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Brixia Moto Brescia, vendita online accessori ricambi scooter moto COPPIA FARI DAYLIGHT DRL DAY LIGHT LUCI LED SMD 12V K [LEDSMD5W]. Speedfight 2 50cc - cc B NRG Extreme T5 Vespa ET 4 Vespa PX CALIFORNIA SPECIAL CALIFORNIA MOTO GUZZI STONE portatarga plate support catadiottro con supporto catadiottro retroreflector and cromato / chrome. logo I Ricambi della Vespa. ancora solo €. Spedizione . Are you looking for Vespa spare parts? Please enter the data of your Vespa Find the spare part that. Piaggio Vespa 50 Special 50n Special. VIN series: V5A2T, V5B1T, V5B3T. Years made: , , , , , , , , , ,

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To mark the occasion, Piaggio Ape owners portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 invited. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the Vespa line of scooters.

For other uses, see Vespa disambiguation. The name means wasp in Italian. Contents1 History1. Piaggio emerged from the conflict with its Pontedera fighter plane plant demolished by bombing. Italy's crippled economy portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 the disastrous state of the roads did not assist in the re-development of the automobile markets. Enrico Piaggio, the son of Piaggio's founder Rinaldo Piaggio, decided to leave the aeronautical field in order to address Italy's urgent need for a modern and affordable mode of transportation for the masses.

Design[edit] Piaggio MP5 'Paperino', the initial Piaggio prototypeInPiaggio engineers Renzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini designed a motorcycle with bodywork fully enclosing the drivetrain and forming a tall splash guard at the front. In addition to the bodywork, the design included handlebar-mounted controls, forced air cooling, wheels of small diameter, and a tall central section that had to be straddled.

Officially known as the MP5 'Moto Piaggio no. He portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 aeronautical engineer Corradino D'Ascanio, to redesign the scooter. Portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 wheel was driven directly from the transmission, eliminating the drive chain and the oil and dirt associated with it. The prototype had a unit spar frame with stress-bearing steel outer panels.

The MP6 design also included a single sided front suspension, interchangeable front and rear wheels mounted on stub axles, and a spare wheel. Other features of the MP6 were similar to those on the Paperino, including the handlebar-mounted controls and the enclosed bodywork with the tall front splash guard.

The original Vespa featured a rear pillion seat for a passenger, or optionally a storage compartment. The original front protection 'shield' was a flat piece of aero metal; later, this developed into a twin skin to allow additional storage behind the front shield, similar to the glove compartment in a car. The fuel cap was located underneath the hinged seat, which saved the cost of an additional lock on the fuel cap or need for additional metal work on the smooth skin.

The twistgrip-controlled gear change involved a system portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 rods. The early engine had no forced-air cooling, but fan blades were soon attached to the magneto-flywheel which houses the points and generates electricity for accessories and for the engine's spark to push air over the cylinder's cooling fins.

The modern Vespa engine is still cooled this way. The MP6 prototype had large grilles on the front and rear of the rear fender covering the engine. This was done to allow air in to cool the engine, as the prototype did not have fan cooling. A cooling fan similar to that used on the MP5 'Paperino' prototype was included in the design of the production Vespa, and the grilles were removed from the fender.

The application documents referred to a 'model of a practical nature' for a 'motorcycle with rationally placed parts and elements with a frame combining with mudguards and engine-cowling covering all working parts', of which 'the whole constitutes a rational, comfortable motorcycle offering protection from mud and dust without jeopardizing requirements of appearance and elegance'. The patent was approved the following December.

The first 13 examples appeared in springand revealed their aeronautical background. In the first examples, one can recognize the typical aircraft technology.

Attention to aerodynamics is evident in all the design, in particular on the tail. It was also one of the first vehicles to use monocoque construction where the body is an integral part of the chassis. The company was aiming to manufacture the new Vespa in large numbers, and their longstanding portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 experience led to an efficient Ford-style volume production line.

The scooter was presented to the portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 at Rome Golf Club, where journalists were apparently mystified by the strange, pastel coloured, toy-like object on display. However, the road tests were encouraging, and even with no rear suspension the machine was more manoeuvrable and comfortable to ride than a traditional motorcycle.

Following its public debut at the Milan Fair, the first fifty sold slowly. With the introduction of payment by installments, sales took off. Sales and development[edit] Original Vespa with attached sidecarPiaggio sold some 2, Vespas inover 10, in20, inand over 60, in InJohn Wayne dismounted his horse in favor of the two-wheeler to originally get between takes on sets.

William Wyler filmed Ben Hur in Rome inallowing Charlton Heston to abandon horse and chariot between takes to take a spin on the Vespa.

By the mids, Vespas were being manufactured under licence in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain; in the s, production was started in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Byone million had been sold, then two million by By the s, the Vespa—originally conceived as a utility vehicle—had come to symbolize freedom and imagination, and resulted in further sales boosts: Improvements were made to the original design and new models were introduced. The Vespa had rear suspension and a bigger engine.

The headlamp was moved up to the handlebars in and had more engine power and a restyled rear fairing. A cheaper spartan version was also available. T5 Millennium from dsp by proakis and manolakis PX seriesVespas came in two sizes, referred to as 'largeframe' and 'smallframe'.

