founder title planetside 2 is a statistics & analytics website for PlanetSide 2. 88, Founder. 89, Veteran , Innova Placeholder Title 1. , Innova Placeholder . PlanetSide 2, MLG, and PC FPS eSports PlanetSide was a very unique title that offered 'epic combat on a massive scale,' and it provided . Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and co-founder of Major League Gaming said in the. Exterminator, Exterminator, Exterminator, Played PlanetSide 2 Beta. Founder, Founder, Founder, Purchase of Alpha Squad. Loyal Soldier.

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Planetside 2 / No title sh!t

In PlanetSide 2 players align themselves with one of three warring factions as they attempt to capture territory across an ever-changing, persistent in-game world.

Immensely ambitious and huge in scale, PlanetSide 2 is easily one of our most anticipated PC launches of the year. Thought this was along the same lines! My bad: In DUST everything revolves around money, whether it be in-game currency or paid for currency, both of which are used to unlock advanced weaponry. All weapons need to purchased in quantities you lose one per death so premium players will be able to afford more.

Ah right. So, if u buy weapons, u can basically afford to die more? DUST gives you 4 default load-outs that have infinite stock you can use them forever. However, if you customise one of these or create your own, the components needed need to be purchased in quantities.

Every time you die you lose 1 stock of each equipped item. Buying better components will give you certain advantages, though not enough to create imbalance against those using standard equipment. I found it all a little cumbersome.

Nice idea, and there are some nice touches, but found it a bit too small scale. I did finally cave and get the founders packages for PS2 though. Also feel that it needs more long term goals. Dust beta founder title planetside 2 slowly getting the balance right. Earlier on you could come up against people where you might as well have been shooting confetti at them. Get your beta key at http: Get your key now, while we still have them!

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