mpc-hc directx june 2010

Please download and install the June release or newer Install Latest DirectX for Windows 7 - Duration: end user runtime june mpc hc DOWNLOAD. In that case. 22 Dec - 11 sec - Uploaded by hannankhanhk Direct X june redistributeable download You need to install DirectX 10 June or. 年6月16日 官方原文 How_to_compile_the_MPC. 环境:. 1. DirectX SDK (June ) ,正常安装即可 。.

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mpc-hc directx june 2010

怖いものなんてない!!: DirectX SDK June をインストールしたときに「Error Code S」となったら

VideoHelp Forum. Remember Me? Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Free trial! Results 1 to 10 of When I tried to open the player, it blue screened my pc saying a fatal error had occurred and Windows musical pro apk android down to protect my computer.

I reset my computer to a time before I did the DirectX update and tried again. Again, it blue screened my pc and I had to restart. Computer Specs Last edited by DarrellS; 14th Feb at Thanks for the update.

If you don't mind, would you post back what version you downgraded to? A surprising number of people find posts like yours via web searches and the version that worked for you would be good to have in the thread.

I have the same problem and error. The new production version v1. The old production version that does NOT blue-screens for me is v1. Actually, though, you might try setting the mpc-hc directx june 2010 mode to whatever you prefer in the version of MPC-HC that works for you, and then manually updating it to the latest version by downloading either the portable version or the latest beta, and copying the relevant files over your existing MPC-HC installation.

If cameras add ten pounds, why mpc-hc directx june 2010 people want to eat them? The version that blue screened on me was v1. Could've sworn I downloaded from here but Mpc-hc directx june 2010 don't see it now. The version that worked for me was 1. The version that I am using mpc-hc directx june 2010 this machine is 1.

I could try and upgrade this one to see if it has the same issues but I think I'll pass. Seems like most of the stuff I've updated the past year has had problems. It had just the basic programs and drivers that I needed to get it up and running after installing an E CPU on the Intel board.

I updated DirectX from the MS site with the web installer. I've tried it on this PC, even though it is not supposed to be supported by XP. There is probably a bug in the newer versions 1. I think the main problem is that the installers seem to be trying to switch the user to the EVR modes, by default.

I didn't have any such mode set, myself, but the last time I tried the installer, it set it to one of those modes, anyway - and Mpc-hc directx june 2010 received the message about needing to update DirectX. I don't have any problems with the latest versions - but I'm not using XP, as you are, and I can't remember if I even have one of those modes set.

So, I can't rule out any bugs, either. I installed version 1. I saved my settings when I uninstalled version 1. I'll uninstall 1. Well, the newer installers' attempted defaults, anyway. I still can't get the newer versions to run on the other PC.

I upgraded the video card drivers but that didn't help. I also cleaned the registry after uninstalling which had a lot of MPC stuff but no help. I guess it's just incompatible with my setup on that machine. Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1. Here is the blue screen message that I get The system has been shut down. VHS cassette - when capturing to PC shows blue screens.

By 1gnition in forum Capturing. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. All times are GMT The time now is All rights mpc-hc directx june 2010. Newest guides.

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