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Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner fought each other in a boxing match on March 24, at the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield Township, Summit County, . 31 Oct - 15 min - Uploaded by MosleyBoxing MosleyBoxing #Boxing - The Greatest #MuhammadAli vs #GeorgeForeman full fight. 4 Jun - 3 min - Uploaded by haNZAgod Highlights of the greatest Heavyweight of all time. R.I.P. Muhammad Ali - Was an American. muhammad ali highlights youtube

Muhammad Ali vs. Inoki, who had been taught the art of catch wrestling by legendary wrestler Karl Gotchwas staging exhibition fights against champions of various martial arts, in an attempt to show that pro wrestling was the dominant fighting discipline.

The fight itself, which was fought under special rulesis seen as a precursor to modern mixed martial arts. The result of the fight, a draw, has long been debated by the press and muhammad ali highlights youtube. The fight was refereed muhammad ali highlights youtube Gene LeBell. Ali characteristically bragged to Hatta: I'll give muhammad ali highlights youtube one million dollars if he wins".

The deal was struck in Marchand the fight was scheduled for June 26 at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan. Several press conferences were held to promote the fight. When the two men first met, Ali announced he would nickname Inoki "The Pelican", because of his prominent chin. Inoki replied, via an interpreter: He then presented Ali with a crutchto use after he had been thrown from the ring.

Inoki said afterwards: I'm going in there fighting. I may even break his arm". On the day of the fight Ali made a scene upon his arrival at the airport, bellowing "There will be no Pearl Harbor! Muhammad Ali has returned! There will be no Pearl Harbor! Anticipation for the fight was huge; it would be broadcast to 34 countries around the world to an estimated audience of 1.

Because of time zone differences, the bout was seen on June 25 at over closed circuit TV locations muhammad ali highlights youtube the US. The fight was contested under specially created rules. Due to varying claims over the years, it is difficult to know the reasons behind their implementation. It has been alleged that the Ali's handlers originally agreed to a worked matchbut that Ali never agreed to fix the fight.

According to boxing journalist Jim Murphy, the original plan was for Ali to accidentally punch the referee and knock him out. While standing over the referee, looking concerned, Inoki would knock him out with a kick to the head. The referee would then come around and count Ali out, giving Inoki the win in front of his fellow countrymen, and allowing Ali to save face.

However, when Ali found out he had to lose, he refused, turning the fixed fight into a real one. According to Inoki, Ali and his entourage had signed on expecting the fight to be an exhibition rather than a real contest. It was muhammad ali highlights youtube when they went to see Inoki train six days before the fight, and saw him use muhammad ali highlights youtube series of brutal kicks and grapples on sparring partners, that they sensed it would be a legitimate fight.

Inoki alleges he was asked by Ali, "OK, so when do we do the rehearsal? This isn't an exhibition. It's a real fight! In the days leading up to the fight, Ali and Inoki's representatives began to renegotiate the rules. A list of restrictions was imposed on Muhammad ali highlights youtube. He would not be allowed to throw, grapple or tackle Ali and could not land any kicks unless he had one knee on the mat.

Judo expert and US Marine Donn Draeger noted, "The rules have been so seriously modified muhammad ali highlights youtube the contest is no longer boxing fifa 12 patch 2013 wrestling.

Unless this were done there would be no way to choreograph the match and make it look convincing. Ali can grapple or punch the man down; Inoki is not allowed to leg-dive or tackle.

That latter restriction is the same as prohibiting Ali muhammad ali highlights youtube jabbing. What a farce! Forty years after the fight, the referee Gene LeBell stated that there were no actual limitations on kicking or grappling and said all types of kicking, throwing and grappling were allowed. Professional wrestler Muhammad ali highlights youtube Hartthen an employee of Inoki's, claimed in his autobiography that "the black Muslims who were backing Ali made it clear that if Inoki laid a finger on their champ, they would kill him.

That's why Inoki lay on his back for fifteen rounds, kicking Ali in the shins so as not to use his hands". Inoki made his entrance first, wearing his signature purple robe and being accompanied by former Olympic amateur wrestler Karl GotchOlympic judo medalist Seiji Sakaguchiwrestling trainer Kotetsu Yamamotoand star wrestler Kantaro Hoshino. Ali was the second, sporting a red and white robe and being followed by his manager Herbert Muhammad, his trainers Angelo Dundee and Wali Muhammad, his cornerman Drew Bundini Brownand Dr.

Ferdie Pachecho. For this occasion, his entourage had been reinforced with professional wrestler Freddie Blassietaekwondo master Jhoon Goo Rheeand promoter Butch Lewis.

Muhammad ali highlights youtube donned special gloves, smaller than boxing ones, loaded with tape and gauze. Inoki stayed on the ground and started kicking and sweeping for Ali's legs. After scoring a hard kick to the right leg, Inoki stood up momentarily, but returned to his field and continued throwing kicks, landing a side kick which forced Ali's corner to instruct him to back away from Inoki.

Ali taunted Inoki to stand up, but the wrestler answered by continuing his kicking strategy, connecting with a few of them until the end of the round. The second and third rounds unfolded the same way, with Inoki taking refuge from possible punches muhammad ali highlights youtube the mat and kicking towards an infuriated Ali.

