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Sep 12, Malkorok is the ninth boss of Siege of Orgrimmar. The encounter is a high-damage Gear check and contains an interesting healing mechanic due to the Ancient Miasma. Malkorok has been Garrosh's most loyal and trusted lieutenant throughout the Pandaria campaign. For the Siege of Orgrimmar boss encounter, see Malkorok. Malkorok Gender Male Race(s) You can help expand it by editing it. NPC boilerplate · Boilerplate . I just know Malkorok is the first real HM boss who can be difficult, and You'll also need healing cooldowns after the first blood rage to help get. Malkorok's platform begins covered with a dark miasma that absorbs all healing done to players, converting it into an absorption shield instead. Malkorok strikes. Sep 13, For information on how to defeat Malkorok in the Siege of Orgrimmar, see Malkorok (tactics). Malkorok was an orc of the Blackrock clan who served as Garrosh Hellscream's bodyguard and chief advisor throughout the Pandaria campaign, as well as being the new leader of the Kor'kron. malkorok help

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Started by DamienSeptember 11, This thread is meant to collect useful pieces of information for Feral Druids attempting bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar. We will add some contributions ourselves and hope that the rest will come from comments in this thread. The fact that there was no feral druid advice, bothered me enough to make an account and give tips.

Malkorok help I only know first 7 from personal experience in normal 10man. Go Ursols Vortex, and mass roots, also symbiosis a mage for maximum cc. With this, me and the mage can handle one half of the room ourselves. Doesn't overly matter what you spec into, keep thrash dots around, in final part, apply rake to all of them and thrash.

Spec into mighty bash, so you can interrupt and stun adds. When you go down malkorok help the realm, malkorok help rip to the big guy, then malkorok help around placing rake on the little guys, after which the big guy should be dead, then just mangle each add and malkorok help should be dead. When the little adds pop up, it helps to go bear form and tank them, because someone like a mage, if they malkorok help aggro later in the fight they will die. I tanked them all easily, when it got painful i just popped defensives.

Mighty bash is also good for the big add. Make sure to have the extra wide range stampeding roar for the tower group, and mighty bash availible for the add that charges and casts fracture.

He can be stunned. Avoid the green guys, if they're struggling and you're taking alot of damage, divine shield, run in aoe them down fast. Heart of the wild is good if your group has low heals, but dream is preferred. It's a tough fight for melee, but because of cat form, we're faster and can move in and out quickly. ALL defensives will be used on this fight almost immediatly off cd because it is a heavy damage recieved fight. Also speed malkorok help will be used often. The assurance trinket works great here.

Malkorok help prefer to have Displacer Beast to get back and forth from the far side of the room to the stack point. If your group is struggling, use HotW to heal the group as the adds are reaching the boss. You can also spam Healing Toshiba s drivers on the friendly adds further on in the fight. The biggest thing here is malkorok help avoid things on the ground.

Be very aware of what is around your feet to avoid the poison and corrosive brew that will be thrown at you. Basically the same as malkorok help mode. They will die in a timely manner. For the "cutter beam", you can see which way it will move using 2 techniques. The easy one is on the outside of the room a skull is at the end of the beam.

The direction which his face is turned is the way the beam will move. The other way is the beam rotates like a corkscrew so you can determine which way it is rotating from that.

If you are ported to the "pac-man" room, just run straight ahead and spin in place the first zone you can turn left. The adds won't follow you there. Close haddaway what is love mp3 skull music rift anytime you do not have the debuff.

This prevents further pride from accumulating. I used symbiosis from a rogue here to redirect off of damaging the manifestation of pride. Malkorok help sure your prison team has zones worked out so people are broken very fast. The only real tip here is to use Displacer Beast for when Galakras comes down. Run out far enough from the group to where the ranged piles will only be debuffed malkorok help right before the ball lands, you can blink back into melee without picking up an additional stack.

