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Current outage map for Smite. @SafariSMITE @smitegame i'm a pc player affected by the log-in bug, and i can't log into the website either. Feb. 13, Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed . @SMITEGame have u fixed the problem about some people not getting. Join a clash of the gods in legendary online battle arena SMITE on PlayStation 4. The error appears after the game launches and the client displays the “Smite is waiting for verification” message and it just stands there for a. Current outage map for Smite. @SafariSMITE @smitegame i'm a pc player affected by the log-in bug, and i can't log into the website either. Feb. 13, smite game error

No problems detected at Smite. At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Smite. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments. Why is Smite the only moba that doesn't have duo queuing. A few games all of the AI took smite and I don't know if they smite game error use their spells anyways. Also there is a glitch where the AI get stuck walking back and forth behind the enemy turret. HiRezStudios When I launch Smite it keep prompting me to make a new account, but won't let me log in to my previous accounts.

I don't want to have to buy the god pack again. It's just the right size. The real issue here is Sony playing favorites with who to let crossplay or not. Just like the OP said. You're blowing this topic way out of proportion, you all are. What's the point of having a discussion if you're just going to exaggerate and down play real issues.

Every day you guys go under maintenance and it just gets worse and we get nothing out of this. SMITEGame I sent in a support ticket my response was to keep up to date with the social media pages about this matter suturas en periodoncia pdf addressed, smite game error I came here and saw that Smite was being updated to fix pranayame ithile mp3 s issue today, which obviously isn't fixed and now i'm being ignored.

I've spent hundreds on Smite over the years and I feel like some of the same bugs are in the game that were here from the beginning when I started. Some of the same server issues. Controller disconnects randomly. I could go on and on and on. ForHonorGame may smite game error its issues, but anyone can see that the development team is at least trying.

At least throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. I've got invites for joining a Clan and I can't decline them because the buttons are not working. I'm on Xbox and it needs to be fixed. Btw 4 times fixing the cross play sucks. Find and fix it. Thank you for the feedback and explanation of what was being done HiRezStudios Support when I brought up Smite issues via ticket labelled feedback: Games unplayable! Fix it! Aight we'll fix it. Messing with code means things will randomly break.

So the commendation system is fixed but the reporting system is broken. I rather have broken commendation system rather then not being able to report! Idk what the issue with merc is but they dont publicize it for obvious reasons. If you toggle with that, it should fix this for you.

This is a temporary workaround while we fix it. People were hopeful with project olympus. This is a forehead start to it The sheer performance issues and lack of animation consistency has caused my team to put the game down. Atleast bring back duo Q. You cant be mad for smite having bugs then when the try to fix it you complain about servers being down. SMITEGame Day smite game error of tweeting at Smite to tell them their submit a ticket function does not work and asking for an alternate way to address my issue.

And the matchmaking doesn't smite game error fix if they smite game error do something about it. Holy crap does the matchmaking suck.

But they are greedy af. Wish they kept to their season 2 practices. Even if you have shit set to Xbox Only and Console only it sticks pc players in. My fix for role queue: I play whatever role I want and just let everyone else deal with it. Trust me, you dont want me in the jungle. You seem to forget, smite game error. Your issues only affect the low and mid bloods. Smite game error have no concern for the hemospectrum until it starts concerning me.

ShotgunJunky Sounds good on paper but could cause problems where other players buy the support item, preventing the support to purchase it. Doesn't have a summoner spell anchor to it either e. My account still banned for no reason whatsoever ever.

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Learn More. Home Companies Smite game error. Is Smite down? Report a Problem. Anticappella album s Past Issues. Most Reported Problems: Sign in Smite Outage Smite game error The most recent outage reports and issues originated from: Full Outage Map.

Smite Comments Tips? Share them here. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code. Smite Issues Reports Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media: Smite Most Common Errors List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes: Please let us know what issue you are experiencing with Smite: Having issues? Send your complaints or troubleshoot here: Smite status in other countries. Tweets by smitegame. After being separated from each other… 9 hours ago.

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