simple past tense powerpoint

PAST SIMPLE POWER POINT. 1. What did you do yesterday? • Simple Past Tense • Regular Verbs • Irregular verbs • Wh- and Yes / No. A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable Powerpoint presentations, games and activities to teach about past simple tense. Past Tense of. Irregular Verbs. Review of Regular Verb Spelling Rules: Appendix 4, page Add ed. Started, finished, washed, helped, listened, watched. Simple Past Tense Powerpoint - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt ) or view presentation slides online. Use the Past Simple to express an action that started and finished at a specific time in the past. Sometimes, the speaker may not actually mention the specific.

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The past tense of regular verbs is formed by adding —d or —ed to simple past tense powerpoint base form of the verb. I worked in a shop last year, I lived in a big house when I was younger. Simple Past Tense: Irregular verbs Affirmative: Did you play sport last Summer? Did you travel by boat last year? Yes, I did. Did you see any dolphins? Short answer Yes, I did. Yes, he did. Yes, she did. Yes, simple past tense powerpoint did.

Yes you did. Yes we did. Yes they did. Short answer No, I didn't. No, he didn't. No, she didn't. No, it didn't. No, you didn't. No, we didn't. No,they didn't. I didn't work. He didn't work.

She didn't work. It didn't work. You didn't work. We didn't work. They didn't work. Did I work? Did he work? Did she work? Did it work? Did you work? Did we work? Did they work? The Simple Aspi drivers Tense is used 1. To talk about actions that happened at a specific time in the past. You state when simple past tense powerpoint happened using a time adverb yesterday, last Mont.

It can be used to describe events that happened over a period of time in the past but not now: It is also used to talk about habitual or repeated actions that took place in the past: The Simple Past Tense Time expressions: Yesterday, last month, last year, last time, … ago, in Simple Past Tense Powerpoint Uploaded by kruuchris. The Simple Past Tense www. I worked hard last weekend www. Go went Come came.

Flag for inappropriate content. Save Simple Past Tense Powerpoint. Related titles. Kumpulan soal pilihan ganda tentang Past Continuous Tense. Asking-for-and-giving-personal-information power point spend my time loving you mp3. Jump to Page. I worked. He worked. She worked. It worked.

You worked. We worked. They worked. My friends travelled to Saudi Arabia two years ago www. Okky Arya II. RizZty MeNnelz Togetherforever. Ericka C. Arrieta O. Weina Agnestya Fauline Stefani. Emir XH. Mike Horms. Percy Jackson. Jon Mactavish. Addi Muhammad. Romelyn Angadol. Eva Prats. Rizia Feh Eustaquio.


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