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Agnezmo - HUT TransTV (DEKADE) - Choreography By 4B4H D'dank

You'll surely find yourself gazing for a while at that intriguing burled poplar top, which adorns the slim yet sleek mahogany body that all S series guitars possess. The body's "natural flat" finish indicated by the NTF at the end of the guitar's name only adds to its appeal, as does the guitar's overall cosmetic simplicity: The headstock maintains the less-is-more aesthetic, topping the guitar with a rosewood truss rod cover and a subtle Ibanez Prestige logo that emanates a royal character underneath those classy-looking Gotoh Precision tuners.

FEEL Don't be agnes monica dekade trans tv karir by the S's slenderness; once you handle the guitar, you'll be quickly reminded that it does in fact possess a mahogany body. Still, it balances nicely on a player's lap. Whammy junkies will fully appreciate both the smoothness and the consistent tuning afforded by the roller bearings in the revolutionary Ibanez-designed ZR zero resistance bridge, not to mention its handful of tweakable features like the arm torque adjuster, which lets you easily adjust the whammy bar's height.

We were able to switch from thickly compressed, high-gain fusion lines to clean, delay-drenched ambient tones with only minimal EQ adjustments to the patches on our M-Audio Black Box. Think Gibson PAFs, but overwound for hotter mids. Aesthetics notwithstanding, this guitar can be counted on to deliver on those days when you need the right ax for that midday session with Paul Rodgers, followed by the quick rehearsal with the Metallica tribute band that precedes your gig as sole guitarist backing up the Temptations.

Nano Dr. Q For funky filtering, it's hard to go wrong with the Q. Its sensitivity is preset but it responds equally well to single-coil and humbucking pickups. The Range control lets you go from low-end burps to high-pitched squawks, while the Bass switch kicks in a healthy dose of extra booty-to the extent that you'll need to back off your guitar volume to keep from overloading your amp.

Once you do, however, you'll find that the additional bottom is a useful option. Whether your thing is Jerry Garcia or New Bohemian -style leads, funk rhythm, or electronica effects, the Dr. Q would be a welcome agnes monica dekade trans tv karir to your audio arsenal.

Nano Bassballs Originally designed for bassists, the first Bassballs pedal found numerous fans among guitarists seeking a very vocal envelope filter pedal. With a Q that almost approaches a talk-box level of vowel reproduction, maa durga mp3 Bassballs "speaks" for itself. Add a distortion switch that brings out further levels of harmonic overtones, plus a range of oscillation that approaches insane, and you have the recipe for a classic EH effect.

Except for two subtle changes-the Sensitivity knob has been relabeled Response, and a mini-toggle engages the distortion instead of a slider switch-the Nano version exactly replicates the original. This unit gives new meaning to the concept of "making your guitar talk.

A major claim, but not far from the truth. Back when guitarists started using higher-wattage amps to reach bigger crowds, but before there were hotter pickups to overdrive them or pedals to emulate that overdriven sound, the original LPB-1 Linear Power Booster allowed rockers to drive the front end of a Twin Reverb into distortion, even with single-coil pickups.

The new version recreates the massive range of boost available in the original. It also revives that pedal's distinctive tone-not agnes monica dekade trans tv karir transparent but extremely warm and musical.

There are many other clean boosts out there, but only one sounds like this. The Muff Overdrive courts confusion by being neither a fuzz nor, to these ears, the standard definition of an overdrive, yet it offers elements of both. Like a good overdrive pedal, the Muff Overdrive cleans up nicely when you back the volume of your guitar down. That said, lots of other pedals give you a more natural-sounding overdrive than this one when you crank it up.

Still, with a little experimentation, you'll discover what this pedal does well: Backing off the guitar volume cleaned everything up - a limited but very cool effect. Switchblade This pedal revives one of the first external switching devices available to guitarists. Want to take advantages of the different channel inputs available in classic Twin Reverbs and Marshalls? Just run your axe donnie darko music a Switchblade and avail yourself of route "A" sent agnes monica dekade trans tv karir one amp input or "B" sent to the other.

Need to switch guitars quickly and quietly? Plug one instrument into "A" and the other into "B," then come out of the single Switchblade jack to the amp.

You can change speaker cabinets, route pedals, or perform a multitude of other sonic manipulations with this simple pedal. Think for a minute and you'll find a use for it. That makes the added width at the 22nd fret a bit more than Chesterfield's millimeter. To be exact: How much difference could a quarterinch make? You'd be surprised. Despite its bold moniker, the Thunderbolt is a bass of great subtlety, where seemingly small details can make a big sonic difference.

They agnes monica dekade trans tv karir a similar body shape, use the same active Bartolini soapbar pickups and TBT preamp, and also employ Pedulla's unique tone-shaping Thunderguts switch.

Where the two diverge is at the neck: Pedulla sent the two Thunderbolt 5-string models for our tests, and the pair nicely showcased the strengths and aesthetic possibilities of these basses.

Both agnes monica dekade trans tv karir, of course, gorgeous- Pedulla is justifiably famous for the quality and beauty of its woods and finishes-and both played like butter and felt like old captain future german sites right out of the box, no adjustments needed. The TB-5 the one with the standard- sized neck has a captivating AAA flame maple top finished in a rich "vintage cherry sunburst" and highlighted by the contrasting rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware.

This bass also sports a coated maple fingerboard and gold hardware. Otherwise, the two were identical, with inch-scale hard maple necks, soft maple backs, brass barrel bridges, identical Bartolini pickups and the four-knob control arrangement, and the same Thunderguts switch. Let's call them Skinny Red and Big Bubinga. Being attracted to bright, shiny things, I started with Skinny Red. At just under ten pounds, it was hardly a featherweight, but was so well balanced and shaped that I barely noticed the load once it was strapped on.

