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People who viewed this item also viewed. PREDMESTJE - Hazard LP (RARE Yugoslav Import on RTB, Jazz-Rock/. PREDMESTJE - Hazard LP (RAR. Predmestje-Hazard () WITH RAPIDSHARE'S HORRIBLE TRASHY WEBSITE SO I RE-UPLOADED SOME BREAKS ON MEDIAFIRE. Predmestje - Danes, Včeraj In () [Yugoslavia Na Razpotju (Predmestje) - Danes Je Moj Download: Mediafire · Jazz. People who viewed this item also viewed. PREDMESTJE - Hazard LP (RARE Yugoslav Import on RTB, Jazz-Rock/. PREDMESTJE - Hazard LP (RAR.


Review by TCat Prog Reviewer. The album opens with the rollicking hit "Do It Again" featuring Fagen on vocals and that definitive guitar and sitar solo.

This is one of predmestje rar tracks that everyone knows intimately. This was followed by another hit, this time much lesser known, predmestje rar Work". Though not as catchy, it is still memorable and sung by session musician David Palmer.

Nevertheless, the track is upbeat and has a great jazzy instrumental break with some dissonance thrown in to prove that this was not just another rock band. The track also uses the trademark predmestje rar female vocals that you would hear more often in their later music.

Jim Hodder sings lead vocals on this one, but his voice has got the vulnerability that Fagen's does, and so it fits in well. You can definitely hear Fagen in the chorus though.

The guitar solo is a bit heavier in this one and also features two guitars. The spoken Spanish vocal at the end is done by Baxter. Again, there is the excellent predmestje rar solo played by session musician Elliot Randall that most everyone is familiar with, and a leaning to a more standard rock sound, but an excellent song nonetheless. Again, Fagen does the lead. This is yet another Fagen led vocal and moves back to a jazz predmestje rar with a more complex melody. Baxter is doing the pedal steel guitar here and has his own nice solo on the last break.

It is a straightforward, almost country rock sound to it, especially with another steel solo. Palmer also sings lead on "Change of the Guard" which also is a teensy bit heavier with a strong backbeat predmestje rar a nice dual guitar solo. It also has a more complex sound to predmestje rar and mixes rock and jazz nicely. Though it is a bit different from the later albums, it is still an enjoyable album from Steely Dan in their earliest years. It is a great debut album and shows hints of where the music would eventually lead to.

Because it is an enjoyable album, it is tempting to rate it higher than it should be, but I honestly think that it is better than a 3 star album because clicktoflash airplay is done quite well and showcases the bands talent.

Personally, I would give it at least a 4 star rating, but for the purposes of this site, I must consider it predmestje rar stars because it isn't that progressive. So that is the reason for the low rating. But don't let that deter you from obtaining this album. Report this review Posted Tuesday, February predmestje rar, Winton took up predmestje rar guitar and Sleepy the bass.

Paddy Corea would also arrive in London around and took up both the flute and saxophone and by chance all found each other through good old fashioned newspaper ads. The members kept a-coming with organist Ray Rhoden joining next and then came Clarence Brooms Cradle on trombone.

The band began as Blue Rivers and the Maroons where they cranked out a mean raw sort of soul that incorporated a gritty ska sound and a more energetic delivery than the average soul band and as time went on they just kept piling on new styles until they predmestje rar in predmestje rar bad ass named DEMON FUZZ.

Trombonist Crosdale predmestje rar the band's name has two meanings. It can mean either "Devil's children" or "Bad Policemen," and much like this dichotomy of the moniker so too does the predmestje rar take you into a contrasting sonic field of unlikely fusion candidates for the year Keeping with the times that the late 60s London had to offer, the band added an intense dosage of psychedelic organ sounds that firmly connected them to what was going on in the psych and prog underground.

The extra touches of a horn section added a whole new dimension of progressive jazz-rock fusion to the recipe and with touches of ska and reggae syncopated beats meant this band stood out even amongst the other funky freaks out there. While mostly instrumental with lengthy jamming extravaganzas carrying certain tunes such as "Mercy Variation No. The rest of the album however has been said to resemble the combo effect of Fela Kuti, Cymande and Parliament!

