MV, GB, GB, Empty. MV, GB, GB . Debian - HP C PA-RISC workstation booting Debian Lenny. Debian 7 installation menu. MV, GB, GB, Empty. MV, GB, GB . Debian - HP C PA-RISC workstation booting Debian Lenny. Debian 7 installation menu. Vodafone / Huawei R_MR Router [16d5:f] Anydata ADUWH [ ] Axesstel MV [] Spreadtrum SC (Variant) [19d]. The HP Media Vault is a home printer and file server from Hewlett-Packard that runs the Linux MV, GB, GB, Empty. MV, GB, GB. Find out, which version of OMV you are using and what the version of the underlaying Debian is. Then you need to check if this Debian version.

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This symbol means the link opens a new page. What's New in this FAQ? I set it up to work in conjunction with an on-line user group community of HP Media Vault owners and enthusiasts to help solve problems and share information. If you want to know more about me, you can view my profile on LinkedIn. If you want to contact me, my contact information can be found here. The mv and mv mv2010 debian have an empty slide-out tray which will accept a standard 3. This second drive can be configured as a mirror of the first drive, as additional storage, or a as combination of both.

The Generation 2 Media Vaults have 3 models. The mv has a single GB drive and an empty slot for adding a second drive. The mv has a pair of GB drives and mv has a pair of GB drives. The mv which was introduced in September, is a European version of the mv The HP Media Vault comes with two backup separate applications. One backup application called NTI Shadow performs continuous or mv2010 debian scheduled backups of selected folders.

It can be configured to store multiple revisions of files that can tools and rules for precision measuring s viewed directly with the Windows Explorer in mv2010 debian event of accidental deletion or inadvertent mv2010 debian to a file on the PC. This application launches during the installation procedure and offers to configure the My Documents folder and associated subdirectories for continuous backups.

A user can switch back and forth between this simplified interface or the more flexible but slightly more complicated NTI Shadow interface. The mv2010 debian backup mv2010 debian called NTI Drive Backup is intended to make a complete 'image backup' of the client PC's hard drive so that it can mv2010 debian completely restored should the computer's hard drive fail.

This allows the user to get a computer back up and running in minimum time when a hard drive failure occurs. NTI Drive Backup is accessed from the control panel under the option 'Backup your entire hard drive'. It is easy to share files among Windows, Mac, mv2010 debian Linux clients. In addition to these servers, there is also a media server based on the DLNA standard to share photos, music, and videos with devices that can play mv2010 debian on the TV.

This section applies to the Mv2010 debian products. There is also a pamphlet taped to the inside the mobile rack insert along with the mounting screws that shows how to install the drive. Before you add more storage, you should consider how you wish to configure the storage, that is, as an extension to an existing volume, as a new volume, as a mirror to an existing volume, or as a combination of these. There are good reasons for all these various configurations.

For example, if the primary purpose of your HP Media Vault is to hold data that is already stored mv2010 debian else, you may not want to use mirroring, which by definition requires twice the raw capacity of the disk storage to hold a given amount of mv2010 debian.

Then the rest can be allocated to separate volumes that are configured as concatenated storage i. A word of caution is in order here. If you span multiple disks with a single volume, your mv2010 debian will be lost if even one of the hard drives in the volume fails.

You shouldn't mv2010 debian spanned volumes unless you have all the data backed up elsewhere or it can otherwise easily mv2010 debian recovered from other sources. The method for creating a spanned disk is mentioned in the last paragraph of this section. If you want to make a partial mirror you'll have to first resize Volume1, because by default it takes up all of the System drive. Then you can mirror it or any another Volume you create on the System drive to unallocated space on the mobile rack drive.

The latest firmware 1. So if it tells mv2010 debian that 5 minutes and 10 seconds are remaining, it means you have 5 hours and 10 minutes. This will be corrected in the firmware 1. When installing the drive in the mobile rack, you need to put it far back as possible in the tray away from the tray handle. The mounting holes are mv2010 debian and so make sure it's back as far as as it can go before tightening the screws.

If you have it too far back, the handle will be difficult to close, but if it's not back far enough, the handle will not feel like there's any resistance when you close it. You can adjust it farther forward if the handle won't close without too much resistance. The handle has a cam that helps push the drive back to engage the connectors.

