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Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about CeCe Winans - Alabaster Box at Discogs. Complete your CeCe Winans collection. Cece Winans - Alabaster Box (CD) available to buy online at bandylegs.de Many ways to pay. Eligible for Cash on Delivery. Hassle-Free Exchanges & Returns. Cece Winans - Alabaster Box (Letra e música para ouvir) - The room grew still / As she made her way to Jesus / She stumbled through the tears that made her. Alabaster Box CeCe Winans Pure Worship (CeCe Winans Presents Pure Worship Performers). For Always - The Best of CeCe Winans. Alone in.

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Alabaster Box ~ Cece Winans (Lyrics In Video)

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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Cece Winans — Alabaster Box lyrics. OK, got it! Add song structure elements.

Swan Song. Ready To Let Go. Who Do You Love. Dumb Blonde. Truely, there are many songs that make me cry each time I listen to them, but the rate cannot be compared to that of "alabaster box" Cece winans alabaster box play this song in doinita flutur trilulilu cell phone wherever I go, and whenever I play it in my house, i'll fall to my knees, lie flat on the floor and weep as I'm singing along, making the song mine and singing it directly to jesus.

And i'll always ask cece winans alabaster box that "if a woman who is considered a prostitute can anoint jesus' feet, what then have i done for jesus". So my own description of this song is that since jesus allowed mary who is a prostitute, someone who is seen as unworthy to touch his holy feet and anoint it, he is therefore ready to accept us irrespective of our past.

As long as we've made up our mind to change and accept him, he also will accept and forgive us. Rather he will accept us and wrap his loving arm around us. There is indeed great anointing in this song. Add your reply. After years of abuse from childhood and into adulthood, and five suicide attempts I cried out to god and asked if he was real and if he would take this depression from me so I could be a mother to my children again I would give him my life.

In an instant I felt a heaviness come off of me and a light peace come into me and that was 16 years cece winans alabaster box and I'm still living my life for my savior, my jesus. Thank you for this song it means sooo much to me! Cherry t. Anytime I read this very scripture, I can't help but pause and ask myself "what gratitude"? How much do we value the saving grace of god.

The sacrifice jesus made for us? Paul said in philippians that "he regarded any other thing as junk for the sake of christ". Cece couldn't have painted the picture more clearly. Cece winans alabaster box time for us to break our alabaster box and let our praise and gratitude climb up to god. It's 1: This song just seems to speak out what my heart feels for Him.

To think that me, a mess, has been given direct access to the very E spanier algebraic topology pdf Room of the One who put the stars in the sky and established the boundaries of the oceans; me a measley human being can go into the Holy of Holies and just revel in His presence and stand under the showers of His overwhelming Love!

What can I say? This absolutely does not make sense! I know it's not much Lord; but once again Lord- here is my heart. You can have it. Use it. Remake it. Cece winans alabaster box keep it. Here Lord, is my Alabaster box. Thank Facebook video plugin for Your Grace.

If it wasn't for the cross. My alabaster box is just all the love in my heart. It's everything that can pour out of my heart. So, I pour my praise and love on the one who has shown me unending and absolute complete love. The one who knows everything about me and loves me and forgives me and gives me hope and a future. No one else's anger or judgment can separate us from loving and praising the lord who deserves our praise. No other song tells about Alabaster Box better than that one.

At least, I don't know any other. But not just the amazing song, but all the comments I read here. It's so beautiful all the comments.

I am Brazilian, and with my heart I understand that song and the comments. Threre's no version for that song in Portuguese, no one could be enough. I love You Christ, and I love the cece winans alabaster box all the people here show their love for you.

I gave birth to twins prematurely 17 years ago today. I didn't know where my life was headed. I sat in a rocking chair between two incubators wondering how I was going to do all of this. I got in my car that night, praying even though I didn't realize I was praying. Your song cece was on the radio. I couldn't move as I knew immediately I was in his presence.

I had his full attention and I was not worthy. I cece winans alabaster box always stopped when I hear this song to remind my cece winans alabaster box 2in1 2go version 1 only jesus knows the cost of my oil and loves me no matter what.

Thank you for sharing your gift over and over again. He has done so much for me and all he asked in return is my praise and worship unto him. I love him so much and because of his love I can love others. This song is a powerful love loco de romeo santos y enrique iglesias unto jesus.

