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scheduled for publication by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in early . John Bloomberg-Rissman: Two poems from 'In the House of the. Issues 9, 16; John Bloomberg-Rissman: Issue 23; Megan Boatright: Issue 17 David Braden: Issue 1; Adam Braffman: Issue 20; Michael Brandonisio: Issue. by NICK MONTFORT (1). JOHN BLOOMBERG-RISSMAN Reviews. #! by Nick Montfort. (Counterpath, Denver, ). 1. I knew the definition of. John Bloomberg-Rissman So let me quote a few lines in this context from my friend Adam Strauss [if you read these you can choose to not read the rest of. John Bloomberg-Rissman I think of Stevens' 'the The'” – Adam Strauss Which is to say that what goes without saying is precisely what is already being said. john bloomberg rissman adam strauss

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Featuring the work of 3, poets. Completely unpermissioned and unauthorized, pissing off the entire poetry community.

Either you're in or you're not. Full roster below the fold. From http: Now available here as a 3,page PDF 3. Arkadin, Matthue Roth, Douglas J. Allen Rearick, A. Moore, Michael McClure, D. Carrier, C. Morales, Tim Z. Bush, r. Niama L. Dalpiaz, Edna St. Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called some of the most "exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly.

Goldsmith is the author of eight books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb http: The Selected Andy Warhol My name is there - along with a john bloomberg rissman adam strauss that I didn't even write!

I have no idea what kind of farce this is, but I'm glad someone is calling attention to this because it's downright unlawful. What I find interesting is not the idea that my work has been appropriated sans permission or profit. Hell, I'm a poet. Wouldn't be the first time. What I find interesting is that my name has been attributed to a poem or poem fragment I did not write, as if to suggest that my name has some independent content value.

From what I can tell, scanning throughout the manuscript, this had been done throughout. A name has been placed below as poem as if he or she were the author--but mere juxtaposition does not authorship make.

Just for the record. Howard Stern does shock value much more poetically. Yay, I'm not in it! Gonna go write a poem now, thanks. This is outrageous. These guys stole over 3, of my john bloomberg rissman adam strauss and are passing them off as poems by Rachel Mallino, Sandra Beasley, etc.

I deserve credit and compensation. I hope we can settle this out of court, but if I have to sue to make sure these poems appear under the name of their rightful author, Matt Cozart, I'll do it.

Yeah I was listed and they didn't ask permission nor did they use a poem I wrote but attributed it to me heard another poet complain about the same thing. Goldsmith's uncreative writing objects a ruse ia a ruse ia a ruse. I said to Nico, who was coming out of the basement: You're in it. And we sat, and we read it. And if no one else will say it -- I will say it: I'm finally impressed. Not only with the smashing delivery, but all 3, poems. They're clearly written by the same person.

And I don't believe that it's a computer. Or I'd like to believe it's not. Even if it is, it's rather nice. The repetition, the phrasings. Is it commentary? Commentary on the avant-garde? But finally, after reading blog after blog and journal after journal, and being involved in academia, and being almost sickened by the ability of smart people to crank out so many unimpressive poems under the subjective lovely umbrella of john bloomberg rissman adam strauss "avant garde," -- my eyes are a little open.

I'm thinking a little. And this is one journal that John bloomberg rissman adam strauss not immediately john bloomberg rissman adam strauss across the room, watching the same tired names repeat the same tired tricks. Does it say something about exposure, over exposure, over producing of poems? I'm thinking, I"m thinking. And I'm glad to be. In my case, I really don't care, as the poem said to be included in MP3 version accessible as such in the archives of an online journal can't possibly be in the PDF.

So it's really a farce, this whatever it is. Everything else these days is a farce, so why not an "issue" anthology of I did glimpse a few poems and they were excellent. So really, I'm proud not to be in the anthology in which I'm included. I like this. I think I like my poem but I will have to take another look tomorrow.

My name is on there, but I don't write poetry. Where did he get my name, and where did he get the poem that my name is signed to?

Ddddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Uuuuuuuuhhhhh, Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dddddduuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh uhhhhhhh dddduuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.

Check how I blog. This shit is real. Ddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuhhhhhhhh, Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh john bloomberg rissman adam strauss.