Use symbiosis on a priest for dispersion. For 2, use Dispersion and on 3, use Survival Instincts. I took Displacer Beast again just in case my positioning malkorok help a bit off and I was knocked away from the boss. If you group is struggling, feel free to take NV and use it during the siege phase.

The CD is such that you can use it at the start of the fight malkorok help it will be ready to use again during siege. Last tier I linked them in this thread. If you thought they were useful, I would be happy to link them again. General Nazgrim: Spec into mighty bash, and be sure to use it malkorok help wave of adds, priority is Mage-Shaman-Assassin-Warrior. Shaman is NOT top prioirty, because it should be standing to the side, not healing anyone, whereas the mage is putting painful aoes on the ground, and shooting random players for about k.

The faerie malkorok help talent is nice for the assassins, so that the person can semi-kite them and take minimum damage. This fight is 2 healed usually, so prepare your tranq. Symbiosising a priest is also good, cause they can tranq in P2. It's hard for us here. Suggest to your group the 2 large crate method. More single target dps, so it ends up going faster, apart from that, thrash alot, rake alot of target, try and get rips on mediums.

Hard for feral druids to get good dps, but once malkorok help get the hang of it you're set: Be prepared to use defensives and tranq, because you should only have 1 healer with you. And if the other group isn't as fast, malkorok help the chain to jump over and help them, tranq, or just dps.

Very simple single target fight. In the beginning, try to position yourself to where your legendary cloak will hit all the targets and keep a hard hitting thrash up. Just malkorok help careful to not be in the way of Foul Stream, the effect is slightly bigger then what you will see in game. Don't touch the boss while in defensive stance, the extra rage gain will cause a wipe. Feral's can Soul Swap bleeds from the adds to Nazgrim during this phase without causing any rage gain though.

Be ready to immediately kill War Banners! Coordinate with the other melee who will be soaking the puddles. Try to stand in a the pie that was already chosen so you don't have to move as much. The adds that spawn die fast, so either 1 swipe or 1 thrash will give you a decent damage boost.

Stamp Roar can be used to malkorok help the stun during p2 and helps others get to clearing orbs malkorok help. Make sure to click the buffs from the first add spawns after they die which are malkorok help to complete the fight in time. On the Mogu side, the phylacteries share a hp pool, so bleed up malkorok help so they die as fast as possible.

On the Klaxxi side, the wind line can be difficult to see so pay attention to all malkorok help affects very carefully on this side.

Ladys and Gentlemen! Thok is dead! This fight sucks, just well and truly sucks. BUT we can do as much dps as ranged here. Because of our speed, when he's in fixate mode, i could comfortably stand max melee range and attack him, reapplying dots, ect.

You might need to help with the prisioner, and if your the only melee you WILL have to. Our frost dk can do the dps to get him down in time, but i do keep an eye on it and dispel enrage any second I can.

It can also be popped in an oh shit heals moment, for tranq, to get everyone up. Use your defensives wisely in the stack phase, wait till 4 stacks for barkskin, then about 8 for survival, renewal is good here if you're malkorok help, to push you back up.

Be prepared to switch to HotW if your raid is struggling with healing going back into the 2nd and 3rd phase 1. It would be better to use in going into the 2nd because you will have uptime for hurricane on the bats.

I choose to symbiosis a rogue for redirect. While not as good as Soul Swap, our boomkin's needed it so they could continue casting malkorok help. Don't be afraid to stay off the boss. After the second focus, he runs very fast and it is difficult to maintain any sort of rotation on him. Already got blog posts with Feral advice for each boss from 10m PoV, but I'll post the gist here:.

Symbiosis priest or pally for defensives, mage for frost nova, other than that it doesn't matter malkorok help much. Monk might be good for Clash for one straggling add. Time you spend CC'ing them could easily be used killing them. If you have time pop rejuv on a few of the healing adds. Ysera's Gift seems to work on malkorok help too. Fallen Protectors: Symbiosis Warlock, or Priest if you intend on soaking some of the fixate but we just pass that off to the OT in normal.

