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bandylegs.de . bandylegs.de bandylegs.de . “Tribal” skull tattoo on a Deadhead's back. .. Holger Kalweit argues . trilogy: Night of the Living Dead (), Dawn of the Dead (), and. “Tribal” skull tattoo on a Deadhead's back. .. Holger Kalweit argues . trilogy: Night of the Living Dead (), Dawn of the Dead (), and. bandylegs.de bandylegs.de bandylegs.de T+ bandylegs.de -. Einweihung ins Gedächtnis der Erde: bandylegs.de: Holger Kalweit: Bücher .. Fall of Giants: The Century Trilogy, Book Not stars- This is definitely not my kind of .. tattoo idea: kids standing underneath the direction post?. holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo

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We are particularly grateful to our dear friend and pharmacist Patricia Ochsner. Her ideas and her expertise were important ingredients. Greatest thanks! To your health. In the name of Hecate! Contents Acknowledgments Introduction: Is Witchcraft Medicine Good Medicine? Samhain, Halloween Rites of Initiation 2. Witchcraft Medicine: Images of Witches: The Forbidden Souls of the Gods Ayahuasca: Hemp Seeds Outlawed!

Wolf-Dieter Storl Witchcraft medicine is the medicine of the earth. It is the oldest medicine of humankind, the healing art still used by the last remaining primitive peoples. Witchcraft medicine is primordial wisdom, primordial memory, and the true religio.

It is the legacy of our Stone Age ancestors, which has been passed down in a continually shifting form through the Neolithic agricultural period, through the Bronze Age, and through the Iron Age, into the era of the Christian Middle Ages and their belief in miracles. The Inquisition did its best to destroy this ancient wisdom. For this medicine not only lives on in decaying, dusty traditions, but is nourished by the clear spring of wisdom, by the immediate inspiration of the devas, and by the inspiration of the spirits of the plants, animals, stones, stars, and elements as well.

Witchcraft medicine is based on the understanding of the healing powers of our inner and outer natures. Witchcraft medicine is more than a factual knowledge of medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, psychedelic compounds, or gynecological preparations. It is the ability to converse with the animal and plant spirits and to forge friendships with them, an ability that has been suppressed in most people.

It is the ability to achieve the ecstasy that makes communion with these beings possible. Only when humans radiate happiness and health can nature be happy and healthy. This is why Mother Gaia has powerful herbs and roots ready at holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo. Witchcraft medicine transcends clinical medicine, which, being bound in the corset of experimental natural science, proceeds only by measuring, documenting, and holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo testing what is tangible—the superficial matter—according to the principle of trial and error.

This healing art understands the magical bullets and destructive memories that bore deeply into our physical and spiritual bodies. In order to heal the wounds caused by such ethericastral entities and negative occult energies, the practitioners of witchcraft medicine, the shamans, call on their allies—the plants, the stones, the animals, the water, the fire, the earth.

These also have a deep dimension as spirit beings, angels, and devas. You can speak with them; they can respond. Witchcraft medicine understands the vitality of existence and knows about the souls and the spirits of all creation. Witchcraft medicine is magical, and for this reason it causes discomfort to those whose souls are dead and frightens those whose spiritual eyes are blind. It scares them because it is a reflection of their powerlessness.

To the bigoted inquisitors the efficacy of this medicine was granted by the devil himself. Thus the women who guarded this ancient wisdom were considered evil seductresses.

To the masters of modern ideology, witchcraft medicine, with the special powers of communication it entails, is simply not a matter important enough for discussion; it belongs to the realm of a schizophrenic, a mentally unstable person, or, at best, a list of celina jaitley songs romantic.

But film superhero 2012 robert the end it might just be witchcraft medicine that leads us out of our current ecological and spiritual crisis, for its roots reach deep into the earth and tap into the healing waters of primordial wisdom. That which places itself contrary to nature will very soon come to an end.

But the following must also be acknowledged: Evil witches do indeed exist! Asocial magicians, malicious sorceresses driven by resentment and greed, and those who use their knowledge of the occult in order to bring harm to others can be found throughout the world, from South America to East Asia, from Africa to the South Pacific.

Their abilities are feared mainly in unstable societies where poverty, violence, and oppression reign. A central concern in African medicine is determining who the destructive magician is and rendering him harmless. Ethnologists have collected from exotic lands many examples of witchcraft and murder by voodoo Lessa and Vogt, These phenomena also exist in the Western world.

During the mids hippies, alternative communards, illegal immigrants, dropouts, and legions of Southern Californians fleeing violence and environmental catastrophes such as pollution and smog streamed north into the still-pristine forests of Oregon. The resulting unstable social climate became a breeding ground for sorcery and unhealthy occultism.

