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PRODUCCION DE TEXTOS WORDPRESS It's awesome. I was mrgeekasaurus youtube er in the Stress Test yesterday and I still felt I hadn't really explored everything in the starting zones. I generally dont get a free pass all day but she is telling me feel free to do it. The character will be given a fixed maximum level, and all skills and items will be available without the need to unlock them first. Seriously, this is going to be the best f'ing gaming experience ever.
Mrgeekasaurus youtube er I'm taking a few days off work for the launch, but the day before headstart we get out new puppy! Hardcore pvp'er. Hi everyone! Busy little kitty As some of you may know I've been a busy mrgeekasaurus youtube er kitty. The good thing about this tho is that now I have 1 less day to wait! You know that was the time I was most frightened.

Add a Comment: Load All Images. Merry Christmas!! Nekluna Featured By Owner Dec 25, Merry Christmas to you too, kitten! Prev Next. More from Candikitten ello sorry for not posting in a while, i've been busy with exams and stressed out and stuff i should be back to drawing and posting next week xx. Posting a new picture once a week I suck.

I should be more motivated and stuff. I'm going uni this yearstudying animation so I thought Mrgeekasaurus youtube er have a fresh start. Made a mrgeekasaurus youtube er account: BUT it's going to be humans and my animations and stuff. I wanna promise that it wont happen again but sadly all i can do is try my mrgeekasaurus youtube er to not procrastinate and try to be inspired and draw as often as possible xx. Busy little kitty As some of you may know I've been a busy little kitty.

This whole year I've been in a really hard games design course and this message is to inform you guys that I've passed the first year: I've been very busy and every time i try drawing i have a huge creative block I'm gonna draw humans for a bit just to get me a bit more into the spirit of drawing xx i should hopefully but uploading a new picture tonight of a very minxy human girl xx hope you guys will like it x.

I'm baaaaakkkk: D for good this time lets hope Haii Haii, been ages since I've actually finished a picture. Free time O. I never have time for anything anymore D: He was in England yesterday but I couldn't go see him cuz I had friggin work all day!!!!!

D; raging like mrgeekasaurus youtube er View Gallery. Rose Dragona Tasa: Protecting yourself from Paypal chargebacks I decided I'd write something on this since it seems to be affecting a lot of my friends and artists I'm close splacc wassup s. I'll start with a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: I am not a finance expert. I have never filed a chargeback nor have I been in a chargeback dispute fortunately. I have done some research out of both curiosity and out of desire to help out the community a bit.

This is going to be quick ish and summarized. I'm also going to be changing some things to the way I sell as well obviously. Disclaimer 2: This journal isn't about what to do in a chargeback dispute but rather, how to set up your sales so that you'll have the upper hand when having to deal with a dispute. I've included some useful links at the bottom for further information! This time, it was to be run a little differently.

Last time was stressful, and thats not the point of a training show. With that being said, they set up the new list of classes and decided on a different mrgeekasaurus youtube er style. This time, there would be playful classes as well, to make it more family oriented. I need a logo for my series. Basically a design that Mrgeekasaurus youtube er can use to show "this is my series" Example: You can have it be simple, complex, a gif, idfc Overall: Just as long as it's cool -you can either use LK's colors or use a solid color like white.

Or not i really don't care -be creative. I will be mrgeekasaurus youtube er at how much you actually worked on this, and it's not something you threw together. Hi everyone! A few months ago, I was dealing with a chronic sinus infection and drainage from hell. To offset my symptoms and maybe get some sleep for once, I went to bed with a breathe-right strip on my nose.

I woke up with no nose strip to be found and a weird feeling in my throat, like something was there. Not currently mrgeekasaurus youtube er in any groups. Submitted on December 25, Link. Views 1, Favourites 0 Comments 6. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment.

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