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Apr 16, Then it's probable you should compromise on your font choice. Or this might be a good opportunity to teach a young person about the value of. The Snell Roundhand font family was developed by Matthew Carter in This connecting script was based on the roundhand script of Charles Snell, a writ. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

Copyright c Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Copyright c Typodermic Fonts. This font is not snell roundhand font distributable. Visit typodermic. Please read the current Typodermic Fonts license agreement at http: This end user Snell roundhand font Agreement hereinafter Agreement is a legal agreement between you, or, if you represent a legal entity, that legal entity hereinafter You and Type-Together hereinafter TTand is applicable to the Font Software that is accompanied by this Agreement or that you have ordered online.

By downloading the Font Software or opening the package, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not download, install, or use the Font Software. If you have purchased a License to use the Font Software in a sealed retail package and do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, return it unopened to the place of purchase.

You are bound by the Agreement and you acknowledge that all Use as defined herein of the Font Software as defined herein supplied to you by TT is governed by the Agreement.

Font Software means coded software that generates typeface designs when used with the appropriate hard- and software plus any and all other data including documentation provided with such software.

Licensed Unit means an installation of the Font Software that allows up to five 5 concurrent users and any amount of output devices to use it at a single geographic location. A single geographic location is in particular the site of your place of business. The color morale saviorself mp3 geographic restriction does not apply to portable computers if they are owned by you. If you require font software to be used by more than 5 users, you need to purchase a license extension.

Commercial Product means a product e. This non-exclusive license grants you to use font software in a Licensed Unit for your own personal or internal business purposes according to the terms of this Agreement. You have no rights to the Font Software other than as expressly set forth in the Agreement. You agree that TT owns all right, title and interest in and to the Font Software, its structure, organization, code, and related files, including all property rights therein snell roundhand font as copyright, design and trademarks rights.

You agree that the Font Snell roundhand font, its structure, organization, code, and related files are valuable property of TT and that any intentional Use of the Font Software not expressly permitted by the Agreement constitutes a theft of valuable property.

All rights not expressly granted in the Agreement are expressly reserved to TT. You may not use the Font Software to electronically distribute a Commercial Document without a separate license from TT authorizing you to do so.

You may make snell roundhand font copies of the Font Software for archival purposes only, provided that you retain exclusive custody and control snell roundhand font such copies. You may take a digitized copy of the Font Software used in a particular document to a commercial printer or service bureau for outputting this particular document this document may be edited by the printer or service bureau.

In the event of snell roundhand font of the Font Software for other purposes, the printer or service bureau must purchase its own Font Software licenses. You may embed snell roundhand font Font Software in documents either as a rasterized representation of the Font Software e. You may adapt, modify, alter, translate, convert, and install the font software into another format for use in other environments, subject to the following conditions: A computer on which the converted font software is used or installed shall be considered as one of your permitted number of computers.

Use of the font software you have converted shall be pursuant to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Such converted font software may be used for your own customary internal business or personal use exclusively and man not be distributed or transferred for any purpose. You many not modify or remove the name s of the manager get soft software, author's signature, copyright and trademark notices from the original files.

The Font Software may not be snell roundhand font or Used on a server that can be accessed via the Internet or other external network system a system other than a LAN by Workstations which are not part of a Licensed Unit.

Except as granted in 6. Any copy of snell roundhand font Font Software must contain the same copyright, trademark, and other proprietary information as the originals.

You acknowledge that the Font Software is protected by snell roundhand font copyright and other intellectual property law of the United States and its various States, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties.

Any copyright, trademark and other rights belong exclusively to TT, except as expressly provided in 5. You do not gain the ownership of the Font Software under this Agreement. The structure, organization, and the code of the Font Software are trade secrets of Snell roundhand font, and you agree to treat them as such.

You agree to treat the Font Software as you would any other copyrighted material, such as a book. You may not copy the Font Software, except as expressly provided snell roundhand font. Any copies that you are expressly permitted to make pursuant to the Agreement must contain the same copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices that appear on or in the Font Software.