Cece winans alabaster box alabaster box contained extremely, expensive, perfumed oil which mary magdalene used to pour over jesus' feet, then wiped them with her hair. Alabaster in those days was made of gypsum a hydrous sulfate of cece winans alabaster box which crafters used to make small perfume boxes, ornaments, tombs, vases, chalices and many other items. The expression of this act that mary did was in gratitude for what jesus did which was to cast out the demons from her. What would you do to repay jesus for delivering you from prostitution?

I know that if I was mary and had the precious oil or ointment, I would have done the same thing. Praise jesus for his love and compassion and for not judging a prostitute that should have been stoned but set free by the grace of god. Is it any wonder she was blinded by her tears. Alabaster was used in those ancient days to hold many valuable oils and items.

To me, it simply means, the love christ cece winans alabaster box for us is able to overlook all our mistakes and embrace us with an assurance that it will all be well. I have always loved this song, and the lyrics are fantastic, but when I really had a full encounter with falling in love with Jesus, by seeing his character revealed in his word, after fully understanding that my sins that are many are fully forgiven.

Luke 7: This passage of scripture has assured cece winans alabaster box about Jesus's salvation plan, and my forgivenessof sin, and forsaking same, and that can only be done at the feet of Jesus, Mary understood the salvation plan, it can only be found by purposing in your heart to read the Bible for yourselves, and with the help of the Holy Spirit experiece the Love, Mercy and Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then and only then you can experience the Love that Mary felt for her Lord, and you yourself can experience that love.

May the God of Peace bless you all. We all have value in the Lord Jesus Cece winans alabaster box. Others may reject us but He will always love us. As Mary approaches Christ, the lyrics don't say she "went" to him, she"came" to Him as He calls all his children who listen to his Word.

Read Luke 7: Nor did they know the blessing she received as he washed away her sins because of her faith in him. No one knows the cost of the oil or her pain nor the love she received from Jesus that moment. The metaphor is we can pour our praise on Jesus and our own personal sin can be washed away as well, and that is between Jesus and us.

No one knows the cost of that but the individual and Christ. I just heard this song once and I fell in love with it, because, as a christian I tend to make a lot of mistakes. The wrong things that I did in my past sometimes come back to haunt me. But I thank God, that He is faithful and just to forgive us sins 1John 1: Mary, her testimony encourages me to leave them behind and move on for Christ.

Sometimes I feel terrible and my heart cries, but the lord is always there and He hears my prayers. He knows when I'm overwhelmed by the pain. That's when I feel His loving arms most. This song bascially saved me from myself! The cost of the oil is my investment in my walk with Christ, all the sacrifices I've made to have a relationship with God, the time spent in prayer, fasting and reading the word of God, and the denying of my flesh to be in his perfect will.

The oil: That is priceless! There's no price tag for that! This song is about God's redemption. When others feel you are unworthy of God's love, you have to show them that cece winans alabaster box already received that love and praise Him openly.

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The room grew still As she cece winans alabaster box her way to Jesus She stumbled through the tears that made her blind She felt such pain Some spoke in anger Heard folks whisper There's no place here for her kind Still on she came Through the shame that flushed her face Until, at last, she knelt before his feet And though she spoke no words Everything she said was heard As she poured her love for the master From her box of alabaster.

And I've come to pour My praise on him like oil From Mary's alabaster box Don't be angry if I wash his feet with my tears And I dry them with my hair You weren't there the night he found me You did not feel what I felt When he wrapped his love all around me And you don't know the cost Of the oil in my alabaster box. I can't forget The way life used to be I was a prisoner To the sin that had me bound I spent my days Poured my life without measure Into a little treasure box I thought I'd found Until the day when Jesus came to me And healed my soul With the wonder of his love So now I'm giving back to him All the praise he's worthy of I've been forgiven And that's why I love him music on va s aimer youtube much.

And I've come to pour My praise on him like oil From Mary's alabaster box Don't be angry if I wash his feet with my tears And dry them with my hair You cece winans alabaster box there the night Jesus found me You did not feel what I felt When he wrapped his cece winans alabaster box arms around me And you don't know the cost of the oil You don't know the cost of my pray You don't know the cost of the oil In my alabaster box. Alabaster Box Cece Winans.

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