I lived in Oregon at the time, and during those years bizarre occurrences were seen frequently. Again and again farmers found their horses and cows dead in the pasture, their genitals or udders cut off. Not far from my house a hitchhiker was arrested, and his pockets were holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo to be filled with severed human ears.

One day the gas station where I usually filled my car was not in service because a biker had killed the holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo and then sucked blood out of her jugular vein before driving off. The talk was of witchcraft holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo Satanism. This sort of pathological behavior has nothing to do with the witchcraft medicine that we are talking about here! Nor does witchcraft medicine have anything to do with the kind of rabid, manhating feminism that experienced a peculiar flowering during this period in Oregon.

The archaic medicine we are speaking about is a holistic one, embracing both the masculine and the feminine, the sun and the moon. The malicious witch of fairy tales, like the one in the story of Holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo and Gretel, eats small children.

However, this figure is never representative of a living person; instead it represents a negative spiritual archetype that impedes the maturation of the individual soul. This witch symbolizes the fear of the light holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo truth. She lives in the darkness, unripened by the light.

Because she is separated from the whole of herself, she is unable to shine; therefore she is, necessarily, ugly. Like the old winter witch made of straw that country people burn in the springtime so that the beautiful goddess of summer can make her entrance, the negative spiritual witch must also go through the purifying, transforming spiritual fire.

Their wedding symbolizes the discovery of the self, the process of healing and becoming whole. The Christian inquisitors were obsessed with the archetype of the ugly, life-hating witch. They projected their own spiritual disease, their own obsessions, onto innocent women, often poor or elderly, whom they tortured and burned at the stake.

What was originally intended as an internal process of becoming whole was turned into an external practice of black magic. In order to understand the nature of witchcraft medicine, we must look deeply into the well of. We shall now dig into this soil. After the glaciers receded, the Ice Age tundra where holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo herds of buffalo, reindeer, woolly rhinoceros, and mammoths had grazed was gradually sown with the seeds of trees.

Many of the herds died out; some migrated to Siberia. The last of the nomadic hunters of large animals followed them. It was, in Eurasia, the end of the Paleolithic period. The forest drew under its spell the small holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo tribes that remained behind. To hunt like this was laborious; it took more time than it had before and bagged less. In equal proportions to the rate at which the hunting bounty diminished, plant-gathering increased in value.

While the meat was distributed among the community holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo to strict regulations, the women gathered the daily plant rations for their families.

It is still like this today among hunter-gatherers: The men work at politics, securing friendships and nurturing alliances for when the time comes for the meat to be divided; the women tend to the daily aspects of survival. The tribes would settle for a while in places where gathering was feasible. Harbors were prized as camps, for there one could find the starchy tonic roots of the cattail, the marsh woundwort, the club rush, the arrowhead, or the water chestnut.

One could also use the duckweed Lemna for soup or eat the juicy shoots of the reed, and the nutritious seeds of the winnowed or flooded sweet grass Glyceria were greatly valued. In addition, harbors provided various crustaceans, mollusks, and small amphibians. Besides making arrows for hunting birds and small animals, constructing fish traps, knotting nets, and making harpoons and hooks, the men probably spent the rest of their time—similar to the hunter-gatherers of today—loafing about and communicating with the many spirits that animated the forest, the cliffs, and the water.

This era is known as the Mesolithic period. The Mesolithic people moved with the seasons in broad circles to different hunting-andgathering regions. They always returned to the same camps. Many of their favorite plants grew there.

Spilled seeds and the disposed rinds of tubers found a suitable environment when the competitive vegetation was trampled down and the ground was fertilized with ashes, excrement, urine, and trash.

The step to domestication was, therefore, but a small one. During this period some hunters in the Near East intentionally began to turn the soil, make small mounds, and sow grass seeds they had gathered previously.

Young animals were tethered or fenced in, and eventually tamed. In this way the huntergatherer groups became settled. They built themselves permanent houses with stalls for the captured animals.

Hunter-gatherers have few possessions, and most of these are incorporeal: They are visions, fairy tales, songs, magical incantations, and medicinal knowledge.

These people live from hand to mouth, in the here and now. Who wants always to be lugging heavy burdens around with them? But for holger kalweit trilogie der drachen tattoo tribes it makes good sense to have large jugs and containers made of clay. Grains and other food can be stored in them, and beer can be brewed.

This cultural transformation in which the first permanent settlements developed is called the Neolithic revolution by primeval historians. Neolithic village settlements spread out from Asia Vengaboys mp3 songs and up the Danube River and its tributaries.

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