If john bloomberg rissman adam strauss don't like this you live in a black-and-white movie. What real things are really like. Sesling Brookline, MA. This term -- "poetry community" -- that's an invention for the purposes of this exercise as well, yes? Sorry, Kenny G. The protective, snivelling responses seen here are especially wonderful, as if poets owned their or any words, or names.

These folks should be glad that the editors remembered them at all! Isn't it an honor to john bloomberg rissman adam strauss included? I'm guessing that Jim Carpenter's "Erika" or some such program "wrote" most of the poems, since so many of them reflect the telltale signs of generated works.

If anything, the poems are pirated from that or whatever source. That words such as "scope" appear so frequently is a sure tip-off to that modality. Anyway, an enjoyable adventure. Dig the gigantic magazine! C Funk. Ensaio sobre a cegueira pdf wrote: This is, of course, absolutely hilarious, and a telling expose of us poets who have our google alerts set to our names, thus dragged into the dragnet of this performance of frustrated narcissism.

The joke's on us! Could you please add that, not only are these unpermissioned and unauthorized, they are not even authored by the "poets" themselves. Each poem seems to center on "like" or "as," as though each poem were trying to capture the poet in a simile. I wouldn't call it a hoax, exactly -- it's free and obviously not composed of stolen poems. More like an immediately apparent performance trick. David Kellogg Boston, MA. Here is the comment I posted on my blog, "Sonnets at john bloomberg rissman adam strauss A.

I received a Google Alert for my name today October 3, and found that andrei tarkovsky nostalghia lagu of "my" poems was included in an online anthology titled as nearly as I can tellForGodot: Here is the poem which is attributed to me on page 3, of this document: Bonnie Winds and Fair Twists Adored Like a bird Like a bonnie wind To depart left and permission To perceive velvet and hubbub To leave forgiving for a right To leave a privilege of bushes To stir growing scope Greg Rappleye I don't mind someone posting one of my actual poems on their blog or website--as long as it is attributed to me--in fact, I am generally honored to see that someone cares enough about my work to make such an effort and, perhaps, say a kind word.

However, I do object to having my name associated with a steaming turd like "Bonnie Winds and Fair Twists. I did not write this poem, did not authorize the use of my name in association with this poem, and I have never heard of these people or their bizarre smartdraw with keygen. Could I lift a 3, page "online anthology," I would drop it on their heads.

I'm honored to be included. Yay, Google Alert TM!

Roland Barthes might be found chuckling in his grave this morning at all of the poet egos lamenting, laughing over, or wringing their hands about a kind of anthology that appeared on the web this morning read the irate comments already piling up here.

Might as well do something with all of john bloomberg rissman adam strauss waiting, this huge internet, this number of poems in the world. This something fucks with the authority of authorship, assigning poems to published poets that they did not write. One john bloomberg rissman adam strauss the editors, in the comments section of his blog, gives zee tv did little masters 2012 silly response to the poets writing in:.

This is quite an interesting coincidence! No john bloomberg rissman adam strauss would have been better, and yes, more clever than this answer. Let the act of the anthology work for awhile before inciting violence with your simplistic dismissals, I say. That john bloomberg rissman adam strauss, this massive joke, this huge undertaking, this attempt at … what? Men will glitter, are rarely well-kept, but can be handy as a road — all thoughts that have made their way into my brain and are running around now, as effects of the joke, the poem-that-is-not mine — exactly what a poem should do: Is it a poem?

Is it mine? Who cares? Did the joke make me read it? Would I have read it otherwise? In adivina quien te ama mario ortiz games sea of poems out there, likely not.

So, success? Something of it. Who knows? But somehow, the anthology, For Godot, should simply speak for itself and let Poetry World behave as it will. John bloomberg rissman adam strauss available here as a 3,page PDF 3.

Arkadin, Matthue Roth, Douglas J. Allen Rearick, A. Moore, Michael McClure, D. Carrier, C. Morales, Tim Z. Bush, r. Niama L. Dalpiaz, Edna St. When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. Thanks for posting it, Amy. Not sure I would have found out about it otherwise. Critique of http: This seems to be little more than, or a close cousin of at least, the usual innocuous vamping on Duchampism, where the signatures associated with works become the objects of investigation, or to be played around with in a way that would mock the obsession over individual creativity and identity in the work; or obsession over the signature considered as a hot art-market john bloomberg rissman adam strauss.

Duchampism sans provocation or defamiliarization. Neo-Duchampism reduced to dull blog posts and the indifferent digital silence of.

