10 pt, oneside, final]{scrartcl} \usepackage[left=cm, right=cm, %\ usepackage{soul} \usepackage{scrpage2} \usepackage{titlesec}. is the code I use for title: \usepackage[compact]{titlesec} titlesec, but i found no way..) Thanks. Sign in to reply Skype - saulky MSN - sau @hotmail. \usepackage {hyperref} \usepackage [linktocpage=true]{hyperref} \ usepackage {tocloft} \usepackage {tocloft} \usepackage {titlesec}. {My Website } Class \ecvim{ Skype }{ xxxxx } The packages \ecvim{ Telegram }{ . Basics of LATEX Example Structure The preamble \ usepackage { titlesec } . Dini) Introduction to LATEX/XƎLATEX 17 november 85 / Titlesec 1.

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KOMIK DORAEMON VERSI BAHASA INGGRIS Can you please give me information how to insert a header for each chapter containing the chapter name with a line below. Hi Brolin, What you did is usepackage titlesec skype the actual counter value. List of Table 1. For example:. Cufalo The hyperref package extends the functionality of all the LATEX cross-referencing commands table of contents, bibliographies Usepackage titlesec skype etc. I am formatting a report for a musician friend and he has a number of lists such as movie, example, diagram. Basics of TexWorks all O.
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Some of them are pretty common, some may be new to you. Hope you enjoy the list…. Some pieces of code below require usepackage titlesec skype tocloft package which provides extensive customization functionality for table of contents, list of figures and list of tables. It will be indicated wherever the tocloft or any other package needs to be loaded in the preamble. I will use the abbreviations toc for table-of-contents, usepackage titlesec skype for list-of-figures and lot for list-of-tables in the article below.

Change the heading can be done without loading any specific package. Obviously, the name has to be changed before creating the list. Here is how you do it:. It works the same way with lof and usepackage titlesec skype. The code was taken from here. The default depth is 3, subsubsection. Similarly, including subfigures and subtables can be achieved using:. Available styles are arabicromanRomanalph and Alph. And here is how:. The file line s shall be added toclof or lotthe type of the entry chapterfigureetc.

To change the way the actual entries look, you can make use of a command provided by the tocloft package. The command will affect the number as well as the text.

However, it will not change the page number and the separator if there are any. Rom nds italiano … Here are a usepackage titlesec skype examples for illustration:.

Again, the tocloft package has to be loaded. First, define a new list environment as well as the item which are later being listed. In this case, we are defining lemmasbut it could also be proofs, equations, a special list of figures, footnotes, anything. You can find a complete code example here. Similarly, the headings can be given an alternative name in the toc:.

Finally, minitoc produces beautiful tocs at the beginning of every chapter or any other heading and therefore, I will dedicate this 10th and last entry to that package:. Here is an earlier post I wrote about the package as well as the complete documentation. September at September at 9: Do you have an idea how can customize the font size etc. You can find the documentation here. March at Hopefully there is a cleaner solution for formatting the toc in this way. Thanks for sharing this.

July at 9: July at 3: You are right, I never answered that question. Here is the code:. Usepackage titlesec skype at 0: Dear tom, I need some help.

That is I need to customize the way the list barcelona guia turistica pdf table appears. Normally, Latex just show, for example:. To change the title, you can either load the babel package with the option portuguese or set the name manually to anything you like:. I have a quick question. While finalising my thesis, I came across a problem of representing a range of pages for a single entry in table of contents.

Try usepackage titlesec skype following code. Everything you need to add to your usepackage titlesec skype is highlighted. It adds the line manually and suppresses the standard chapter entry. To usepackage titlesec skype more precise, for instance, i usepackage titlesec skype a section 1, subsection1 and a subsubsection 1, 1. Thanks for your help in advance. BR Krishna. September at 2: The indentation you see in my example is the normal behavior of TOC. The example below shows how to change the depth of what is included in the TOC.

Hi Tom, thanks for your quick reply. Today one of my clleague was help me to get TOC as i wanted. But the way you showed in your example is very simple. I will use it tomorrow in my document: Thanks once again. September at 4: September at 6: September at 5: I tried to run your code, but tocline was not defined. What package or documentclass do you use? Please give a minimal working example that I can copy-paste and then typeset.

Just by just looking at your code, what you can try is to add one more line for sectionidentical to the definitions for subsection and subsubsection you already have. October at Just 1 problem i am having, plz if possible help me. I have list of figures, tables, algorithms and Abbreviations. I made successfully the list of each one those. But in table of contents i am having only the list of Tables and Figures. I am not able to show in Table of contentsthe page which is included the list of Algorithms as well as page for the list of Abbreviations.

Creating you own list of … commands but i could make properly my requirements. Thanks alot in advace. You can manually add these lists to the table of contents. Use the following code right before producing the actual list to get the page number right.

It seems you defined you own list of algorithms. I wrote a post on that topicwhich has more details concerning how to add it to the table of contents. In order to help you with your second question, I would need a little more details. What package do you use, biblatex, natbib, …? Please provide a minimal working example. October at 6: November at December at First, suppressing a figure from appearing in the list of figures is done using the caption package and a starred caption:. Alain Raymond.

The problem is, however, that I need them to be usepackage titlesec skype lists. The first level would be the chapters and the second would be the elements of my list. So instead of having something of this sort:. December at 2: I remember there is a better way though.

Maybe you have more luck finding it…. To make it clearly, take the space between the last one of Chapter1 and the first one of Chapter2 for example, usepackage titlesec skype is very closed. December at 6: Could it be that the difference in space has something usepackage titlesec skype do with the fix of your previous problem? I created a minimal working example see below and the spacing seems to be the same. January at Is there a way to increase the column offset of the section in the table of contents?

The toc now looks like:. The tocloft usepackage titlesec skype does the trick.

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