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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Japanese: The series is set on a futuristic Earth and is centered on the exploits of the fictional paramilitary organization Celestial Being and its efforts gundam 00 english dub rid the world of war and conflict with a series of unique and extremely advanced mecha mobile suits known as " Gundams ".

The episode season gundam 00 english dub officially announced by Sunrise during a second trailer on June 2, The second season began on October 5, and concluded on March 29, A movie sequel, titled Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: The series is set in AD.

The power was found in the form of multiple Dyson rings massive arrays of solar power collectors orbiting Earth, and supported by three orbital elevatorseach one serving one of the three "power blocs" on the planet, namely Union, controlling the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan; Human Reform League Sino-Japanese: Countries that once economically relied on the sale of upin ipin hari raya fuels have plunged into poverty.

Some even believe that solar energy threatened the "promised land of God", resulting in the year Solar Wars. The main protagonist is year-old Setsuna F. Seieia taciturn Gundam pilot who grew up in the war-torn Republic of Krugis. Unable to video crows zero 2 part 1 Celestial Being's superior technology, the three major powers eventually unite into the United Nations Army in order to counter Celestial Being's armed interventions.

As the United Nations resist Celestial Being's interventions, a second team of Gundams, known as Team Trinityappears and assists in the Meisters' eradication of war, albeit in a much more cruel and cold-blooded fashion.

Alejandro Cornera former Celestial Being observer who plans to make use of the chaos and destruction created by Celestial Being to rule a reconstructed world, subsequently takes over Veda, Celestial Being's supercomputer which is believed to be located in the moon somewhere. Without the tactical aid from the organization's artificial intelligence gundam 00 english dub, Celestial Being is easily overwhelmed gundam 00 english dub overpowered by GN-X units and their superior numbers. During the operation, Ali Al-Saachez kills Lockon Stratos after a climactic battle Lockon Statos was just injured in a previous battle.

Alejandro Corner, in his unique custom mobile armor Alvatore, attacks Setsuna as the GN-X units proceed to destroy the Ptolemaios and the remaining Gundams.

Setsuna struggles with the monstrous Alvatore, but in the end succeeds in killing Alejandro. Graham Akeran ace pilot of the United Nations Army, then challenges Setsuna to a fight, seeking revenge for his fallen comrades and questioning the purpose of Gundams' existence. The fight results in the destruction of the GN-Flag, while the Exia is heavily damaged. Humanity, having established the Earth Sphere Federation, forms an autonomous peace-keeping force, A-Lawsseparate from and above the formal Federation army.

Given unfettered discretion, A-Laws is charged with the duty to further unify nations, enforce the will of mankind, and dispose of terrorist cells.

Unknown to the general public, however, is that the A-Laws misuse their power and employ inhumane tactics to oppress freedoms, doctrines, and ideologies, all in the name of 'unity'. Meanwhile, Setsuna tries to confront the A-Laws by himself with his battered Gundam 00 english dub Exia, but is easily overpowered by their newer models.

He is soon rescued by Tieria Erdepiloting his new mobile suit, the Seravee Gundam. To pilot the two remaining new units, Lockon Stratos' twin brother is invited to assume his brother's codename and former position as the pilot of the Cherudim Gundam, and after Allelujah Haptism is rescued from the prison he was being detained in during the timeskip, he assumes the command of Arios Gundam. Unknown to Celestial Being and the A-Laws, a third party is manipulating gundam 00 english dub sides of the conflict.

This group call themselves " Innovators ", composed of Alejandro Corner's former assistant Ribbons Almarkand his six subordinates.

Subsequently, it is revealed that Aeolia Schenberg's plan is to ensure humanity's survival; unite the world's factions through Celestial Being's armed interventions and then advance humanity into deep space and undergo Innovation, a trans-human gundam 00 english dub. After uncovering the truth about Ribbons' true intentions, Celestial Being joins forces with dissident members of the A-Laws to stop their oppression and bring the fight to the Innovates.

