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6 hari yang lalu Free Bakuretsu Hunters End Sequence Download Mp3 ○ Free Mp3 Ending Theme: "Mask" by Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura Genres. Download. 【爆れつハンター】 WHAT'S UP GUYS? (カラオケ) mp3. Quality: Good Download. Sorcerer Hunters Show mp3. Quality: Good Download. MASK 爆. MP3s I Have. This is the complete list of MP3s I've collected to date on July 7, They're sorted in . Mask Masami Okui Sorcerer Hunters Masking Pleasure. And MP3s on my computer. Thats it As well as several hundred random MP3s. .. Sorcerer Hunters - What's up Guys c/w Mask (single) "WHAT'S UP GUYS? / MASK" is a single released for the Bakuretsu Hunter anime. The song "WHAT'S UP GUYS?" was used as the series opening theme song.

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Akahori and Omishi also published Sorcerer Hunters Speciala one-volume story set sometime after the series' conclusion. Sorcerer Hunters is set on the Spooner Continent, where the populace is divided into two groups: Marked by the triangles on their foreheads, many Sorcerers dominate, exploit, torment, murder, and enslave the Parsoners of the Spooner Continent.

The Sorcerer Hunters are a group of warriors who protect humans from the Sorcerers. They are under the command of a holy woman who goes by the name of "Big Mama", the head of the popular Stella Church, who seeks to protect Parsoners from the gifted Sorcerers who have chosen to abuse their powers. The plot focuses on the adventures of a small family group of Sorcerer Hunters, including the Glace Brothers Carrot and his younger brother Marrontheir childhood friends, the Misu Sisters Tira and her older sister Chocolaand Gateau Mocha.

Family La Familia is one of the story's main themes, playing a very important role throughout the manga. Almost all character names are puns on the names of foods, particularly pastries.

For example, one entire chapter is a dedicated parody of the popular Iron Chef cooking show. The primary protagonist and the de facto leader of the Sorcerer Hunters, Carrot is an apparently powerless boy who carries a longswordbut almost never uses it due to extreme imprecision.

However, he does have one ace in the hole. When he comes into contact with a Sorcerer's magic, his Aranju and Zoanthropy activate one of his 12 beast genes and transform him into a giant, out-of-control monster. It takes Tira Misu to bring him back to his normal state in the animated series; in the manga, she wears Carrot's monster form down while his brother Marron pulls the magic out of Carrot.

Carrot's forms are based on the animals of the Chinese zodiacand he has been known to transform twice during a fight. Carrot is a lascivious pervert with a sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s libido ; he propositions nearly every woman he sees with either a date or sex. In fact, the only age of empires full version women whom he does not pursue are Tira and Chocola, who really love sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s, and both of them take great offense to Carrot's lustful pursuits.

In his defense, Carrot doesn't view himself as being unfaithful to the Misu sisters; he has a brotherly love for them rather than a romantic type, and he feels uneasy with the notion of being with Tira or Chocola romantically and thus, uses this rationale to chase after other girls. Unfortunately, this doesn't suit very well with the sisters, who sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s he ignores their affections.

As a result, when they are not mc4 suite 2008 battle with sorcerers, Carrot is often the victim of the Misu sisters' barrage of whippings as punishment for his constant infidelity or what they perceive as infidelity towards them, which is another reason Carrot fears both the sisters.

Later in the series, he professes his love to both Sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s and Chocola and even marries Tira at the end of the manga.

However, even though Chocola let sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s sister marry him, she's still bound and determined to bear Carrot's first child. Marron is Carrot's younger brother, although he appears to be older due to his height, as well as his docile, mature manner. Unlike Carrot, Marron is a gentleman. He is an expert practitioner of Eastern style magic, which does not require one to be born a Sorcerer.

He can conjure the Four Symbols. Marron is also a very skilled swordsman, but he rarely uses his sword skills. He sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s pursued by Gateau because of his beauty. Despite being a male he's beautiful enough to catch Gateau's attention. While he seems to mostly ignore Gateau's advances, there is a running gag with his overt, suspicious affection for his older brother, more pronounced in the manga than the anime. Marron is said to be gay but is really more asexual.

Growing up, Carrot always protected Marron from other kids who quick c compiler for windows 7 him on account of his rather feminine looks. Now in their teens, Marron returns the favor by taking out anyone who harms him, his friends, and especially his older brother Carrot. Though powerful, Marron does have some weak points shown better in the manga, such as a total lack of tolerance for alcohol.

He's named after the European confection. His advantage is immense physical strength due to a lifetime of martial arts training; he is also partially immune to magic due to that strength. Gateau's parents were killed sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s Sacher Torte, and his younger sister Eclair was abducted at that time; shortly afterwards, he met Chocola and joined her team. Gateau is excessively macho and also bisexualas shown in the manga by his statement "Beauty transcends gender.

