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I'm Electra, I'm Electra Heart / Only living, living in the dark / Lights, they blind me / Can we go back, go back to the start? / Where the holy father made his mark. Browse Lyrics by band/artist name or enter artist/album/song to search: A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L Marina And The Diamonds - Electra Heart lyrics. Electra Heart Lyrics: I'm Electra, I'm Electra Heart / Only living, living in the dark / Lights they blind me / Can we go back, Album Unreleased. 1. Read Bubblegum Bitch (electra heart album) from the story Marina and the Diamonds lyrics by marinasdiamonds17 (♡ELECTRA♡) with reads. froot. Search :. Singer Album Song Lyrics. Lyrics provide or Error Correction. Lyrics provide or Error Correction. Add Favorite :. ︽; <; :. Part 11 of the Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart album. Leave a suggestion for a song if.

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Lyrics submitted by burforde. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Artists - M. Marina and the Diamonds — Electra Heart. Know something about this song or lyrics? Electra heart album lyrics it to our wiki. Read More Edit Wiki. Where the holy father made his mark Lights, they blind me Can we go back?

Lights, they blind me For forgiveness, you could always pray That the sickness, it could go away Lights, they blind me At the altar, would you pay the price? Would you give your, would you give your life? Electra Heart song meanings. Add your thoughts 4 Comments. She goes through a series of transformations in four archetypes: From what I can tell, this song goes through every one of them. She once craved the attention of the Limelight in Primadonna, and now loathes it.

In Lies, she romances in the dark with electra heart album lyrics who don't love her. Combined with the above lyric, it makes kim mitchell patio lanterns video er think she wishes she'd never been born to make all the mistakes she has made.

She could be remorseful of portraying the "perfect housewife" which had killed her inner Idle Teen, Primadonna, and Heartbreaker. There was an error.

Electra heart album lyrics libby on November 21, My Interpretation I'm not sure, but for me it seems like some kind of bride that is starting to second-guess her wedding in benefit of some forbidden paramour. Or perhaps a paramour herself in the wedding of his lover, speaking to him or her, it'd also make a lot of sensedemanding that the marriage is called off. I'm based on the lines "At the altar, would you pay the price?

No Replies Log in to reply. Before I realized it was a hacker! I was thinking, "What is electra heart album lyrics doing self-releasing this song" And it was on Jan 3, so long after the Electra Heart era had finished. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Electra Heart lyrics.

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The titles alone cause almost physical pain. The self-aware self-obsession, the nod to Madonna in a year that she herself releases an album called MDNA because what is it to be a female icon? I'm just worried that no one's really spent enough pop-hours pondering this question. Or Electra Heart itself, with its deathly boring promise of daddy issues. But to give Marina Diamandis her credit, that was supposed to be the point.

In a great early interview on this album with Popjustice's Peter Robinson she clarified that Electra Heart wasn't so much an alter ego as a shadow self; all the worst parts of Marina Diamandis that she didn't want to become. A Marina exploring her own defects and difficulties at the same tame as making the most of herself with all the resources available to her could be great. But, as Robinson noted at the time 'I'm playing a character that embodies everything shallow and awful I don't want to be' also offers a whole lot of get-out clause.

By the release of third video 'The Archetypes', the EH concept wasn't looking so healthy, with Marina pouting and swaying, electra heart album lyrics, vacant and Del Rey-ish into the camera as a Speak And Spell voice opined "Electra Heart, are you for real?

And what are those archetypes? Beauty Queen. Idle Teen". Um, speak for yourself? I mean, fucking hell, seriously? This is all you've got? The teenage Manic fan's obsession with the iconicity Marilyn Monroe, the Desperate Housewives -style decades-late debunking of wholesome Stepford-wife femininity, tired retreads of Hole's 'Celebrity Skin' and your own 'Hollywood', a bloody song actually called 'The Valley Of The Dolls'?

Still, a shonky concept could be electra heart album lyrics ignored, surely, the tunes being good enough? There's been some fretting about her selling out her individuality to big-name producers, but it's worth remembering that Greg Kurstin and Biff Stannard made appearances on The Family Jewelsand she's never made a secret of her huge pop ambitions. Played right, the presence of Dr Luke electra heart album lyrics Stargate could have been the engine electra heart album lyrics that Marina piloted to the heights she's always craved.

And so it was: The Dr Luke-produced 'Primadonna', her biggest ever hit, is decent enough. No faceless banger; it's certainly got more life and thought behind electra heart album lyrics than similar womping efforts on the Madonna or Nicki Minaj albums, but just doesn't give enough back for its supreme lyrical irritations. I know I've got a big ego I don't know why it's such a big deal though. But she just won't either let Electra Heart lie or give you enough of her to make you care; Electra's neither a character nor an alter ego nor a monster; she's an idly drawn doodle.

And if Marina's just dressing up as this narcisstic tosser, like the sexy witch at a Halloween party, she never once lets slip anything that might be genuinely raw or ugly, just that sort of 'oh how sad, my mascara's been still-attractively smeared down my face by my lonely, damaged tears' sort of vibe.

Or as she puts it by the camp, Girls Aloudish bounce-and-blart of 'Homewrecker' between excruciating spoken word passsages, by which point it's all getting a little much to swallow, "I guess you'd say that my life's a mess but I'm still looking pretty in this dress".

Hatsune miku miui theme not like self-loving and loathing, fame and identity aren't common electra heart album lyrics obsessions in electra heart album lyrics. Yet for all its vicariously enjoyable Pharaonic braggadocio, it wormskull sound of hell youtube seasoned with feelings of genuine self-disgust, weariness, remorse and self-deprecating humour.

All Electra and her supposed deconstruction of American idolatry really seems to be telling us here is that being electra heart album lyrics and famous isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that some days, she's just not entirely convinced she's amazing. I know, my heart's spasming too. Not so much 'Starring Role' which equates a breaking down relationship to an unsatisfactory casting and manages to rhyme 'Starring Role' with, er, "supporting role".

It's a shame 'Radioactive' wasn't included — it at least had some of the dangerous rush of a crush, the puns "I'm heading for a meltdown" not obscuring its stardust sparkle. By the time of 'The State Of Dreaming' what theme there is is more exhausted than a wannabe actress exhausted from a double-shift at the diner and the strip club. Over over and over and over a-bloody-gain. Maybe a little less time for both her and Electra gazing into the glass, and more finding her way out of her own ass, and her career won't have to.

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