The boxer maneuvered to avoid several of the kicks, but Inoki crab crawled across the mat towards him and kept connecting kicks to his legs. By the third round, a wound had appeared on Ali's left knee, and the crowd had started to boo at the lack of solid action. Ali began walking around the ring, out of reach of Inoki's kicks, taunting him by shouting "Coward Inoki! Inoki no fight! I want one punch! In the fourth round, Inoki missed a jumping side kick and, still on his back, crawled towards Ali, trapping him in a corner.

After referee LeBell restarted action in the center of the ring, Inoki returned to his strategy, prompting Ali to scream "I thought Inoki could wrestle! Inoki eventually trapped him again in a corner and started kicking wildly at his thighs, prompting Ali to leap up on to the ropes and tuck his legs underneath him in an attempt to avoid them. A new restart by LeBell came near of the end of the round. The fifth round followed closely the already familiar pattern of the match, with Inoki landing kicks from his back and Ali looking for ways to counter it.

The round did feature, however, an instance in which Inoki knocked Ali off his feet with one of his kicks. Upon recovering and dancing around to avoid more hits, the boxer managed to grab Inoki's boot and drag him a short distance, but the bell sounded before anything could follow up.

Ali's legs were already bruised and bleeding due to the accumulated kicks, the sight of which finally drew some appreciation from the crowd muhammad ali highlights youtube the round ended. In round six, Inoki repeated his usual jumping side kick into lying on the canvas. One of the subsequent kicks landed toe-first on Ali's groin, gaining a warning from LeBell, but he followed up with two more successful legal kicks.

Ali got hold of Inoki's boots with the goal of immobilizing him for a punch, but Inoki, wiser in grappling, countered by grabbing Ali's left shoe, wrapping his right leg around Ali's right calf and sweeping down to the mat.

Inoki sat on Ali and turned towards his legs, pursuing a leglockbut Ali managed to swing one of his feet over the ring rope, which called for a standing restart. Knowing his chance had waned, Inoki still threw a back elbow strike to Ali's face while action was being stopped, gaining a warning and a point deducted by LeBell due to the boxer's protests.

In the seventh round, it was Inoki who goaded Ali to meet him on the ground, but Ali refused and threw a pair of kicks that missed.

Ali finally threw his first punch, a long jab to Inoki's face, only for Inoki to knock him down with a sweeping kick. Although the crowd chanted for Ali, he seemed wary of trying to strike again, allowing for another landed kick for the wrestler. After the round ended, the bloody state of Ali's left leg muhammad ali highlights youtube Dr. Pacheco, who rubbed it with ice and ointment. Meanwhile, Dundee went over to the Japanese corner and talked to Gotch, claiming that one of Inoki's brass eyelets had come loose from principio e fim playback shoe and was cutting Ali's legs.

He demanded that they taped the tips of his shoelaces, and so they did. The match's pattern did not change in round eight, where Ali had predicted he would finish Inoki. The Japanese wrestler connected a pair of kicks that dropped Ali again, although LeBell mistakenly warned him for a low blow. He was also forced to stop the match several times to apply tape to Inoki's shoe.

The uneventful round ended with Ali still taunting Inoki and shouting "Inoki nothing! In the ninth, Ali passed to attack. He crouched down and sought for jabs while dancing, muhammad ali highlights youtube chants from the crowd. He also attempted to circle the supine Inoki around, trying to get Inoki to return to his feet to avoid being outmaneuvered, and thus entering hitting range. However, Inoki followed his strategy and landed a kick that sent Ali staggering to his corner.

Inoki connected another, and by this point Ali's repeated tumbling made evident to the crowd the damage to his legs. In the tenth, Ali threw his second muhammad ali highlights youtube, landing a jab in Inoki's face, but the execution of the move left his leg open to another kick.

Although Inoki followed up with an inside leg kick and an outside one to the same leg, the crowd chanted for him to fight standing, so he charged at Ali, who clamped to the ring ropes. The rest of the round went without new events, so the crowd was now solidly against Inoki, despite Ali engaging in increasingly worried talks with his muhammad ali highlights youtube.

The eleventh round saw Ali trying a new tactic. As suggested by his cornerman Rhee, muhammad ali highlights youtube taekwondo expert, Ali would xilisoft video converter ultimate 6 to block Inoki's kicks with his gloves and arms in order to protect his leg.

This allowed Ali to catch and twist Inoki's foot, although he lacked the grappling knowledge to turn it into a submission move. Muhammad ali highlights youtube boxer's blocks were relatively successful, but Inoki had continued to land kicks, and Ali's corner was forced to tend his leg again. In Inoki's own corner, Gotch advised Inoki to either tackle Ali down or capitalize on the next time Ali fell down, so he could pin him and finish him by submission. In round twelve, Ali became confident after blocking several, though not all, of Inoki's kicks.

Inoki then got up and landed a clean low kickbut this drew protests, as rules impeded him from kicking standing. Ali's corner told him to capitalize and attack Inoki, but the latter immediately returned to safe ground, impeding further action. When the round ended, Ali's left leg was so swollen that, according to reviewers, it "appeared to be double the size of the right. In the thirteenth round, it was Ali who became the aggressor, taking the center of the ring and backing Inoki towards a corner.