Unlike Carrot, however, Gateau knows when to put his libido in check. Gateau's main hobby is exhibitionismoften stripping to a speedo and posing, accompanied by a cry of "Look at meee! His first name means " cake " in French. She resembles Little Red Riding Hooddressed in an oversized cloak and glasses. She seems very meek and shy, but reveals a bolder side of her personality in combat, pulling away her cloak and revealing her whip and leather Dominatrix gear.

She is very skilled with the whip and is the one who usually beats Carrot down after he transforms, turning him back to human form in the anime. Tira is deeply in love with Carrot, but due to her shy nature she isn't very up front until later in the manga, so her love for Carrot is an open secret.

Tira gets jealous when Carrot lusts after other girls, and along with her sister Chocola, she whips Carrot as punishment for his constant skirt-chasing. Tira even gets miffed when she sees Chocola incessantly flirting with Carrot. In battle, Tira occasionally uses a whip. She also has basic knowledge of Gaia's magic, which is derived from nature; magic she learned from Apricot Glace, though she is only able to heal with it.

Her dominatrix attire in the manga and OVAs is the sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s ensemble consisting of black leather stiletto-heel boots, bustierscorsetsand spiked dog chains. Her anime attire, however, has a more colorful style, consisting of a tight, skimpy, orange and white leotard with an emerald "tie", white gloves and heels.

In the manga, her dominatrix outfit changes often—sometimes even during the same story. In the anime, she appeared in her manga outfit after being reborn.

Chocola is the sexy, straightforward, sometimes high-maintenance, short-tempered and somewhat nymphomaniac older sister of Tira. She is madly in love with Carrot whom she calls "Darling" although sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s have been few times she's called Carrot by name and literally throws herself at him. Often, Carrot is petrified of her and flees from her advances.

Still, she keeps a close bond with Tira, protecting her when it's needed and fighting in her name. She and Gateau are a separate team early in the manga, but eventually all five form a single group. Chocola is a dominatrix like Tira, but is far more violent and savage than her sister, and is also able to turn Carrot back to normal in the anime—after beating him up even harder than Tira.

Her main weapon is her garrote and she is incredibly skilled with it. It's suggested that her character was inspired by Lum from Urusei Yatsura. It consists of a leather cap with the Nazi symbols of the eagle carrying the swastika as well as the Gestapo Death's Headsuspenders that barely cover her ample bust, leather pants and boots her dominatrix attire in the manga and Cardiris 3.5 bcr software is also reminiscent of that worn by Charlotte Rampling in the film The Night Porter.

However, in the anime television series, her attire is more reflective of a biker: At the end of the anime, after being reborn, Chocola appears in her manga outfit with her sister. Even though she loves Carrot sincerely, Chocola is a very jealous girl and is quite vicious and ferocious towards Carrot when she catches him cheating on her, and whips him mercilessly though she is most vicious to those that harm her friends, in particular Tira and Carrot.

Normally, however, she is very amorous and romantic towards him, always smothering him in deep love and affection, which is the reason Carrot keeps sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s distance from her between the two sisters. Oddly enough, her own image in these fantasies show her to be either meek or submissive, which is a big change from what she truly is. At the end of the manga, Chocola allows her sister to marry Carrot, though that doesn't stop her from trying to seduce him and bearing his children.

An important part of the plot is that the five Sorcerer Hunters are reincarnations of five gods. They are:. Big Mama is an imposing being with great magical abilities. Her real name is Kanure Stella and she, alongside Sacher Torte, formed the Sorcerer Hunters, and henceforth dedicated her life to the punishment of evil Sorcerers. The highest sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s of the Sorcerer Hunters, the Haz Knights, are her personal bodyguards.

Also known as Dotta, she is Big Mama's messenger and assistant. She is one of only two survivors of the Winged People. She wears qipaoand usually has her hair up in small buns. The Haz Knights are the most elite Sorcerer Hunters, with amazing powers, augmented by magical armor. Mille is the first to appear in the manga, while the others don't appear until volumes nine, ten and eleven. Also known as Milphey-uy, he is a transvestite who most often acts with Carrot's group and has a thorough knowledge of necromancy and all kind of magic.

His power comes from his Guardian Spirit, the Phoenix. He is pansexual and constantly flings himself at both Onion and Carrot, which draws more ire from Tira and Chocola, and flirts with them, though he's also shown some degree of interest in Gateau and Marron. He is a master of magical chemistry, using test tubes and flasks as powerful magic explosives, as well as for other offensive and defensive uses. A former Haz Knight who left the group to raise a family.

