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Смотреть Funny Moment Running Man Ep (Engsub) Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p. The List Episode Engsub: The List. Light Off Hide Ads. The List Ep Cover Running Man Episode Cover. Running Man Episode Guests: Park Shin Yang, Uhm Ji Won Broadcast date: 13th January Theme: War of Money Teams: Red. This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in The show airs on SBS as part of their Good Sunday lineup. Contents. 1 Episodes; 2 Notes; 3 References; 4 External links. Episodes[edit]. List of episodes (episode –) 99, , January 13, (December 30, ), Park Shin-yang · Uhm Ji-. Running Man: Episode by gummimochi. This week, the Running Man cast work extra hard for the chance to earn double or even triple.

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This week, the Running Man cast work extra hard for the chance to earn double or even triple their New Year bonuses. Dream big, Gary. The guests, here to promote their movie The Gangster Shamanshare their own resolutions and Shin-yang seems like a pretty good-natured guy because he humors the cast by reading them like he did in the movie Promise.

Or at least for now, if the clips are any indication. What the? The actual SBS director drops in, surprising everyone, to give the show his well-wishes. The other teams are: Ji-won shares that she heard some tips about the show: And then Shin-yang honestly confesses that neither of his teammates were mentioned as recommendations. And then Gary busts out his best impression of the famous confession from Lovers in Paris.

In another car, Ji-hyo confesses that she decided to become an actress because of the movie Promise. Their mission here is to collect water in a bowl affixed to them via Matrix style.

I love it when actresses chuck their high-profile personas to the sidelines for the sake of variety. Looks like those ski goggles came in pretty handy as Shin-yang gets hit with the water hose without running man episode 128 eng sub difficulty. The Blue Team are first to succeed with flying colors thanks to the Acenearly filling the pitcher to the brim.

Kwang-soo resolves to collect water by getting on all fours and he takes in more water to the face than what ends up in the bowl. That leads to a bickering match between Jae-suk and Jong-kook about how much gas to put into the empty tank.

Why are you trying to waste gas! The Green Team grows impatient and honk their car horn, to which Jong-kook yells to wait their turn. Then Haha points to Shin-yang all, It was hyung! Once they reach running man episode 128 eng sub agreement, the Red Team has to negotiate all over again with the Green Team. All of their cars now fed, Jong-kook practically beams when he hears that their next mission location is a gym. The Blue Team arrives at the gym first and Jae-suk complains that his supposedly impressive pull up is nothing compared to Kookie: And Mr.

PD means everyoneincluding the staff. How cute is it that Haha and Gary start dancing to the music and then Shin-yang joins in? Well, mostly Suk-jin anyway. Everyone gapes. So everyone starts to up their game and Shin-yang is surprisingly pretty good, heartily singing along.

The cast are impressed with how flexible Shin-yang is and try to rope him into showing them a split. Thanks to you, now we ALL have to gipsy cz zigulik yahoo it!

A small monetary bet is enough to get everyone to agree but poor Ji-hyo sccreeeammms in pain when she attempts to do a split. Shin-yang dutifully follows. The Red Team try to score some extra points by dancing and belatedly realize that they have to sing.

Then to top it all off, the resistance bands slip and the mic accidentally hits Jong-kook in the eye. And then Kwang-soo finishes the song by doing the same. Watching Kwang-soo make running man episode 128 eng sub rounds around the gym equipment is pretty hilarious.

I mean the guy even adds a few adlib vocalizations while hanging upside down! The Red Team end up with an impressive 99, which means they can eat lunch scot-free. Aw man — even though the Green Team give it their all to sing, they still end up last. Jae-suk mentions that Shin-yang offered him some chocolate but got a few rocks instead.

The elevator is too small to accommodate all of the cast members and their VJs. There you are Kwon-ryul! With an innumerable number of chairs in the building, the cast spread out in search. Shin-yang, did you just try to make a decoy by plastering your own name on a chair? Ha — why so cute? Like Haha, who promptly searches for the chair once Suk-jin leaves. Gary puts up a decent fight for a good while but when Kwang-soo threatens to take that last twenty too, he surrenders. He finds another chair with just four minutes remaining but then Jong-kook shows up mere seconds later.

Suk-jin soon finds himself 2: While this battle within the same team rages on, Kwang-soo and Haha fight over the chair in the elevator. The timer ticks down the last few seconds and both Haha and Suk-jin are left out. Haha acknowledges defeat right away, adding that he understands because he stole the chair from someone too. There are just three chairs left in the running man episode 128 eng sub round and Jong-kook whispers to Kwang-soo where they should look first.

She hides in a room backstage and then Shin-yang pops his head in and leaves without a word. Jae-suk checks the auditorium and discovers Ji-won in her hiding place. They both radio their teammates for backup Ji-won: Thus, the final contenders for the final round are Shin-yang, Jong-kook, and Ji-hyo. So Jong-kook changes positions. Shin-yang soon joins them and he tells Jong-kook very manner-of-factly than he can take Spartakooks in five seconds flat. Does he honestly think he can beat Jong-kook?

Funnily enough, Jong-kook is pretty powerless sitting in that chair so the others roll him out into the hall. The three join the others Jong-kook limps towards them and Mr.

PD finally announces the winner after reviewing the tapes. Your email address will not oba tharam pem kala kisiwek video er published. Poor Kim Jong Kook.

I just felt so sad for him. He was practically limping after the win! Shows you how much effort he puts in. I agree. He can be so funny and I love him, but sometimes I wish he wouldnt sabotage his own team so often. Hmm I thought this ep was the funniest in a long time.

I'd never heard of Shin-yang before this episode but he killed it. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard at the final encounter C:. Would it be funny if all the members just get along and always be nice to each other??? Kwangsoo loves Jong Kook. Maybe it's getting towards the end of its usefulness, but it's still good for a laugh or running man episode 128 eng sub when well done. Ya, it is just a gag.

No point getting all heat up for this. Besides, I don't find this offended. Relax, it is just a gag. Wasn't there an article not to long ago, about Jong Kook once encourage him to keep going with his betrayer persona for the sake of his character on Running Man?

I wish Jong Kook wouldn't get hurt though. Wonder if you are new to RM? You won't hate him if ain't a new to them I personally like this episode better. Jong Kook ridiculous laugh when he heard kwang Soo resolutions. I like it when the guests were sporting and participative in games. Ji Won show her competitiveness when he declared that her manager advice her to be with Spartakook team and not to be with kwang soo the betrayer.

Shin Running man episode 128 eng sub honestly say that neither Gary or Haha were on the recommendation list. Favorite moments 1 The giraffe-tiger team, baby team and the same cast team 2 The matrix water game and how Kwang Soo mess up the team unintentionally 3 Suk Jin get spray in the face 4 Jong Kook and Jae Running man episode 128 eng sub bickering on the price and immediately apologise to Shin Yang when he honks 5 Shin Yang jokingly say diesel oil? At least she experience the competitiveness of RM and I believe it is all for variety.

I like that spartaKook went all out to win because he had not being winning for the past few episodes. The Commander Is back!!! But I felt a little bad for him a he is limping and was worried about his back. Still safety should running man episode 128 eng sub first. Glad that the winnings goes to the charity. Thanks for the recap. This episode wasn't that funny.

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