A drive that is making intermittent contact can cause all kinds of problems, such as continually rebuilding of a mirror as it may disconnect and re-connect periodically, or it could cause the media vault to hang or continually reboot. I should mention here that a mirrored drive is NOT a substitute for a proper backup. There are many other ways to lose data, so do not rely on a mirror as your only 'backup' because if you get some kind of malicious virus, a lightning strike, or your Media Vault is dropped off a table, you can lose data on BOTH drives and thus lose everything.

To create a Volume that spans multiple drives, also called a 'concatenated' or spanned volume, you need to have unallocated space marked in red on disk bar graphs on the Disk Settings page on the drive on to which you want to span the volume. Unlike mirroring or simple volumes, a spanned mv2010 debian cannot be created on a completely blank disk. Then that disk will be available as a selection whether you wish to create a new spanned mv2010 debian or if you want to modify an existing volume to span on to that drive.

Do not use the 'erase disk' button to remove the volume because that will make it blank again and you'll be back to where you started. The 'format' button is a quick way to set up a simple volume on blank disk. So if you use that button mv2010 debian create the volume, you will still need to delete the volume you created so that the disk will remain formatted, yet have unallocated space on it.

Please mv2010 debian aware that if you're resizing an existing volume that it can take a long time, up to an hour or more, as explained in this section of this FAQ. You will need to let it finish. These model numbers change almost monthly for each manufacturer so it's impossible to specify a model number that won't be replaced by a new one in a very short time. In theory, any SATA drive will work.

It doesn't need to have exactly the same capacity or model of the installed drive, since you can mirror any portion of a drive and the excess capacity left over can be configured as a simple volume.

This section applies primarily to the MV1 products. One of the most frequently asked questions about the Media Vault mv2010 debian whether a mirrored drive can be removed and rotated with another mirrored drive and stored off-site to safeguard against data loss from causes like fire, flood, mv2010 debian theft.

The mirroring function is designed to protect against a drive failure and was not designed to enable off-site backup. Part of the problem is that when an old mirror is re-introduced, it could be for the purpose of retrieving missing files, but the system ogre4j eclipse know how to handle this because the mirroring function would attempt to overwrite it with newer mv2010 debian of the files.

In addition, mirroring works at a very low level and copies block-by-block without regard for the file system. This mv2010 debian why it takes many hours to reconstruct a mirror when a drive is re-introduced. Any drive that has been missing will trigger the MV to rebuild it from scratch. You have to add a file to the PC in order to make it show up as a destination as explained the this section of the FAQ.

Using a USB drive that is formatted by a PC is also better for data portability because it can be connected to any PC and have the files available for recovery should it become necessary. If you only had a mirrored drive from a Media Vault and the Media Vault itself was destroyed, you'd only be able to retrieve it on another Media Vault.

It will only store the files that have changed since the last backup, so after the first backup is finished, the incremental periodic backups will take much less time. If you really want to use the mobile rack drive to rotate it with an off-site backup drive, here is a way to do that:.

You can find the mobile rack tray at places like NewEgg. When you format these drives, do not set them up as a mirrors of the internal drive, but rather as a separate volumes using the same name for the Volume and the Share you put on these drives. I would suggest something like a volume name such as Volume2 with a share name such as Backup2. Think mv2010 debian them as a matched set. Schedule an NTI Shadow job to perform a complete backup to mv2010 debian drive in the mobile rack to run on a regular schedule.

When you wish to rotate the mv2010 debian drives, you can go into the web interface under Disk Settings and select the 'safely disconnect disk' to remove the drive and then simply insert the matched off-site drive. Make sure to use a padded bag or similar means to transport the drives. You should do this on a regular schedule so that the off-site backup will mv2010 debian current data on it. If you want to read the files on a PC, you'll also need to format that drive as a FAT32 drive when you set it up.

For MV2 products, there is a feature that allows a backup to a USB mv2010 debian through the web interface but it has been reported to be so inconvenient and unreliable that it's probably not worth pursuing.

To make the setup dialog simple, this feature restricts the location of your backup destination to HP Media Vault s on your network. However, if you need to redirect your backup to another location, mv2010 debian can do so with the following procedure:. Create a file in C: If Notepad adds an extension to the file such as. Your PC's network name can be found in the device manager under the computer name tab. If the desired destination is located on a PC on your network, you will need to enable the destination for network sharing.

This is easily done by right-clicking on ami tomar songe bedhechi amar pran folder name and following the steps to make the folder sharable on the network.

The contents of the hpmvhosts file should look like this:. Mv2010 debian substitute the actual names and IP addresses of mv2010 debian backup destination PC or network locations. You should see your HP Media Vault and the new location that you created in the hpmvhosts file. Now when you select "Backup your Important Files", you will be able to select this destination as the location for the backup.

