite as good on the XR. Turn the XR on its side, and you'll get the iPad-style split-pane mode that's available on some larger iPhones, but not the higher-end iPhone XS.

The catch is that there aren't many apps that use extra panes for multitasking -- Mail, Notes and a few others use it. But it's welcome when it's there. The speakers sound great, too. The dual front-facing speakers are louder than pre iPhones, and they deliver clean sound without distorting. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for The Pixel 3's camera already makes it a standout -- but useful Google software elevates Featuring a novel in-screen fingerprint reader, the OnePlus 6T is neck-and-neck with other Though cheaper than the Note 9, the LG V40 comes with five -- yes, five -- cameras.

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