Being continuously exposed to the GN particles of the fully completed Gundam 00, Setsuna undergoes Innovation, becoming the first true Innovator with powers far greater than Ribbons and his group. The conflict ends in a final showdown between Ribbons and Setsuna with the latter's victory. The story continues in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. According to Pretty lights hot like sauce soundcloud music Iketani, one of the Gundam 00 producers, planning for Gundam 00 started inunder the tentative name "Next".

Mizushima was initially reluctant about accepting the job due to his lack of knowledge regarding the Gundam series. The staff, consisting of over people, spent roughly two years planning the series. A total of fourteen DVD collections have been released. The Gundam 00 english dub disc collections have been confirmed, with the first and second volume released on August 22, A series of compilation movies with new animated sequences and re-recorded dialogue, titled Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Special Editionwas also released.

The second season also aired on the same network and time slot on June 29, and concluded its run on September 21, Due to the closure of Bandai Entertainment, the series and movie have been out of print. The English version U. Since the series airs on an early evening slot, a Parental Guidance warning is gundam 00 english dub by the network before each episode due its violent nature and is aired with minor edits.

The letters PG are also shown on the upper left side of the screen for a few seconds after the opening credits and commercial breaks. In Europe the series was licensed by Beez Entertainment. The series' music was composed gundam 00 english dub Kenji Kawai. There are four TV-series soundtracks released, the first on January 10,the second on March 26,[22] the third on December 24,and the fourth on April 1, Kawai continues to compose the music in the movie adaptation, and the soundtrack was released on September 22, A series of character CDs has been announced; with the first one, featuring Setsuna F Seiei and the character's voice actor Mamoru Miyanowith a song written by the band Skoop On Somebody, to be released on August 13, A novelized version of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was published by Kadokawacurrently ongoing with two volumes and authored by Noboru Kimura.

Like the anime, it was also divided into 2 seasons: First season is set 15 years before the anime series, while second season is set 10 years after season one.

A graphic novel that features variations of existing mobile suitsMobile Suit Gundam 00Vwhich was serialized in Hobby Japanis told in the format of a mobile suit development history book published 20 gundam 00 english dub after the anime series, featuring photo guides of customized gundam 00 english dub.

Four TV gundam 00 english dub manga series exist to date. One was serialized in Kerokero Ace and drawn by Kouzoh Ohmori. Minor changes are present compared to the anime, such as the use of more visually comedic facial expressions, and the omission of certain characters and subplots. The first volume to this version was released on March 26, by Kadokawa Comics. The other manga adaptation series of the same name is also based on the television series, and is drawn by Auto Taguchi.

The two manga series essentially follow the same story as the anime's main plot, but vary in the sequence of events that unfold and in artistic style. The series acts as a link for the main story to the 2 other sidestories and introduces the characters and mecha from the other publications.

It mainly focuses on Innovades, and few characters from 00F has appeared. Another manga series based on the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Aoi Gundam 00 english dubruns monthly on Kadokawa's Gundam Ace. Two people tied together only by their spirits, divided by sky and earth," was published in Newtype in July This adaptation contained notable differences from the film, such as an alternate ending in which Setsuna uses his ELS powers to restore Marina's youth and marries her.

A theatrical release was announced at the end of episode 25 of season 2, called Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer A new character is revealed to be the first officially acknowledged true Innovator, whose name is revealed to be Descartes Shaman. The Japanese premiere has been announced for September 18, A derelict Jupiter exploration ship, abandoned years ago, has left its orbit and is approaching Earth.

Realizing the military benefits of such individuals, the Earth Sphere Federation has begun to research Innovation and exploit the emerging Innovators' abilities. This game follows the anime's plot with slight variations, but lacks the introduction of the GN-X, ending with the entrance and introduction of Team Trinity instead. A second video game, titled Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam Meisters covers the first season's plot completely, albeit with slight deviations.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3published by Namco Bandai Gamesalso gundam 00 english dub Gundam 00 characters. Mission was released gundam 00 english dub July 23, Road Tohas been announced and is currently slated for a September gundam 00 english dub, release.

This drama CD will focus on the Meisters, as well as website design html software Union 's story.

A series of character CDs based around the concept of being a message to the character from the cast member who plays them will be released, starting from Setsuna 's on August 13, After a sneak preview of Gundam 00 on September 1,Anime News Network remarked on "striking parallels" between the series and an earlier installment of the metaseriesMobile Suit Gundam Wing Following the end of the first season, Gundam 00 has received much critical acclaim.