As a band of exclusively black musicians in the UK, the members were clearly aware of the subtle racism even during the height of the love and peace movement that professed to have erased such things. Paddy Corea has recounted the differences between whites and blacks predmestje rar the music business of the day when blacks were paid half as much yet worked twice as long and for the most part were not taken seriously.

These prejudices were the primary factor in the band pursuing a more serious and complex musical style which was intended to change attitudes towards black music in England. Was it rock? Funk, yeah that too. Jazz, uh-huh. But also psychedelic, Afro-Latin predmestje rar dripping with sweet soul!

Report this review Posted Monday, February 4, Review by memowakeman Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. An album as wonderful as its lineup!

The name of Dewa Budjana has been spinning in my ears for over 4 years, since I was kindly introduced to his music by Mr. Since then, I've been quite fond of his music, mainly due to his guitar style, but also due to the different musical realms he shares and also due to the amazing line-ups he gathers for his albums. After two years of the amazing "Zentuary", the Indonesian maestro has returned with "Mahandini", an predmestje rar that has the mandatory jazz predmestje rar sound, with the also mandatory Balinese moments, but now with a predmestje rar more oriented predmestje rar rock.

This might be because of the musicians recruited for this album. Dewa Budjana always knows how to choose predmestje rar musicians and also how predmestje rar adapt the music in order to take predmestje rar best from them, and now, with the help of progressive rock masters Jordan Rudess and Marco Tudor music instrumental s, along predmestje rar Indian prodigy bass-woman Mohini Dey, Budjana has given us a great record.

If that was not predmestje rar, here the acclaimed John Frusciante collaborates with the composition of two songs which are sung by him. Guitar expert and legend Mike Stern features on one of the tracks as well, while Indonesian artist Soimah Pancawati shares her voice on track three. An all-star line-up! Frusciante predmestje rar be mainly known for his work as guitar player of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but he also has a solo career in which his voice plays a main role.

For this album he lends his voice for two songs. The first one is "Crowded", the one that opens this album. Here we can predmestje rar to a great piece that has a deeper orientation to the rock realm with even some heavier moments provided by the voice and the instruments.

The jazz fusion element is a shadow here, and it is in fact predmestje rar surprise because it is not so common to see a Budjana's album opening with a track like this one, that in spite of its delicate sounds on brief passages, it might be remembered more for its explosive moments and even its nice catchy lyrics. The first two minutes have a soft jazz fusion sound but later the music becomes more aggressive, with an evident wink to progressive rock. A piano solo first and then the music predmestje rar, Budjana makes a great and rockin' guitar gbc gameshark emulator s prepares us to one of the albums highlights: Minnemann and Dey share an amazing passage where predmestje rar and vocals spit countless syllables creating an addictive rhythm, reminding me a bit of some Mahavishnu Orchestra sounds.

This song is amazing, the voice is profound and the music hypnotic. There is an evident Balinese flavor wonderfully blended with progressive rock. I think my description could be short, but the words I chose I think definitely describe this wonderful tune. It has a very melancholic sound, it is like an invitation to feel clean and relaxed, an invitation to a introspection. Predmestje rar guest musicians continue, and now it's time for Mike Stern, renowned guitarist who has played with giants such as Miles or Jaco, among others.

His career has been long and prolific as solo artist or in collaborations. This song might belong to any of his solo albums, though the musicians add in moments a soft jazzy predmestje rar, this is more a rock tune for the likes of alt rock fans.

Minnemann drums all over this track are fantastic, multi-colored, sharing endless figures, great! After three minutes we found Mohini Dey playing a great bass solo that is continued by Rudess' keyboard solo. Budjana is never egoist, he always let his musicians to show to the world how great they are. As usual, Budjana has provided a top album. I beg you to discover this man's music, you will predmestje rar colorful moments that will guide you to countless sensorial experiences.

Enjoy it! Another great release from the Moonjune family! As a reviewer, but mostly as a music fan, I have to thank a label like Moonjune Records for introducing me to a vast amount of musicians and sounds that come from countries around the globe whose music was not in my daily basis.

The offer of this eclectic label has brought me evident satisfactions, because I've been able to reach new cultures through the sounds of its artists. One of those artists is Serbian keyboard player Vasil Hadzimanov, a talented man that has no boundaries in his compositions.

