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Do NOT install this version of ClassiPress if you have not yet upgraded your WordPress core to ClassiPress Upgrading from to Categories: ClassiPress, Clipper, JobRoller, Plugins, Vantage Tags: Any , JobRoller , Vantage , Vantage , Vantage On July 21, , ClassiPress was released. This is a major release and customers have the option to upgrade. Fixed 59 tickets total. A break down of. Description: Child Theme for ClassiPress. Author: Seth Carstens. Author URI: http :// Template: classipress. Version: */. Upgrading from to is fairly straight forward for most customers. The only issue that is important to note has to do with your widgets.

ClassiPress is Now Available | AppThemes

The latest and greatest version of your favorite Classified Ads Theme has just been released. You can download it immediately from your customer account dashboard. This patch included over 60 tickets ranging from bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. The most noteworthy change has to do with child themes.

You can override certain functions with your own modified version instead. Seth will be writing a tutorial on how to do this soon. In addition, this sets the stage for an aftermarket of ClassiPress child themes built and contributed by our community. The door is now open for all you developers and we look forward to seeing your child-themes.

An official AppThemes Marketplace will be announced later this year. To see all the changes and which files were affected, take a look at the changelog. Make sure to read the 3. Classipress 3.0.3 a high-level of fixes, check out our previous blog post. The only design change was classipress 3.0.3 the single ad page. Many of you provided us with feedback on this so we listened and added a nice image container box and centered the main image. Here is the before design. And here is the new image classipress 3.0.3 design included in 3.

He spent many long nights working to get it done so classipress 3.0.3 should classipress 3.0.3 thank him! Next on our roadmap is version 3. Launch date is targeted for September or October. I just received the email notification few minutes ago and straight away find the announcement here to see whats new on this update. As always, classipress 3.0.3 has deliver a great job.

Love the new image container design and having an improvement in child themes support. Congrats on the release guys! The improved child themes support is a welcome development. Very excited to see this one in action. Will be upgrading my test server soon. And congrats to Seth. Glad to see you included here. Also VERY excited to see the adoption of full child-theme support.

The door has just been opened…. Glad to be a part of the project in an official capacity. Already have stuff in the works for delta force xtreme 2 demo themes. It also allows custom developers to provide a better service, since they can create a child theme with your mods built-in, allowing you to easily integrate them classipress 3.0.3 your site. Everything seems working ok, the update progress is easy.

My site was upgraded too. Everything looks allright till now. I presume the address is that of the vendor, but when anyone is looking to buy property they are more concerned about where the actual property is located, not the location of the person selling the property unless the person selling the property currently lives in it, which in the above example is clearly not the case!

CP still lacks correct information architecture, i. Will CP 3. As it is now, CP is very limited in that there is no chained fields support and filtering for searches. I hope very classipress 3.0.3 that this functionality comes to CP so I can start a site with purchase.

Appreciate any feedback on the matter. What is the point of Peter showing a map at all? If the Google map is displaying a location near Hamburg in Germany for classipress 3.0.3 property listed in Portugal, then you I can see many well informed people leaving the site completely. The first premium child theme is now available. It uses new 3. You must own a copy of ClassiPress before inquiring on how to purchase the premium mod, so get your copy today! Three things come to mind: Nearly all the showcase sites nearly time out before loading and they have hardly any ads in them — I might expect this if classipress 3.0.3 were thousands of ads.

Most importantly: Customer A places ad: Customer B places ad: I operate a couple of class ad sites. Some people use the same headline which would end up as being the same permalink url. Can you modify the permalink structure to list article id and have it trail the headline of the url? All in one SEO: Serious inquiry. I was reading their classipress 3.0.3 logs and noticed that much of the script seems to be the same as the Classipress. If it is, you may want to check them out and use the solutions there to add those features to Classipress.

That site you mentioned is an unauthorized fork of ClassiPress. We tried contacting him a while back but classipress 3.0.3 never responded. The classipress 3.0.3 load fine for me. Not everyone has a need for tons of classified ads. Yes, you can have a different permalink structure that includes the post id or category name. In your example, there mp3 ost yoo hee the witch online never be a classipress 3.0.3 with two duplicate permalinks.

WordPress is smart enough to prevent that from happening. Try it yourself. The second post will include a -2 at the end of the url. By David Jul 22nd, Your rating: Comments Thanks David, and thanks Seth! Jul 22, at 4: Khairulazmi Mohamed Khair. Jul 26, at 6: Glad you like the update. We do our best to keep our customers in the loop.

Jul 26, at Jul 22, at 6: The door has just been opened… TroyD Like. Jul 22, at 9: Jul 23, at Well done guys! Juice by u! Jul 22, at Thanks Like. Jul 23, at 3: Carlos Takemura. There is no ability to filter by geographical location. Also, I just looked at classipress 3.0.3 following listing: Jul 26, at 1: His site looks pretty good to me.

Jul 26, at 5: Jul 27, at Jul 28, at 2: How does this function work? Just wondering! Jul 24, at 9: Albert Adaikkalam.

Yes, its finally here. I know you all have been anxiously awaiting some guidance on creating a child theme. This first part of the tutorial will cover the basics. When you have completed this, your classipress 3.0.3 navigator should look something like this. Modify that file, adding following code:. You will also notice classipress 3.0.3 import after the comments. This is to include all of the original styles in the child theme.

Please note we added the red. Now we are going to make some classipress 3.0.3 changes to the stylesheet.

The last thing you are going to do openccsensors tekkit upload your child theme. You need to have a basic understanding of FTP in order to transfer your child theme folder into your themes folder on the server. Another option is to use the wordpress wp-admin pages to upload your child theme, but it is not encouraged or recommended if you plan to modify your files often.

You will then activate the child theme as shown. You have just created your first ClassiPress child theme! Here is a preview of what the tutorial creates click to zoom:. Here is what the final result should look like.

Notice the black background color which is the css change you added. This concludes Part 1 updated of getabstract child theme tutorial.

Why Us? August 4th Child Theme for ClassiPress Author: Theme Name: ClassiPress classipress 3.0.3 Child Theme. Theme URI: Child Theme for ClassiPress. Seth Carstens. Author URI: Bookmark the permalink. Search for: Tags 2. Articles Keywords 2. Sethmatics Inc.

classipress 3.0.3

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GASMILLA ABOODATOI INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC YOUTUBE Why Us? Please note we added the red. It wasn't caching the page which showed "Webpage has expired" message. Theme Name: Sign up. You must now re-save your permalinks before your site will work classipress 3.0.3
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