Fans should be pleased. Over its episode run, it averaged a television viewer rating of 4. On a more positive note, Gundam 00's average rating was higher than the other previous Gundam shows set gundam 00 english dub alternative universes such as Gundam Wing which averaged 4.

The series was also a commercial success, with the DVDs showing consistently high sales figures. In a top 20 anime poll published in the April issue of NewtypeJapanese readers voted for Gundam 00 as the best anime, higher than its predecessor Gundam SEEDwhich was voted ninth. In Newtype's poll for top 10 male anime characters, Setsuna F Seiei was voted second, Tieria Erde third, Lockon Stratos fifth, Graham Aker sixth, and Allelujah Haptism at seventh; and in its poll for top ten female anime characters, Nena Trinity was voted eighth and Marina Ismail was voted tenth.

On April 14,the " Gundam 00 Festival 10 Re: In addition, a stage play adaptation of the series will debut in February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. April Beez Entertainment. TVSC31 Melbourne. Main articles: See also: List of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 albums.

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This is a list of episodes from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam The second season ended its run on March 29, The English dub of the first season premiered on Syfy spelled Sci Fi at the time; renamed Syfy during s run on the network on Monday November 24, at The English dub of the second season premiered on Syfy on Monday June 29, at Both songs were replaced in episode 14 with " Ash Like Snow ", performed by The Brilliant Greenas the new gundam 00 english dub and " Friends " by Stephanie as the new ending.

The first opening song, "Daybreak's Bell" was also used as the ending theme to the last episode. The first ending theme for the second season, "Prototype" gundam 00 english dub performed by Chiaki Ishikawa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Anime News Network. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 official website in Japanese. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on October 26, Archived from the original on March 18, Gunota Headlines. SonyMusic Japan. Mobile Suit Gundam Seiei Haro.

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Celestial Being, an organization dedicated to eradicating war, begins demonstrating the power of their new " Gundam " mobile suits by gundam 00 english dub the Advanced European Union's AEU public demonstration of its latest unit, the Enact. Setsuna F. Pursuing the Exia, the AEU reveals hidden mobile suits in the space elevator, and in an operation, Celestial Being protects the Human Reform League 's Space Elevator " Tenchu " from being attacked by terrorists attempting to launch rockets upon it.

Their actions garner global attention and various TV news channels soon broadcast a public statement by Aeolia Schenberg stating that Celestial Being's goal is to eradicate conflict from the face of the Earth.

The three major world bodies discuss the possible origins and impact of Celestial Being. Setsuna dispatches Graham with ease, the latter being caught off guard by the Gundams' advanced technology while Tieria returns to space with Gundam Virtue. Colonel Sergei returns to the Human Reform League to head a new squad designated for capturing one of the Gundams, with bio-engineered human Soma Peries as his designated subordinate.

Encouraged by Celestial Being's anti-conflict actions, Taribia declares its withdrawal from the Union and independence over the control of energy resources, prompting a Union military response and forcing Celestial Being to intervene. Pro-Taribian separatist politicians led by its prime minister are forced to drop their bid for independence after their forces are defeated by the Gundam Meisters, who consider the separatists responsible for the conflict.

Colonel Sergei tests a new mobile suit built for Soma. The Kyrios' pilot, Allelujah Haptism, and Soma experience a strange connection brought on by their proximity to each other, causing Soma to go into a fit of rage and fire shots randomly at the space elevator, severing a section containing civilians. On board the elevator, Allelujah experiences another side of himself but regains his composure and runs off. Sergei attempts to save the civilians before they drift past gundam 00 english dub Escape Limit Zone and into the Earth's gundam 00 english dub, but his mobile suit is ill-equipped.

Marina heads to France to request humanitarian assistance, despite the incomplete status of the AEU's Orbital Elevator. Their actions force the Moralian military to surrender to the Meisters after the previous state of emergency is declared. While Setsuna is reprimanded by Lockon and Tieria for placing all of Celestial Being in danger by potentially gundam 00 english dub all their identities, an unknown terrorist group simultaneously bombs various nations as a warning to Celestial Being, threatening more indiscriminate events unless the group disbands.