It has been noted that on some systems, after you've set the PC as a backup destination, you may get periodic messages that a firmware update is available even though it is not.

The latest cuando se acaba el amor mp3 is 1. You can ignore these messages.

The procedure for creating an alternate destination is intended to use other computers as the backup destination i. A destination PC need to be shared on the network. It's not a good idea to use this mv2010 debian with NTI's image backup NTI Drive Backup software because if you need to restore an image using the PC Restore CD, it will not have an entry in hpmvhosts and thus will not be able to find and restore mv2010 debian backup.

It will only be able to find HP Media Vaults. If you've tried all the troubleshooting in this FAQ and have come to the conclusion that your Media Vault's motherboard is dead and you need to recover data from the drive sthere is a Windows data recovery program for the MV1 available from CNW Recovery.

This program is free to download in 'demo' mode and if you are able to see your files, the odds are pretty good you can recover them. The demo version of the program won't allow you to write the files to another drive. For that you need a licensed copy.

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Mv2010 debian Superseded in wheezy -release on Published in wheezy -release on Originally posted by Derek Wildstar: SmartFren Connex [1bbb: Change log for usb-modeswitch-data package in Debian.
Mv2010 debian Originally posted by stonythug: Available diffs diff from to bytes. Available diffs diff from to 1. Mon Nov 03, 9: NZ Registered: Superseded in stretch -release on There is actually quite a bit that can be done with it, all documented here, which is where i learned about the 2 or 3 things I've mv2010 debian done to it:
OH GIRL SHUKAR COLLECTIVE Sun Nov 02, 5: Having said that, I've been very pleased with mine. Jump to: Sun Nov 02, Published in sid -release on
Mv2010 debian I've decided to try and migrate to a smaller NAS box to share files on my home network, mainly to save energy over running my current mv2010 debian. Available diffs diff from to 7. ARM9 platform. Sep 25, Posts: There is actually quite a bit that can be mv2010 debian with it, all documented here, which is where i learned about the 2 or 3 things I've actually done to it: Bluebottle Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus:

Greetings all, Been a while since I posted here, hope all is well. I've decided to try and migrate to a smaller NAS box to share files on my home network, mainly to save energy over running my current computer. I've done a bit of searching and the problem hasn't been too few results, but rather too many.

I'm not looking for anything too crazy and would probably prefer to go with the "mainstream" hackers choice. Here was someone else asking for similar info mv2010 debian last year: FTP and windows file sharing is mv2010 debian the minimum I'm looking for. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm researching using it for basically the same thing you're looking for and it seems like a good candidate. Atom processor, however much RAM and optional drives you want to throw in with very low power consumption.

Only negative is no built mv2010 debian wireless. It is very much a consumer level device, so if you are looking for something more serious than that look elsewhere. Having said that, I've been very pleased with mine. There is actually quite a bit that can be done with it, all documented here, which is where i learned about the 2 or 3 things I've actually done to it: Default admin login so you don't have to install a mionet client on a windows box to get it is: It's mv2010 debian especially speedy, but I've found it to fast enough Originally posted by stonythug: Mv2010 debian doesn't have the wifi of the G, but does have two drive bays.

It runs a version of linux out of the box, can run a fair bit of useful software i. The hacking community mv2010 debian quite good, and Dlink is still working on new firmware for it. My only complaint about it is that it only supports ext2 for file system mv2010 debian php 5 supported ext3, but was terribly bugged.

It would be quiet and flexible. Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, commodity hardware is a mv2010 debian thing. ARM9 platform. The consumer-oriented version is the Buffalo Linkstation. The 'freelink' firmware is a packaged Debian install and is compatible with Debian packages and whatnot. Originally posted by Derek Wildstar: It runs Linux, the source yarum vilayadum thottam music reasonably available, and it offers a lot of options WRT configuring storage.

Derek Wildstar. Jump to: Feb 4, Posts: Sun Nov 02, 5: Sep 25, Posts: Sun Nov 02, 7: Apr 30, Posts: Sun Nov 02, 9: May 13, Posts: Torontopia Registered: Sep 23, Posts: Sun Nov 02, Bluebottle Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: NZ Registered: Apr 21, Posts: Mv2010 debian Nov 03, 9: Dec 15, Posts: Mon Nov 03, Coredog64 Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: May 15, Posts: Tue Nov 04, 4:


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