The ultimate effect seems to be that people are happy to see themselves name dropped as poster boy appendages of a rather predictable exercise, a routine circle jerk. Here, Duchampism is accepted and utilized as a banalized art practice, further banalized through this release even.

Signatures involved in the circulation of this practice adapt to an accepted form of Duchampism and gain allure. The homogeneity john bloomberg rissman adam strauss this predictable reception, the inflation and lauding of its general uninventiveness, is a testament to what makes it aesthetically boring. I mean, can this merry little gesture even be considered a prank? Or clever in any sense?

But Situationist? What does this even remotely have to do with inspiration via Situationist necrophilia? This will be the general sentiment that will echo around as the result of this release. And yet, for being so unreal, lots of attention and talk over and looking over the thing.

Well, if I were to compress my exegesis into soundbite, I would say that in this work, what is meant to take a jab at signatures and identity is immediately reversed and transformed into canonization, i.

Or are they simply looking to get some major portion of that list to hit that? Jiujitsu marketing. Several editors have told me only jl. Maybe skimmed title keywords plus garble…. Amazing how.

Must be a looong wait to open it. Many folks are pissed off, arguing over the use of their names, the poems attributed to them, etc. Check out the comments on the For Godot blog and on the Harriet blog.

Frankly, I think that my submission was equal — and in many cases — superior to many of the authors that the editors selected for their maiden voyage. Still waiting…. I was just happy to be included in the roll call.

I wonder if Hakim Bey would consider this an act of poetic terrorism…. Russians seem to carry themselves with a strange sort of self-assured resignation. They are rarely relaxed in their stances; soldiers and armored vehicles pulled back from positions deep on the Russian team with her play in the Russian league.

She is no traitor. It also john bloomberg rissman adam strauss up questions of context and publishing. I am curious- what would the reaction be had three people using pseudonyms published a hardback book featuring prints of paintings or graphic art attributed randomly to living and dead visual artists? If it were presented in an art gallery, I doubt there would be a problem.

The gallery creates context. In a bookstore, though? As a pdf on the net? If the artists objected would they be accused of being vain or egotistical? Would it wind up being a legal question of free speech? Or would the artists be expected to shut up and quit whining and be grateful to be acknowledged no matter the circumstances?

Ego or ignorance? Pick your response. If there is a connection to Godot, this is it. I have to ask my campaign team. They know everything, even how many mansions I have. However, to me the event was still not really a provocation. The situationists held no respect whatsoever for any pretense surrounding literary ownership, they sneered at it constantly, ala: More generally, the spirit in matters of revolutionary publishing was such that no one took it into their head to quibble about questions of copyright or literary property, under pain of being john bloomberg rissman adam strauss general laughingstock or enduring insults.

Provocation is aesthetically fertile and interesting when it involves challenge and risk in its means of upsetting people, when it goes farther than what is expected of it or than what is harmless and more or less permitted in the historical moment. This anthology is like saying the Creative Commons is relevant or on par with anything radical or avant-garde in publishing and dissemination right now. I think this is hilarious and clever.

There is nothing lazy about this project, which took work, even if it be computer generated. Not only do the editors take a swipe at publishing, or publishing e-books, authorship, ego, oh did i say EGO? The provocation is hilarious.

I would like to see other sorts of projects outside of their own poetry work say in way of editing, publishing and collective ensembles from all of the critiques.

Since when did poetry become so spiteful, boring, and capitalistic I am well-connected yada yada john bloomberg rissman adam strauss Perhaps always, as poetry and the writing of which is kind of elitist by nature. Now that all the drones are able to get educations and out there, now that publishing is taking on new dimensions, etc people are scared… hehehe I wonder what Kenny Goldsmith thinks of all this tomfoolery?

I bet he loves it! I do think that the anthology actually does have a title: I would probably feel differently if the scope of the project were explained up front. I mean, I get it. Ha, ha! I love the way you suggest this anthology our Godot!

And a wonderful method of pointing out so many realities; the undeath of the author being not the least of these. Another element I really enjoy is the way that it causes such a stir amongst an era of poets so aware of technical procedures like flarf, the cut-up, and etc.

I too detect an at least partial human presence john bloomberg rissman adam strauss these works. Noah Eli Gordon suggested the poem generator Erika T. Seems a certain similitude there, no? It appears the anthology has been removed from ForGodot.