In Scotland, Setsuna attempts to gundam 00 english dub one of the bombers, but is nearly apprehended by a Scottish Authorised Firearms Officer after firing his pistol. Marina Ismail, on a world tour to obtain support for Azadistan, intervenes and in their encounter, Setsuna reveals to her his identity as a Gundam Meister and hatred of Azadistan for waging war on his homeland of Krugis. Four months since Celestial Being's first intervention, the Gundam Meisters have been involved in gundam 00 english dub sixty intervention operations; as the world begins to change around them, the crew aboard the Ptolemeios and the Gundam Meisters have some time to themselves.

Lockon and crew member Feldt Grace reveal Celestial Being and the Meisters have a far older history than originally thought. The HRL releases a web of comm detection devices to find the Gundams in space, catching the Ptolemeios crew off-guard. Ill-prepared for the attack, Celestial Being fights back; Sumeragi matches wits against Sergei and a battle ensues around the Solar Satellites System.

Allelujah again becomes disoriented by his proximity to Soma, resulting in the capture of the Kyrios. Tieria arrives to find the Kyrios within a transport vessel, but the Virtue is overwhelmed as he attempts to destroy the escaping vessel. Meanwhile, Allelujah's alter-ego, Hallelujah, awakens and destroys the transport ship he is in; Soma and Sergei escape before he gets a chance to face them.

The battles end in a Pyrrhic victory for both sides; Tieria has revealed one of Celestial Being's greatest secrets: With the near capture of the Kyrios and Ptolemaios' close escape, Celestial Being is shaken to the core with the majority of its members saddened by the experience. Allelujah decides to face his past and proposes a mission to destroy the facility where he was "created".

Sumeragi accepts and launches the Exia and Dynames to attack South Africa as a diversion while the Kyrios and Virtue assault the HRL colony where the illegal experiments on children are conducted. Flashbacks of Allelujah's turbulent past is shown as he grapples with the decision to open fire on the experimental lab. Eventually, with Hallelujah taunting him, Allelujah destroys the facility. Celestial Being leaks information on the experiments to the media, turning it into an international incident and a public relations disaster for the HRL.

Sergei becomes aware of the experiments and detains one of the scientists responsible, who also tried to cover it up. Kinue continues her investigation into Aeolia Schenberg, delving deeper into the mysteries surrounding Celestial Being's founder. An Imam named Massad Rachmadi is kidnapped by an unknown militant group, which leads to riots in the Gundam 00 english dub populations against the military called in to guard the city.

Celestial Being and the Union Army begin to intervene when radical factions in the Azadistani military attack loyalist forces guarding the Solar Antenna to link up with the Orbital Elevator. As Celestial Being and Graham's forces grudgingly face off against rebel mobile suits, Setsuna is forced to re-live the events of his traumatic past. With the whereabouts of Massad Rachmadi unknown, Azadistan falls into a state of civil unrest.

Reviewing the gundam 00 english dub battle, Lockon reveals the possibility that there may be a third party aside from the Union-Azadistan forces and Celestial Being. After eavesdropping on Graham and Billy investigating the possible site of where missiles had been launched by Ali al-Saachez, Setsuna deduces the location of where Ali's terrorist forces are located.

Gundam 00 english dub and Lockon, with the assistance of Hong Long, attack the terrorist hideout. Setsuna manages to hold his own against Ali, who escapes from the battle, while Lockon and Hong Long rescues Rachmadi. Deciding to display a show of bravado, Celestial Being authorizes Setsuna to deliver Rachmadi to the Azadistan royal palace with the Exia unarmed.

Despite pressure from present Union and Azadistan forces, the hostage release is successful. Marina asks the pilot of Exia if he is truly Setsuna, to which Setsuna vaguely encourages Marina to take up the fight for peace in Azadistan. With the Ptolemaios undergoing maintenance, the members of Celestial Being take a day off on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Union, AEU, and the HRL holds a secret meeting to discuss plans for "Project G", a special initiative to capture fannypack hey mami mp3 Gundams under the guise of a joint military exercise. Information later comes in that forces from the three supernations will converge in the Taklamakan Desert with a high risk of spreading nuclear radiation around the world if careful measures are not taken.

