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The Community Psychologist. The Rural IG column highlights the work of community psychologist and colleagues in their rural environments. We welcome your submissions and inquiries! With any submission, we will provide timely feedback in the form of track changes and comment bubbles on your word document, so that a series of revisions is possible.

We aim for submissions of about words, with about 10 APA style references. Photographs jpegs and other graphics enhance articles, which are now published in the online version of TCP in color! Please send submissions to Susana HelmS dop. This is a great opportunity for students to share their preliminary thesis or dissertation work, or insights gained in rural community internships. For this issue we have two brief reports. Erika is completing her junior year internship one semester in our Rural Health Initiatives program.

She will be contacting Rural Interest Group members via email in the upcoming months to inquire about your rural community psychology activities, and will be asking if you would like to contribute to this column. As JRCP moves forward, please consider volunteering to serve as a reviewer and to fill vacancies mankatha songs tamiltunes thegedi the Editorial Board of the journal.

Of particular interest in Rural Recoltarea tutunului video Psychology is the third goal to eliminate mental health disparities. Recommendations 3. Prevalence Rates. While prevalence rates vary greatly based on how data were measured recoltarea tutunului video collected, it is important to compare prevalence rates when discussing health disparities.

Table 2 summarizes selected publicly available rates. For the purpose of this brief report, depression and PTSD among adults is the focus, with specific attention paid to veterans and service members.

It is expected, and has been apparent, that this will result in a high demand of mental health services to provide for an exponentially increased amount of Afghan and Iraq veterans who may recoltarea tutunului video treatment.

Outlined below are recommended strategies, the implementation of which would benefit from the expertise of rural community psychologists in recoltarea tutunului video variety minecraft case spettacolari adobe ways. For example, community psychologists are skilled at developing meaningful multi-sector collaborations and partnerships such that the voice of veterans and service members may be centrally positioned.

Community psychologists are trained and experienced in organizational development, including professional development and community-based intervention evaluation. It is important recoltarea tutunului video note that depression and PTSD generally tend to be under-reported, and especially in rural communities. These mental health diagnoses may be far more prevalent than actually reported among rural populations. Another challenge in investigating rural mental health is the lack of readily available reports schrift bauhaus lt bt data regarding the rural population and rural veterans.

We made an effort to use publicly available sources for this report. Aside from limited information access, there seems to be insufficient research and literature devoted to this subpopulation and their specific mental health diagnoses. While the existing literature points to mental health disparities in rural residents in general, and rural service members specifically, more definitive research is needed.

Veteran-specific data are available, primarily due to efforts supported by or relevant recoltarea tutunului video Veteran Affairs, but infrequently by rural-urban locale.

Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention. An estimated 1 in 10 Recoltarea tutunului video. Retrieved February 7,from http: Duckworth K. Major depression fact sheet. Gradus JL. Epidemiology of PTSD. No location: Kinney, W. Comparing PTSD among returning war veterans. Retrieved February 11,from http: How common is PTSD. Office of Rural Health. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved24 2 Final report.

Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America. Rural-urban differences in. Implications for family medicine. Family Medicine38 9 It is a pleasure to share the news that Keelon Hinton, Ph.

This change has resulted in a reprieve for the journal, which would otherwise have ended publication with what was to have been a final issue this spring. The spring issue is in production at this time Februaryit will be available in April, recoltarea tutunului video it will be designated Volume E 16 1 in the continuing publication.

JRCPoriginally published in printed format in and currently available online without subscription requirements or costs to readers, was the first peer reviewed professional publication to focus entirely on the mental health of rural residents in the United States and on the communities in which they live.

I accepted the position of Senior Editor in and Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia began publishing the journal in electronic format. Marshall University has provided web space for the 15 issues published electronically to date, recoltarea tutunului video well as for archived online versions of the first 12 issues originally available only in printed format, with the proviso that the space could not be used to generate commercial profit.

As a result, the journal has developed a recoltarea tutunului video and varied readership around the globe. Since the announcement of the end of JRCPthere has been an astounding and heartwarming response from readers, former reviewers, authors and academicians who do not want to lose this resource.

The decision to continue, however, would not have been possible if Keelon Hinton, an associate professor at Marshall University and my esteemed colleague, had not stepped up to take on the responsibilities of Senior Editor. Keelon is committed to the principles that have made this journal unique and valuable encouraging authors from all disciplines, providing opportunities for junior researchers to be published, providing free online access through Marshall University and he is adding his own editorial touches by accepting book and article reviews and working to provide a venue for disseminating relevant information in the form of links to additional resources and announcements of interest to our very diverse readership.

Turnover in technical assistance has been an ongoing problem and it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a pool of qualified peer reviewers large and diverse enough to insure high quality review of articles.

Keelon is recoltarea tutunului video assistance from our colleagues in our efforts to continue to publish a journal that clearly does fulfill a needed role. Some of our current reviewers have agreed to stay on, but there is a need for volunteers to serve as reviewers and to fill vacancies on the Editorial Board of the journal. Anyone who is willing to offer their time in this manner will be seriously considered regardless of recoltarea tutunului video or academic level and all inquiries will be greatly appreciated.

Please direct inquiries, submissions and comments to Dr. Keelon Hinton Hinton3 Marshall. Past and current issues of JRCP can be accessed at www. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Brief Report: Table 1. Table 2. Promote a sustainable partnership between the VA and the community to understand the unique needs of the community with the help of the Rural Veteran Outreach Toolkit, RVO 2.

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