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The 28 Day Jumpstart is a beginner friendly crash course in everything Fit Girl. Fit Girldom is more than a diet. It's more than a lifestyle. It's a "finding your fiercest. Fit Girls Guide - A 28 Day Jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle using this I bought the eBook right away, and it was delivered to my email within minutes. You can create a new Instagram account just for this challenge and. This is our 28 Day Jumpstart eBook! Full meal plan Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Challenge, Workout Challenge, Fit Girls Guide, Celebrity Diets. More information.

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FitgirlsGuide 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge July 6th Start

Just as I promised on my pristinefitness Instagram account, here are my answers to questions I have been asked! For those who are not following me on Instagram or may not even know what the heck the 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge is, 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook me to share! In addition they are holding a second challenge beginning September 22nd. Even if you joined the August 4th challenge, you are still eligible to participate in the second round.

So, what is the challenge exactly? How are the meal plans like? Do I have to go to a special store to buy some of the ingredients? How much did you spend or how much should I expect to spend on groceries? The meal plans, in my opinion are really thought out. It takes a lot of the 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook work out for you.

On the other hand, it is possible to substitute certain ingredients for other things you might enjoy more. The eBook gives substitutions or you can use foods you already substitute for other things! Most stores should carry everything on the grocery list. Pick a substitution, leave it out completely, or be creative — this is a learning opportunity!

The eBook gives you a lot of options and flexibility! I began to venture into healthier options and substitutions back in college seven years ago.

The healthier I 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook, the more my body craves for wholesome food! And the less I do with my food especially 28 day jumpstart challenge ebookthe more sensitive I am to the flavors of veggies, fruits, and food in general. I am talking about the whole system here! The more you do research and 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook out to try new healthy foods, the more knowledge you will have in succeeding in your health journey!

But, I understand that times are tough and with the recent droughts in many areas affecting crops, food in general has increased greatly. Not to mention, I live pretty far from a big city therefore grocery stores are limited which causes the price to increase. In addition, I live in Washington which has one of the highest cost of living in the country.

How much you spend will depend entirely on your preferences. Again, if you choose the food and brands that pack the most nourishment, you will reap the benefits! What are the workouts like? Are they okay for beginners who never really exercise?

Are they challenging enough for someone who has been exercising frequently? Do I need to join a gym or take extra classes such as yoga, zumba, spinning, etc.?

Can all workouts be done at home? How many days and for how long are the workouts? I personally enjoy the workouts. I have been an athlete nearly all my life and the workouts still challenge me. Even if I was the fittest I have ever been that would be high schoolI know it would be challenging because you can make it as easy or as difficult for your preference.

This is a love and hate relationship as you can imagine the pros and cons to this. However, in my opinion, there are more pros because you can really cater to your personal preferences and this is really a good thing. Here is a excerpt from the eBook. So yes, it is great for beginners and experienced exercise enthusiasts. I mean, getting any kind of exercise in is better than nothing at all.

So if you prefer going to the gym…go for it! If you want to start going to the gym…go for it! If you absolutely hate gyms…. All the work outs can be done at home, at a park, in the gym, on the lawn, on the beach…. They really are not that bad because like I said… flexibility! Some of the moves include: These can be done low impact or high intensity. Each body really does respond differently to even the same routine.

But I can guarantee you that if you follow the guide or even do your best, you will definitely feel results. What should be important is that you are doing this because you want to be healthier and fit. When I say fit, I am not necessarily referring to being all 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook and toned and running a marathon, I am talking about being fit in all ways, especially emotionally and mentally. All this can be done easier when we treat ourselves right and feed our body and soul with wholesome food and feel good exercises and stretches!

Also getting enough sleep and choosing to let go of the things we cannot control! Questions regarding my own experience: How much did you weigh before and after the challenge?

How much weight did you lose? And body fat percentage if you want to get super technical. People come in all shapes and sizes. We should strive to feel and be strong and healthy! Muscle weighs more than fat but also takes up less space. Therefore, two people who are the same height, weight, and body shape can look different if one has more muscle mass than the other. Here is a great example of what I mean, considering it is the 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook girl in both pics but weighs more when she is more toned muscle.

If you want to read more, check out this beautiful girls blog, I think many of you will find it motivating, inspirational, and helpful: Train Like a Beauty. I am by no means a dainty framed woman. I have always had meat on my bones which always made me weigh in more than my peers even though I 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook shorter and more toned than them. Here I weighed between lbs. It took me a while to really accept and grasp this. How often did you work out and what other things did you do?

Did you do more cardio or weight training? This is one reason why I want to give it a second go around because I can only imagine how my body will change when I am more strict on the plan.

I stretched 5 days out of the week on average and I also did some yoga. I went on walks and hikes. And did random squats, pushups, donkey kicks…you name it randomly throughout the day.

I definitely did more weight training than cardio. I like to lift heavy weights but I never made it to the gym because of schedule conflicts and the gym literally being out of the way as in I need to catch a ferry that is on a strict schedule to get there.

But I do have two 20 lb dumb bells 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook a 35 dumb bell that I used nearly every day for squats, arm curls, lunges, or for added weight and intensity. My cardio literally consisted of running after my dogs, who like to be escape artists, around the neighborhood, going on long hikes, but mainly having solo dance parties in my ba609 fsx game room….

Oh, one time while staying in a hotel during a wedding weekend, I 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook use their fitness room treadmill! Yay for me! I also have a pull-up bar that I use every day. Sometimes just doing a pull-up when I go in and out of the doorway it is placed 28 day jumpstart challenge ebook Like I said, sometimes I just do what I can. Yup, make me feel crappy. So I am taking the opportunity to give myself a second chance! Will power is like a muscle. I completely limit the amount of junk food I have in our kitchen.

I also made these delicious protein dance parties in your mouth treats! You may have seen it on my pristinefitness Instagram account but here it is again! SO YUM!!!!!!!!!! Accepting the Challenge. Update Week 1. Update Week 2. I apologize for the lengthiness and perhaps some errors or things that may not have made sense. First shonichi cover piano sheet, I wanted to be as detailed as possible!

Secondly, I would normally re-read my posts before I publish them but this beauty needs her rest! I am nearly falling over my computer as I type! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

I love you guys! Wait so, I really want to do this but can you explain stroll and stretch to me?

28 day jumpstart challenge ebook


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