Celestial Being decides to intervene, fully knowing the true objective of the enemy's plans and that they are not only extremely outnumbered, but that they may not return at all. Meanwhile, Setsuna takes a short detour to Azadistan to ask and listen to Marina's opinion of why el kabeer awi season #1 youtube video er world is so distorted. Exhausted and pushed to the limit, the Meisters find themselves pitted against ace pilots sent from the allied forces, with the intent of capturing them.

One by one, the Gundams are defeated and captured until only Setsuna remains. Just as he is about to be killed by Ali al-Saachez, a mysterious mobile suit emitting red wing-like GN particles appears and drives movie er for no payment enemy away.

Three new mobile suits, piloted by Trinity siblings Johann, Michael, and Nena, appear on the battlefield and reveal themselves as the Gundam Throne Eins, Zwei, and Drei. Caught off-guard by the new Gundams' arrival, the Project G units are forced to retreat. To secure an escape route, Gundam Throne Drei covers the entire region in GN particles, causing havoc with enemy communications and preventing a counterattack.

After escaping from the Taklamakan, the rescued Gundam Meisters are gundam 00 english dub about the new units and disturbed about not knowing of their existence. While world leaders despair at the appearance of the new Gundams, Alejandro Corner attends an anonymous conference with the other Celestial Being "observers" to review their activities and to discuss gundam 00 english dub acknowledgement of the Thrones.

Aboard their spaceship, the Trinity siblings meet the Ptolemaios and the Gundam Meisters. The Trinity siblings meet the Ptolemaios crew, and declare themselves as allies working independently of gundam 00 english dub current Meisters. However, they reveal little information about themselves and their Gundams while Nena and Michael nearly provoke a fight with the Meisters, leaving the first meeting with strained results and high tensions between both sides.

Captain Graham and gundam 00 english dub members of the OverFlags soon arrive and engages the Throne Zwei, but they pull out after one of their members, Howard Mason, is killed. The Thrones' armed intervention greatly concerns the crew of the Gundam 00 english dub, leaving Setsuna to question whether the Trinity siblings are really Gundam Meisters. Several military bases around the world are destroyed by the Thrones' assaults.

Their aggressive tactics prompt closer observation by Celestial Being and the Gundam 00 english dub Meisters. The crew of the Ptolemaios investigate the Thrones and their origins, including the possibility that the supercomputer Veda is hacked by an outsider to acquire the technology behind the GN Drive. On the civilian forefront, Kinue obtains a new lead in her investigation. An unprovoked civilian attack by Nena on a wedding in Spain forces Gundam 00 english dub Crossroad to race to Spain after Louise is severely injured in the attack, resulting in one of her hands to be amputated.

In another armed intervention at a Union weapons factory owned by the Iris Corporation, the Thrones kill civilian employees, infuriating Setsuna as he races off in the Exia to confront the Thrones on his own, on the grounds that they are supporting armed conflicts. Tieria and Lockon join Setsuna in fighting the Gundam Thrones. However, the Thrones manage to escape after someone hacks Veda to disable the Trial System, while informing Lockon of Setsuna's status as a former child soldier of the KPSA, the terrorist organization responsible for the death of Lockon's family.

Lockon confronts Setsuna, but his explanation of his past as Soran Ibrahim and his conviction to end warfare as Setsuna F. Seiei defuses the situation. Meanwhile, Louise asks Saji to return gundam 00 english dub Japan to fulfill his dream as an aerospace engineer and to move on, while Kinue's new lead refers to the president of the corporation constructing linear elevators for the Orbital Elevators.

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Bandai hasn't even released the first season of it on DVD yet. Unless you are going to watch through all of the Gundam series you should be told they are not directly linked to each other. Most only share the connection by the name Gundam and the mobile suit in them. The very first series was Mobile Suit Gundam. Here is a website with a list of them in the order they were made. If any Wing fans tells you Wing was first, they're dead wrong. Existing questions.

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