scientific name for moonshell

Classification. Class: Gastropoda. Clade: Littorinimorpha. Superfamily: Neverita helicoides (Gray, ) Spiral Moon. SEE MORE MOON SHELL PICTURES. Cerith, Necklace, Carabidae, Ground beetle, Naticidae, Moon shell, Cerithiidae, Cerith, D Classification scientific name. Naticidae. Moon shell or Moonshell may refer to: Euspira heros, the northern moon snail; Neverita didyma, the bladder moon snail; Naticidae or moon snails, a family of. Scientific Name, English Name, Distribution, Max. Length (cm) Mediterranean Sea. Euspira catena, chained moon-shell, Western Indian Ocean, Nor. 21 Books You've Been Meaning to Read Moonshell Beach by JoAnn Ross. Buy. Buy. Moonshell Beach . Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. “It's obvious that the scientists, who already killed the baby creature's mother, are not going to give up.” “Ah.” She nodded, appearing to give the statement. scientific name for moonshell

These molluscs are largely found in sea floor sand of the tropics, but also in waters beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. They make a scientific name for moonshell by plowing just below the surface. When they find another mollusc, it is enveloped by scientific name for moonshell massive foot --often too large to be withdrawn into the shell. The rasp-like radula is then applied to drill an extremely neat, beveled hole. Drilling is facilitated, as it is also in muricids, by an accessory boring organ on the anterior portion of the foot.

It secretes a non-acid calcium chelating compound that softens shells. Neverita helicoides Gray, Spiral Moon. Description Moon shells are snail-like globular forms with scientific name for moonshell half moon shaped aperture. Some flattened, disk-like species also exist. Typically, a thick rib-like callus obscures the umbilicus, and the aperture lip is fringed by a thin sharp edge.

In life, mantle flaps from each side cover the shell, protecting its lustrous finish. Although their shell characteristics are very satellite receiver software, molecular data now are showing that several Naticid genera belong to other taxa.

For example, N. Eggs are laid in capsules made of sand grains cemented with mucus. Classification Class: Gastropoda Clade: Littorinimorpha Superfamily: Naticoidea Family: Amauropsis Genus: Globularia Genus: Lunatia Genus: Natica Genus: Neverita Genus: Polinices Genus: Lunatia heros Northern Moon Snail. Polynices lewisii Moon Snail.


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