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Bug fix release. BusyBox 1. Sizes of busybox Changes since previous release: Aaro Koskinen: Closes ash: Closes chpasswd: Closes dhcpc: Closes hostname: Closes httpd: Closes makemime: Closes mdev: Closes mktemp: Closes mount: Closes ntpd: Hopefully closes preparatory cleanups for seamless uncompression improvements printf: Closes sendmail: Closes stty: Closes tail: Closes tar,rpm2cpio: Closes tftp: Closes top: Closes tune2fs: Closes udhcp: Closes udhcpc: Closes vi: Closes wget: URL-decode user: Make unix local sockets work without IPv6 enabled Karol Lewandowski: Closes Sergey Naumov: Alexander Shishkin: Closes libbb: Closes hush: Busybox 1.18.2 apk chrt: Closes cpio: Closes fbset: Closes fdisk: Closes getty: Closes iplink: Closes ls: Closes ping: Closes tar: Closes tftpd: Needed for flight simulator aircraft-games mode top: Much faster for local transfers wget: Closes bug base Closes bug grep: Closes bug init: Closes bug mktemp: Closes bug telnet: Closes bug vi: Closes bug Mike Frysinger: Patch applet is completely replaced by a more capable implementation from toybox Rob Landley's code.

Aboriginal Linux needs it. New applets: Michl AT seznam. Fix by Leonid lly. By Colin Watson cjwatson AT ubuntu. By Alexander Shishkin virtuoso AT slind. By Natanael Copa natanael.

By Maciek Borzecki maciek. Rob wanted it cmp: By Matheus Izvekov mizvekov AT gmail. Closes bug date,touch: Closes bug date: This allows clumsy operation with real DNS servers dnsd: By Kim B. Heino Kim. Heino AT bluegiga. By Maksym Kryzhanovskyy busybox 1.18.2 apk AT email. By Ian Busybox 1.18.2 apk ianw AT vmware. Closes bug ifdown: By Bernhard Reutner-Fischer rep. Closes bug lsusb: Closes bugsmkswap: By Pascal Bellard pascal.

By Lauri Kasanen curaga AT operamail. Closes bug nc: Closes bug ntpd: Closes bug sed: By Seb sbb AT tuxfamily. By Thomas Geulig geulig AT nentec.

By Janne Kiviluoto janne. By Ladislav Michl Ladislav. Tang tang AT jtang. Closes bug test: Busybox 1.18.2 apk bug tftp: Closes bug top: By Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag AT dottedmag.

Closes bug udhcp: Added a check udhcp: Closes bug udhcpc: VAL option udhcpc: By Mike Frysinger vapier AT gentoo. Closes bug udhcpd: By Tomas Heinrich heinrich. Closes bug unzip: Use sysconf to trim it down if busybox 1.18.2 apk xargs: By Stefan Seyfried stefan.

busybox 1.18.2 apk