He wields twin axes that can inflict serious damage. He married Apricot Anzu, a fellow hunter and is Carrot and Marron's father. His appearance is very similar to Carrot's, with the addition of a facial scar and a far more muscular body.

After the death of Apricot, it seems he has become as much of a lecher as his oldest son, at times. Of the two he acts as if he dislikes Carrot, though adores Marron for the resemblance to his dead wife. A former Sorcerer Hunteress who can change into her own outfit and uses a knife as well as nature magic.

She was "killed" long ago by the Lord of Darkness Almond Rasseru who possessed her body. However, her soul escaped and inhabited a new one—that of a female artificial human named Mousse. She becomes the head of the Stella Church at the sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s of the manga. She is Onion's wife and the Glace brothers' mother. A sorcerer of noble birth who is after the Crystal Magicians, who kidnapped his Parsoner girlfriend Audrey.

He becomes an ally of the Sorcerer Hunters during the Crystal Magicians' story arc, although Gateau is reluctant to trust him. After sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s Magicians are defeated, he proposes to Audrey and vows to aid the Hunters whenever they ask.

Nicknamed the "Butterfly of Death", Shicho is a kunoichi ally of the Soga Clan who has poison in her blood. A pint-sized sorcerer with a lisp, he looks far more like his father who makes an appearance in the manga. Salad Chips is Potato's short and rather young-looking mother. She is over 30 though looks no more than

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French TV broadcast and Game show. Variety Participate Pictures from Tokyo You are here: Original Soundtrack area files. Ce service respecte le droit d'auteur. Pro Area. Search in this heading: Listen the last 50 entries. My Goddess Music version Vol. My Goddess! My Goddess: My mini-Goddess - - Denwa shite iwa chan - 1st ending Ah!

Kyuukyoku Tetsugaku - Ending Aho Girl!! Love-ge night fever - Opening Akahori gedou hour rabuge - - Nesshou!! Intro Theme: Melon Soda - Ending Akikan! Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta! Soundtrack Fuyu Ban - Amaenaideyotsu!! Outro Theme: G-Revolution - - Go ahead - 1st opening Beyblade: G-Revolution - - Identified - 2nd opening Beyblade: G-Revolution - - Kaze no fuku basho - 2nd ending Beyblade: G-Revolution - - Oh yes!

G-Revolution - - Sign of wish - 3rd ending Beyblade: Dokuro chan! Excess - - Future dream - Ending Burn up! Excess - - Show time! Warrior - - Flash your dream! Leerin Marfes Chuu Bra!! Hangyaku no Lelouch - - Colors - 1st opening karaoke Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - - Hitomi no tsubasa - 3rd opening karaoke Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - - Mosaic kakera - 2nd ending karaoke Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - - Yuukyou seishunka - sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s ending karaoke Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 O.

Revolution - - Fly - Opening Comic party: Gray-man - regret - Regret - sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s Ending Song D. Stand Alone Complex O. Princess Precure - Go! Princess Precure - Miracle Go - opening 1 tvsize Gokujou!! Furefure Ponpon! New Outro Theme: Hayate no Gotoku! New Intro Theme: Shichiten Hakki Shijo Shugi! Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! I, My, Me! No Limit! Girls - Cagayake! Special Life! Character CD: Butler Switch on! Hizamazuku Made 5 Phan mem video mien phi cho iphone Dake!

Theme Song Collection - Kimi ga iru kara. The Sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s Intro theme: Fam, the Silver Wing Intro Theme: Koi, Hajimemashita!

Outro - Koi, Hajimemashita! Outro - LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo! Sailor Fuku - Motteke! Sailor Fuku - Opening theme. Pichi Pichi Pitch - Mermaid Melody: Mou Sukoshi Maho Shojo Magical-tan!

Yasei - Mezamero! Sketch of Nazca - Ai no Fuuga fuge in g minor from j. Music Collection - Dr. Original Soundtrack I Harasho!

Soshite Boku wa. Part 2 - 4th Opening theme Re: Inai sorcerer hunters mask mp3 s Version. On Parade!! Doki - co. Virgin's high! Wa Omatsuri Muudo de Slayers - Get along!! Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? Hyakka Ryoran - Setsujou! Cocoa - Tsuki No Mayu - 2nd ending. Uchiage Hanabi shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?

Wagaya no Oinarisama. Kozue Ayuse - Honey Honey feat. Japan - Yakitate!! Japan Shudaikashu Best Ban! Japan - Shudaikashu Best Ban! Film 2 - Poltergeist Report: Fight for the Netherworld - Yu Yu Hakusho: Question subsidiaire Les noms de mes amis pourraient remplir une boulangerie. Qui suis-je?


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