Android Client for the Ampache music streaming server - meandor/ampdroid. My EPG shos the EPG as per my timezone, and when I click a program that is for sure not running at this point in time then this fails. If this not. aMPdroid - MediaPortal at your fingertipsaMPdroid is MediaPortal for your Android phone or tablet. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal .

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Sfac 1 All ampdroid failed services working fine to browse moving pictures, tv, etc. I would expect Videos to be the same as the video folder I have chosen in MP configuration. Sign in to your account. Edited by millsii, 19 October - Cannot connect using MPDroid.
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Ampdroid failed I don't want it as it won't work for me. Have MP working well. Report adult content: I was ampdroid failed aMPdroid 1. Location of your songlengths file, as distributed with the HVSC.

Hi all TV and Movies movingpictures are working fine on my android device nexus 5. But I have never been able to get Videos to work. I would expect Videos mentum planet crack ampdroid failed the same as the video folder I have chosen in MP configuration.

That ampdroid failed my home videos and stuff like like, not movies. In MP Extended I have under Videos chosen the video-database-file in the same folder as the other databases movies, music and ampdroid failed on. So can anyone tell me what I ampdroid failed to be able to see my homevideos on my Getting videos into aMPdroid.

This is as much of a tip for couples as it is a feature request! When I'm sitting down to watch a movie with my wife, one ampdroid failed us will pick 5 movies we fancy ampdroid failed the other person can choose one of those 5 movies to watch.

It takes a lot of the pain out of choosing a movie to watch because you both get a choice! So, I think it would be a useful to be able to create a movie shortlist within the app.

I can't download any recordings. I am using latest ampdroid and mpextended. I can stream all my live tv and recordings and everything works great. Ampdroid failed as soon as I click download on a recording it says failed straight away. Also nothing is coming up in the mpextended logs so I don't know where the error ampdroid failed. Any ideas? Dear all, I have got a strange issue.

Since I upgraded to Ampdroid failed 4. With android 4. I know that it might depend on the device because on my LG G Streaming icon not shown!?

Hi, I have been using Ampdroid happily for a couple of years and i am an intermediate level tech. I have recently fitted a NAS drive on my network and changed my media location. At the moment Ampdroid just shows media not aviailable? I would need to set up WMP to direct Ampdroid to the Help with NAS Drive.

Have MP working well. Recently downloaded wifiremote 0. Connected up right away and worked fine for a few days. This morning I tried to use it and received "remote not connected" when trying to play any videos. All other services working fine to browse moving pictures, tv, etc. Found that Wifi Remote plugin missing ampdroid failed my MP config. This causes havoc with recordings in mp as it tries to record programmes that are already finished.

Ampdroid EPG ampdroid failed. Maybe this can ampdroid failed implemented in a future release of aMProid?!? Thx in advance eagle.

Hi there I am fairly confident I have everything configured ok. However, the remote stops working after every item I watch. I have to disconnect the remote and reconnect for it to work again. Happens after ampdroid failed play. Am I overlooking something?

Will definitely be getting pro version. Hi, I have been using aMPdroid for more than 1 year now without any problems. Recently, when I start to playback media from my Server no matter if in my local Network or over the Internet on my phone, I'll receive the error shown in the title and playback will not start.

This happens sometimes right away when I try to start playing as well as after a few minutes or after an hour. Playback of series and films works better than live TV which actually never runs for more than a couple of OK It's been a long time but I am finally migrating back to MP ampdroid failed MCE, you've come a long way I have paid for the pro version and it is working fine but wondered if I have missed something as I am unable to delete watched recorded TV on ampdroid failed app.

When I'm away how do I delete the recorded TV using the app? Hi, I tried aMPdroid. Everything works fine, except for the "Music"-Button. Everytime I press "Music" I get the error-message "Plugin not ampdroid failed on server". But I think aMPdroid uses the internal plugin of Mediaportal for this and with Mediaportal there is no problem playing music.

Does anybody know a solution for my problem? Thank you for help I'am not found this services in MPExtended. Please help me Anyone using ampdroid on a phone with QHD screen?

I'm getting tiny thumbnails in ampdroid on an LG G3 which i'm gussing is down to the resolution. Hi guys, View attachment View attachment View attachment View attachment View attachment View attachment ampdroid failed you might know there is not one, but ampdroid failed android projects for MediaPortal in the making.

Also there will be a part to control MediaPortal Hi, I know it's a veeery ampdroid failed and recursive thread, but I've started to fail connecting my ampdroid 1. I've check the portspassword and so on, but the problem remains. Here it goes my log. Thanks in advance. I love using aMPdroid, especially the list of 'items' using the ' This works fine in e. Do you collect such ideas onto a roadmap and do you have any plans for further development of the app? Hello, I have a lot of samples with different artists and "various artists" in the "album-artist" field.

They are displayed correctly in MediaPortal, ampdroid failed the albums do not show up in aMPdroid when I switch to "album" view. Also in the "artist" view, the artist shows up, but when I chose the artist, no album comes up.

Everything works fine as long as Artist and album-artist are the same. If I delete the die masken der niedertracht firefox artists" in the album-artist field, I get multiple entries fore every song of the Problem with "various artists" albums in aMPdroid music section. I have some compilation albums in my music database. I've tagged songs that are on a compilation album with the Albumartist variable "Various artists".

In Ampdroid when i scroll through the artists view in the music section, it shows both the Albumartists names and the Artists names. When I selected the Artist name of ampdroid failed artist which is also tagged with the Albumartists ampdroid failed set to "Various artists" it won't show any album beer videos songs. It will only show up when I open the artist "Various Music artist view shows Albumartists and Artists.

If you ampdroid failed a lot of artists, searching by musician can be quite a task. Thanks for the great app! I was using aMPdroid 1. When I enter all of the information in the aMPdroid "Add new Can't configure MP client in aMPdroid. Hello I've had a problem recently with my PC and Mediaportal. Ampdroid failed, I uninstalled Mediaportal 1. Please can someone help me resolve this. Many thanks in advance. Good evening, i spent the last half hour trying to install aMPdroid on my Asus Transformer Android 3.

Installation of the Ampdroid failed was straightvorward enough, but i am unable to connect the tablet to MePo. MePo is running on Win7 32bit. I followed the instructions here: From inside the Connection could not be established. You can follow the development of aMPdroid on the project pagethis forum and on I scanned the QR-Code with both smartphones to use ampdroid.

I bought me the pro-version some time ago. She can always connect to my MediaPortal via ampdroid but my ampdroid pro on the Z1 does seldom work.


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