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Find Journey to the West at Google Books This abridged edition captures the novel's intimate and unsparing view of how power is wielded, how diplomacy is. He floated on over the Western Ocean till he came to the Western Continent, where he went . Get started on Journey to the West Evergreen Books, China's most popular traditional novel, Journey to the West is the thrilling story of the Monkey King and his epic quest, with his trusted companions, to redeem. journey to the west book pdf

Chapter 22, where Sha Wujing is introduced, also provides a geographical boundary, as the river that the journey to the west book pdf cross brings them into a new "continent". Chapters 23—86 take place in the wilderness, and consist of 24 episodes of varying length, each characterised by a different magical monster or evil magician.

Throughout the journey, the four brave disciples have to fend off attacks on their master and teacher Xuanzang from software for mobile htc m8 monsters and calamities.

Some of the monsters turn out to be escaped celestial beasts belonging to Bodhisattva or Taoist sages and deities. In chapter 87, Xuanzang finally reaches the borderlands of India, and chapters 87—99 present magical adventures in a somewhat more mundane though still exotic setting. Part IV. Chapter The return journey to the Tang Empire and the aftermath in which each traveller receives a reward in the form of posts in the bureaucracy of the heavens.

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Chapters — Part II. Through his early biography and the background to his great journey. Part III. Episodes consist of journey to the west book pdf chapters and usually involve Xuanzang being captured and having his life threatened while his disciples try to find an ingenious and often violent way of liberating him.

Although some of Xuanzang's predicaments are political and involve ordinary human beings, they more frequently consist of run-ins with various demons, many of whom turn out to be earthly manifestations of heavenly beings whose sins will be negated by eating the flesh of Xuanzang or animal-spirits with enough Taoist spiritual merit to assume semi-human forms.

He appears right away in chapter The most intelligent and violent of the disciples, he is constantly reproved for his violence by Xuanzang.

Ultimately, he can only be controlled by a magic gold ring that Guanyin has placed around his head, which causes him unbearable headaches when Xuanzang chants the Ring Tightening Mantra. A reliable fighter, he is characterised by his insatiable appetites for food and women, and is constantly looking journey to the west book pdf a way out of his duties that causes significant conflict with Sun Wukong. He is a quiet but generally dependable and hard-working character who serves as the straight foil to the comic relief of Sun and Zhu.

He was saved by Guanyin from execution to stay and wait for his call of duty. He appears first in chapter 15 but has almost no speaking role as throughout the story he mainly appears as a horse that Xuanzang journey to the west book pdf on. Part IV Chapter The return journey to the Tang Empire and the aftermath in which each traveller receives a reward in the form of posts in the bureaucracy of the heavens. Identifier TheJourneytotheWest.

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