Under the name of Vasil Hadzimanov Band, he and a bunch of great musicians have created "Lines in Sand", an album that fortunately offers a delicious mixture of sounds that go from jazz to funk, from rock to psych. Eclectic and challenging, to big boi mama told me mp3 zippy more concise.

It starts with a soft mid-eastern flavor, some percussion and Arabic chants in the first moments, later keyboards and strings join predmestje rar together develop a jazzy sound which carries a breath of tranquility on it. The first evident change comes with "Mr.

Moonjune" whose sound is completely different from the previous song. This time the band give us a delicious blend of funk and predmestje rar, firstly with that fast and explosive funky moment, secondly with a soft classical piano sound, and then, with a magnificent fusion of those genres and the silent addition of prog rock.

A sax is added after two minutes, and then the band continue to experiment and give predmestje rar listener a musical tour, which by the ways, works as a tribute to Leo Pavkovic, founder of Moonjune Records.

A nice soft jazz tune comes next with "San Snova" sandu clifford brown music which the piano is the main element. The sound can be tasty for those who love classical jazz. This spirit continues with "Lost" in which a female voice appears and adds beautiful predmestje rar. The music is delicious; the fretless bass is hypnotizing and works as a great partner of drums and piano.

I like that the music is never plain, so the band can predmestje rar us in any moment with some changes, like in the final moments of this track predmestje rar Marta Hadzimanov's voice returns.

When it fades out, we are suddenly listening to "Kazi", a short piece that might work as an interlude. It has an electronic orientation, a bit spacey and trippy that leads to "Kazi Predmestje rar, whose musical style takes me back to the 70s and reminds me of Weather Report or even Passport. The eclecticism of this album continues with "Maklik", now the band gives us predmestje rar amazing funky-jazzy-spacey song, a hook that we bite so we will not escape from its charm.

This is one of my favorite tunes here, by the way. There is a dub feeling around this song, but the jazzy essence is what guides this tune. Wonderful sax in the last part, complementing the already wonderful percussion work and of course, the amazing Vasil's keys. But it is only in the introduction, because at minute two the song changes drastically and now puts us into a jazz fusion mood with a Latin spirit.

I mentioned above, but the name of Weather Report has appeared in my mind once again while listening to this excellent track. Here we can enjoy a wonderful bass playing some funk, while keys and strings keep the jazz spirit.

Thanks very much for this rarity! If you stumble across Katamaran please post it. Many thanks, Cascade. I love the bass on the first song very lesh like. Great band one predmestje rar the best of that era. Thanks Lisa. Post a Comment. Wednesday, August 12, Izvir - Izvir It is one of the rarest albums to find on the market.

If you happen to trace predmestje rar at some Web music online sellers, it is likely predmestje rar the price will be extremely high. Is "Izvir" predmestje rar it? They appeared at several minor rock festivals predmestje rar Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Subotica They managed to record two singles prior to this LP album inpredmestje rar seemed to have been circulated in a limited number of copies.

Therefore, a rarity nature and the enormous prices mentioned above. The music is excellent and wonderfully performed jazz-rock with strong funk aplicatia cu pisica vorbitoare games progressive rock influences.

Dual electric guitars, effective Andrej Konjajev's use of various keyboards like clavinet, organ, el. Lyrics are mixed in Slovene and Serbo- Croatian languages a typical combination of many Slovene artists of the time.

This is especially evident in minutes opening "Sel je popotnik skozi atomski vek" which contains several predmestje rar of different tempo and arrangement, and in the closing "Vibrolux". This is extremely listenable but also very rewarding music for genre-oriented fans. Bitenc is excellent singer although at certain predmestje rar he cannot keep from crossing to high-pitched falsetto range, which can be annoying.

On the other hand, since all songs are with vocals except instrumental "Vibrolux"this album is not meant only for die-hard jazz elite who enjoy instrumental improvisations.

Since until now this album has not been re-issued on CD at least to my knowledgeit seems doomed for devoted collectors who can afford to pay its value.

The mp3 version ripped from vinyl can be occasionally found at some blogs, but its sound is fairly poor here kbs. Better anything than nothing. By Seyo Taken from here. Posted by Lisa Sinder at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Hi Friends!!! I'd like to thank all original uploaders; collectors sharing music giving us the unique possibility to explore the culture. Thank you!

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