You agree not to create Derivative Works from Font Software or any portion thereof. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, give, lend, or further distribute the Font Software, parts of it, or any copy thereof, except as expressly provided herein. You may transfer all your rights to use the Snell roundhand font Software to another person or legal entity provided that i the transferee accepts and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Agreement, ii you destroy all copies of the Font Software, including all copies stored in the snell roundhand font of a hardware device, and that iii you notify TT about the transfer by submitting the online form located at www.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not distribute or disseminate all or any part of the Font Software through any online service.

Limited warranty. For a period of ninety 90 days after delivery, TT warrants that the font software will perform in accordance with its documentation. To make a warranty claim, you must return the Font Software to the location from which you obtained it along with a copy of your sales receipt within such ninety 90 day period.

The entire, exclusive, and cumulative liability and remedy shall be limited to the refund of the license fee you paid to TT to obtain delivery of the Font Software. Neither the warranty nor technical support do not apply to any font software converted or modified by the user.

Disclaimer of warranties. Active Images Font License AgreementPlease read this license agreement carefully before youinstall your fonts. If you donot accept the terms and conditions of this license, do notinstall the fonts in question. Wegrant you, and you accept, a non-exclusive license to usethe electronically transferred fonts, but you are snell roundhand font theowner of them. Your right to use the fonts snell roundhand font thislicense agreement is called the license.

By fonts, we referto the electronically transferred fonts and any embodimentor use that you make of the fonts in any form. With fewexceptions: Additional licenses are available on a ratioof 5 CPUs to 1 output device.

Call us if you are not clearon whether you require additional licenses. Any otherduplication or use by any other person or entity constitutessoftware piracy, a criminal offense.

Active Images warrants the magnetic media to be free fromphysical defects for 90 days, after purchase. Active Imageswill replace the disk free of charge should it fail withinthis time. These fonts are sold for use only on the computerplatform indicated on the packaging.

Use of these fonts onany platform other than that for which it was originallyintended is not recommended and invalidates any warranty. Active Images reserves the right to terminate this Licenseat any time and void your license if you fail to comply withthe terms and conditions of this License. If you have any questions about the License Agreement, ourreturn policy, security and on-line ordering, or anythingelse, please feel free to contact us atorders comicbookfonts.

Aachen is a trademark of International Typeface Corporation and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Copyright Copyright of International Typeface Corporation. All rights reserved. This typeface is original artwork of Jim Wasco. The design may be protected in certain jurisdictions.

Jim Wasco from the Monotype Design Studio expanded the existing placement papers of persistent sore typefaces into a big family with a total of 18 styles, which can be used for a lot of different designing proposes. You have obtained this typeface software either directly from ITC or together with software distributed by one of the licencees of ITC.

This software is a valuable asset of ITC. Unless you have entered into a specific license agreement granting you additional rights, your use of this software is limited to use on up to five 5 workstation for your own publishing use.

You may not copy or distribute this software. If you have any questions concerning your rights you should review the license agreement you received with the software or contact ITC for a copy of the license agreement. General information: SnellRoundhand BlackScript. Snell -- Roundhand -- Black -- Script. Download Format. The latest addition icons More The latest addition fonts More Copyright Copyright c by Gilles Le Corre. Description http: Packages BulltoadWSmile.

Copyright Copyright c Typodermic Fonts. License Please read the current Typodermic Fonts license agreement at http: Copyright Copyright c by TypeTogether. Description Copyright c by TypeTogether. License This end user License Agreement hereinafter Agreement is a legal agreement between you, or, if you represent a legal entity, snell roundhand font legal entity hereinafter You and Type-Together hereinafter TTand is applicable to the Font Software that is accompanied by this Agreement or snell roundhand font you have ordered online.

Packages Snell roundhand font. Copyright Copyright c Active Images, License Active Images Font License AgreementPlease read this license agreement carefully before youinstall your fonts. Packages GeogrotesqueWThin. Trademark Geogrotesque is a trademark of Eduardo Manso. Copyright Copyright c by Eduardo Manso. Description Copyright c by Eduardo Manso.


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