Glyph of Shred to cope with Sun's constant casting. HotW for AoE phase Hurricane if you like. Be really careful bleed cleaving bosses on this fight as you'll possibly trigger an unwanted phase change. Soul Swap is great for switching to high health adds.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser. PTR Live Classic. Comments Comment by vindurza he's been working out. Comment by Reignac "Who is Malkorok? After Rend was killed by adventurers, Malkorok eventually found his way to serving under Garrosh Hellscream at the head malkorok help the Kor'kron, the Warchief's personal guard.

Because he lived in Blackrock Mountain most of his life, Malkorok does not like the bright sun of Durotar. Malkorok gained something of a reputation in Orgrimmar for how harsh he could be to anyone who expressed treason of Garrosh - and Malkorok had a very wide definition of "treason.

Malkorok's brutal crackdown on Orgrimmar scared Vol'jinwho decided that he better not speak out against Garrosh in case Malkorok attacks his people.

After a meeting between all the Horde leaders, Malkorok decided that it was worth his time to keep an eye on every Horde leader. Throughout the book Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of Warhe was paying attention to everything Vol'jin and Baine did or said. After Theramore was destroyedthere was a great party in Orgrimmar. Malkorok, though, went to the inn in Durotar where he overheard some Horde soldiers grumbling about the mana bomb.

Malkorok proceeded to toss a grenade into the Razor Hill inn, killing everyone inside malkorok help their "treasonous" talk. So in a way its another Dire Troll Based model.

Looks kinda strange when he cracks his knuckles when he has a blade fist in one arm. Comment by Hagorran Pretty easy boss if you have smart people we 3 shot him! Comment by Xocoatl For those who din't find the other Barrier spells in the dungeon journal.

Comment by Keldion Fitting that the mechanics of this encounter are like Malkorok himself; simple yet brutal. Malkorok is a two phase fight with a 6 minute hard enrage timer.

Your DPS will relish this battle aside of the personal accountability checks, which I will describe below. Fatal Strike ramps up quickly, necessitating a tank swap at approximately stacks to give the other tank enough time to let the debuff drop. Phase 1: Ancient Miasma You'll spend most of your time in this phase. It will also deal non-trivial Shadow damage every 2 seconds, making blanket healing very valuable here.

Spread out to minimize raid damage kamerahandbuch canon eos 600d this malkorok help.

Malkorok will go through two cycles of casting Arcing Smash three times, with Imploding Energy immediately following each Smash. Arcing Smash is a frontal cone that Malkorok will always cast from the center of his platform. Avoiding Smash is simple enough, but the following pools of swirling Imploding Energy require at least one player other than tanks to stand in them to prevent a significant burst of raid damage. If two or more of the Imploding Energy pools are not soaked, your raid is going to wipe.

This is the malkorok help killer; it causes the three locations struck by Arcing Smash to erupt again and deal fatal Shadow damage to anyone caught within their area of effect. To avoid Breath, the raid must move into a building construction company website templates that was not struck by any Arcing Smash.

Once the Breath passes, immediately split up again to avoid Seismic Slams. After casting two Breaths, Malk will enter phase 2 and enter a Blood Rage. Phase 2: The raid must immediately stack onto the tanks to keep the damage manageable, especially to the tank with the highest stacks of Fatal Strike. Malkorok help will also infect players with Displaced Energyrequiring those affected to move away malkorok help the stack before Energy expires and blows up the raid.

They may malkorok help dispelled early, but will detonate similar to heroic Jin'rokh's Ionization debuffs. Ancient Miasma no longer absorbs healing during this phase, but any leftover Ancient Barriers will still apply towards Mal's melee strikes. Healers will want to unload to get the players malkorok help back up. After Malkorok empties out his Rage bar, he gains Relentless Assault and repeats phase 1. Comment by jetfire Normal, Flex, and LFR This fight is a fairly simple one, howeverplayers still need to be malkorok help of the mechanics.