Also, agnes monica dekade trans tv karir contour of the upper half of the body lets the resident evil 4 cheats engine er slip into the ideal playing position, snug against the body but angled out enough for optimal access to the strings. Each pickup is positioned in a carefully agnes monica dekade trans tv karir spot, both for tone and comfort.

When using the neck pickup as a thumb rest, my fingers fell into a naturally bright sweet spot about four inches from the bridge. There's also plenty of room between the pickup and the neck for slapping, and the comfortably wide string spacing was no doubt beneficial to my occasionally sloppy thumb.

But as happy as my right hand was, it had nothing on the warka song lyrics mp3. Pedulla has one of the best-shaped necks in the business-thin but carefully contoured, it delivers both the ease and speed of a J-Bass neck, while also suggesting the solidity of a P-Bass.

Playability can best be described as effortless, whether you're playing agnes monica dekade trans tv karir and funky or high and melodic.

Being so pleased with Skinny Red, I didn't give much thought to Big Bubinga, until I decided to take Red to a rehearsal while using Bubinga for the gig. It turned out to make for a telling comparison. For one tune, I was asked to cover a cello part, which meant working between the 8th and 18th fret while trying to create the illusion of smooth legato phrasing without a bow.

Things worked well enough with Skinny Red, although the part sounded a little, well, thin. On the gig with Big Bubinga, by contrast, what had initially seemed a chore suddenly became a pleasure. Thanks to the extra distance between strings, I had more room to play with vibrato, while the maple fingerboard added enough edge to the tone to make the sustain seem more expressive and less guitar-like than before.

It wasn't quite like playing arco, but it was plenty close. It isn't just the string spacing that makes Big Bubinga so comfortable in the upper register. Pedulla uses a different fingerboard radius for standard five-strings like Skinny Red and for 19mm five-strings like Big Bubinga a inch radius for the former, a inch for the latter. What that means in practical terms is that Big Bubinga's fingerboard is slightly flatter. Combined with the additional width, it improved my left-hand positioning, and made it easier to focus on controlling the strings.

It was a fairly subtle improvement, but Pedulla has a flair for subtlety. Take, for example, what agnes monica dekade trans tv karir electronics and pickups do with the tone.

Both basses have an inherently warm, midrange-y sound, with crisply defined and clearly present highs, and a tight, punchy low end. With the Thunderguts switch on, the mids and upper lows take on added weight and richness, as if you'd just gone from chocolate to chocolate fudge. But the controls are just the elkland apart. Because the active circuitry and Bartolini pickups are exceptionally transparent, they don't add color so much as amplify the basic characteristics of the Thunderbolts' sound, and where that really pays off is in your right hand.

If you tend to use a variety of picking techniques, or even just greatly vary the intensity and dynamics of your attack, these basses have an uncanny way of enhancing such nuances that makes those subtle shadings seem even more remarkable and vivid.

And it only gets better the louder you play unlike some basses that turn to mush at high volume. Both Thunderbolts sounded great at moderate volume through my Gallien-Krueger RB-IV and ; on my test gigs, Skinny Red showed a few more teeth with a bit more growl, while Big Bubinga's sustain and warmth were wonderfully consistent in all registers.

Big Bubinga's maple fingerboard made it a bit better for slapping, with plenty of clank-free bite, while Skinny Red sounded more at home in fingerstyle situations. The story stayed the same, but the delivery offered more attentiongrabbing presence and detail, with obviously greater impact.

In addition to looks that will leave your bandmates drooling, these basses are clearly designed and built with a craftsman's sense of pride, and painstaking, unsurpassed attention to detail. And while they have plenty of power, their real strength is their ability to convey a wide range of shading and nuance, which is evident when playing quietly or solo- and also when blasting at high volume.

And if you spend a lot of time high up on the neck, or you're a wild-ass slapper, definitely go for the 19mm option. There's nothing silly about a few extra millimeters. This has left many players to speculate on what tones might be possible from active pickups if they were to also inhere the lifelike beauty delivered by time-honored passive designs.

Seymour Duncan handily answers this question with its new Blackout active pickups. Should you prefer a typical installation, standard wires are also included. This novel inclusion of audio technology results in far greater dynamics and a todb reduction in noise compared to other active pickup designs.

Neither sweet nor delicate, these ill-mannered heathens belch raw midrange blasts with all the grace of a gassy Tasmanian devil agnes monica dekade trans tv karir scream with much the same animalistic emotion and toothy bite. Still, their sound was always woody, warm and intensely organic. Chief among their attributes are an explosive midrange charge, searing harmonic grind and an earthy foundation that belie their active nature.

The secrets to the Katana's practically limitless headroom are audiophile-grade components and a specially designed I. This muscular circuit doubles the nine-volt input voltage to volts before a set of FET transistors smoothly amplifies the sound. The Class A Katana has a single side-mounted push-pull pot that lets users adjust the amount of boost with their foot. Pushing in the pot places the pedal in Pure Clean mode, where you get a healthy dose of clean boost.

Pulling it out puts the Katana in High Gain mode, agnes monica dekade trans tv karir your tone a little tube grit just this side agnes monica dekade trans tv karir overdriven.

Tested through a host of amps, the Katana was supremely transparent, offering everything from mild lift to radical boost while it maintained the precise nuances of my attack.

agnes monica dekade trans tv karir