Starting inan 80cc version was available as well. Piaggio then reintroduced portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 PX and models in The smallframe evolved into the PK range in the early s, although some vintage-styled smallframes were produced for the Japanese market as late as the mids. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message In Piaggio came under the control of the Agnelli family, the owners of car maker Fiat S. In Morgan Grenfell Private Equity petralingua movies Piaggio, but a quickly hoped-for sale was dashed by a failed joint venture in China.

Bythe company found itself close to bankruptcy. Continual management changes and great sums spent on many different plans and products had saddled Piaggio with debt and left it vulnerable to competition from aww man future instrumental s Asian rivals.

Despite this, the brand was still well-known and products like the Vespa ET4 were gaining positive publicity. Chief executive Rocco Sabelli redesigned the factory to Japanese principles so that every Piaggio scooter could be made on any assembly line. Inthe company introduced a gas-electric hybrid scooter and a scooter with two wheels at the front and one at the back. Re-entry to North America[edit]This section does not cite any sources. Inthe PX model year was re-introduced to North America to meet market demand for the classic Vespa design.

A shortage of available parking for automobiles in large urban areas and the Vespa's low running costs are two reasons for the increase in Vespa and other scooter popularity. In contrast, the Vespa is considered a utilitarian vehicle for hauling products and sometimes up to 5 family members in much of Asia and MexicoThis resurgence in interest in vintage motor scooters has also spawned a scooter restoration industry, with many restored Vespas being exported from Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to the rest of the world.

The permanent exhibition includes those items which toured venues such as the Guggenheim in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The appeal of the Vespa to the style-conscious mods was the weather protection. Their counterparts, the rockers rode classic British motorcycles such as Triumph Bonneville and BSAs, and needed to wear leathers against the elements. Mods would modify their Vespas, adding lights, mascots, accessories, various racks and crash bars.

A new lifestyle evolved in the UK, with thousands attending scooter images wikimedia commons video. The dominance of the Vespa declined through the s, as small car ownership increased and cheap and reliable commuter bikes like the Honda Super Cub hit sales.

Despite the introduction of the more modern 'P' range in the s, the lack of development cost Vespa, and like other markets, the sales fell off drastically in the economic boom of the s. Then Vespa introduced the trendy automatic ET2, the city of London introduced the congestion charge and—partly with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's indirect help from his BBC2 TV series—sales suddenly leapt.

These were the premier brands of scooters, bringing premium pricing to many, including farmers, whose link to the outside world was via purchases made in portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 catalogues. Cushman sold rebadged Vespa scooters as Cushmans, but many Cushman dealers refused to market a 'foreign' machine. However, collectors prize the Cushman Vespa because it is relatively rare. Two expensive product-liability lawsuits, increased competition from Japanese scooters, and certain states' passing so-called 'green laws' led to the bankruptcy of Vespa's American importer and the withdrawal of Vespa from the US market in late Duringdespite an absence of United States domestic sales, Vespas continued to have a core group of enthusiasts who kept vintage scooters on the road by rebuilding, restoring, and adding performance-enhancing engine parts as the stock parts would wear out.

Vespa sales in the U. The 65 'Vespa Boutiques' scattered throughout the U. InVespa reintroduced a modernized PX to the U.

Vespa in business modeVespa scooters were sold beyond Europe and North America. When expanding into these markets it was common for Vespa to partner with, or license certain models to, existing manufacturers. India[edit]Piaggio first licensed the production of Vespa scooters in India to Bajaj Auto in the s. InPiaggio's license was not renewed as a part of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's privatization programs.

After the collaboration ended, Bajaj continued to produce portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 based on the Vespa design, namely the Chetak. Beginning as a joint-venture with Piaggio inLML, in addition to being a large parts supplier for Piaggio, produced the P-Series scooters for the Indian market. Inafter protracted dispute with Piaggio, LML bought back Piaggio's stake in the company and the partnership ceased. Piaggio unveiled its range of scooters at the Expo. This became the first such venture of Piaggio in India without a local partner.

Between andit produced Vespas under licence for the Indonesian market. Government tax incentives allowed these scooters to be exported to Thailand at less than the domestic market price, so that they would be economically competitive. From onwards the company was located at a purpose-built factory in Pulo Gadung.

This was greatly expanded in to also manufacture sub-components, following a government decree that a higher domestically-built proportion of these should be used. Portatarga cromato vespa 50 special 1972 were also bought from other Indonesian manufacturers after their quality had been approved by Piaggio.

InTaiwan Vespa Co. Ltd was licensed for Vespa scooter production. From toVespa entered into a collaboration with scooter manufacturer PGO. InVespa entered into a collaboration with TGB, which to some extent, continues to this day namely with CVT transmission production.

United Kingdom[edit]Inthe financially troubled motorcycle manufacturer Douglas started production of Piaggio licensed Vespa scooters in Bristol, with a market to include some Commonwealth countries as well as the UK Westinghouse took over Douglas inand while motorcycle production was stopped inVespa production in Britain continued until Douglas failed to meet the production numbers hoped for by Piaggio, though after production ceased inDouglas remained the UK importer for Vespa scooters until its demise in

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