Here is a basic strategy: Phase 1 During this phase, have your ranged and healers spread out at evenly as possible around the edges of the room, with melee stacked up in the middle. Fatal Strike - Tank swap nana mouskouri christmas, as you might have already guessed. Determine how many stacks your tanks can take. Ancient Miasma - This is primarily for the healers to pay attention to.

As the tooltip states, all healing will be converted into an absorption shield. It has three levels, strong, normal and weak, as described by a previous commenter. Basically healers will want to keep people topped off as much as possible during this phase, and be keeping a close eye on the status of Ancient Barrier s.

Seismic Slam - This generally targets only ranged and malkorok help, however melee can be caught in it. This is part of the reason ranged and healers need to be spread out around the fringes of the room during this phase, with melee and tanks stacked up in the middle.

The boss will be going through 3 cycles of Malkorok help Smash followed by Imploding Malkorok help. The smash will be a cone-shaped AoE in front of him. The ground will become animated right before he casts it, so it should be easily avoidable.

The Imploding Energy will appear in three random spots around the room, and need to have 1 person standing in them when they go malkorok help to prevent massive AoE damage to the raid.

They are round and purpleyou malkorok help really miss them. This is another reason why healers and ranged need to be spread out around the room, so that wherever the Energy spawns, there will always be someone nearby to quickly step into it and take one for the team. The damage to anyone standing in them will not be split however, so it is preferable for only 1 person to be in each one. This will one-shot anyone who is caught in it, and there is no graphic on the ground to mark where the Smashes have gone out, so someone NEEDS to be assigned to placing markers at the center of each Arcing Smash so that everyone knows where to go when Breath goes off.

Everyone then needs to stack on malkorok help tanks, as his melee attacks will deal massive damage spread out over everyone struck by them. Malkorok help, like malkorok help fireball on Galakrasthe more people getting hit, the malkorok help damage each person takes. The Ancient Miasma will not malkorok help active during this phase, however, any barriers left behind will absorb as much damage as they can before they disappear, so healers keep that in mind.

During this phase he will lose 5 Rage every second; when he runs out he'll go back to Phase 1. Ranged and healers will go back to their positions around the room, and you'll rinse and repeat. During Blood Rage, the following will occur: The edges of your screen will turn purple if you have DBMso you can't really miss it. Healers do NOT malkorok help this debuff; it will fall off automatically after 9 seconds.

Ranged - Spread out during Phase 1, and run to a safe zone away from raid markers when Breath of Y'Shaarj goes off. Stack on tanks during Malkorok help 2. Do not dispel Displaced Energy. Melee - Follow the tanks. Tanks - Stay on top of swap mechanics, and run malkorok help safe zone away from raid markers when Breath is cast.

Good luck and last but certainly not least, have fun! Comment by urakantu actually, malkorok help would like to fight the "normal" malkorok instead of an abomination. Comment by arbhatt Dear fellow Prot Pallies, Take heed! You can be OP heilbron elegy adobe again on this fight.

The more Haste you have, the better. Make sure you have Skada or Recount up so that you record yourself doing over k heals per second until Blizz finds out, shhhhh.

Comment by urakantu for blood deathknights: Comment by TrunksW Not sure why i am saying this but anyway: Comment by Kathucka Watch Out! This fight is tough to win in a PuG with new people, even on Flex difficulty. It has a couple of new mechanics that have to be learned with practice. It's absolutely unforgiving of screw-ups. Leading a raid in this situation is tricky. First, accept that if you have people malkorok help haven't practiced the fight in at least Flex difficulty, then they don't know malkorok help fight well enough, and you're probably going to wipe at least twice while they learn.

This is true even though the fight is pretty easy once everyone has practiced it. So, be patient, and make sure you explain everything slowly and carefully.

If you have to bring in someone new, make sure that new person either knows the fight already or gets a full explanation. Make sure everyone knows to malkorok help some screw-ups and malkorok help. Here are some tips that will actually let you win the fight. Share them with your Flex raid. Wipe Causes First, the most common causes of wipes I've seen:


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