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Title: PVS Login to download, request hard copy, or add this manual to your unit library. TM P SIGHT, NIGHT VISION, SNIP. Title: PVS Login to download, request hard copy, or add this manual to your unit library. TM P SIGHT, NIGHT VISION, SNIP. TECHNICAL MANUAL MONOCULAR NIGHT VISION DEVICE (MNVD) AN/PVS- 14, TM , Military Manuals, Survival Ebooks.

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Pvs 14 tm Shading is indicative of a dying photocathode and is caused by a defective vacuum seal of the image intensifier. An emission point pvs 14 tm not be confused with a point light source in the distance. The front surface of the objective lens of monocular should be exactly 30 inches from the target at height of the center ring. Because of the time zone differences. Light Pipe. This work time figure represents the active time required to perform that maintenance function at the indicated level of maintenance.
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Distribution authorized to U. Government agencies and their contractors. This publication is required for administration and pvs 14 tm purposes, as determined 15 August Other requests for this document shall be referred to either: Commander, U.

Metal objects can cause batteries to short circuit and become very hot. Do not allow the material to come in contact with the mouth or open wounds midtown madness 3 full version for pc the skin. If the phosphor screen material contacts your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water. However, the light from the IR source can be detected by the enemy using night vision devices.

If the tank valve breaks, the tank can be propelled by the escaping gas and strike you or others. Always secure the tank to an upright support before removing the tank valve guard and attaching the regulator valve to the tank. The level of performance depends upon the level of light. Night light is reduced by passing cloud cover, while operating pvs 14 tm trees, in building shadows, etc.

The MNVD is less effective viewing into shadows and other darkened areas. The MNVD is less effective through rain, fog, sleet, snow, or smoke. The MNVD will not see through dense smoke. The monocular must be turned off by the power switch. GA New Jersey Fort Monmouth Mail your letter The Fax number is DSN A reply will pvs 14 tm furnished to you If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures Special Tools Title Page Principles of Operation A-1 Technical Manuals A-1 Marine Corps Use A-1 Forms A-1 Miscellaneous Publications A-2 iii A-1 Field Manuals B-1 Maintenance Functions C-4 Special Information E-1 Manufactured Pvs 14 tm Illustrations C-1 Scope D-1 Scope C-5 Abbreviations C Cross-Reference Indexes C-7 Monocular Pvs 14 tm Section II Section IV.

D-1 Expendable and Durable Items List C-9 Eyepiece Assembly B-5 Remarks. B-1 The Army Maintenance System C-5 Repair Parts List Index-1 iv D-1 Explanation of Columns C Headset Assembly Glossary-1 Definitions of Unusual Terms B-3 Explanation of Columns in Remarks C-5 How to Locate Repair Parts Pvs 14 tm General Section III C Special Tools List Metal Helmet Mount Reference List C-6 Monocular Assembly C-8 Eyepiece Assembly E-2 vi C Black Spot Test Stand C Special Tools Additional references to the contents of this manual can be found in the index at the back of the manual.

This gives the location of the information most frequently used. Read and follow all warning and caution notices. This listing includes the paragraph title and page number. Model Number and Equipment Name Type of Manual Purpose of Equipment Section I The MNVD is a self-contained night vision device that enables improved night vision using ambient light from the night sky moon Interface Device Headset Assembly.

Dust Adapter Assembly. Optical Compass Assembly Strapping Lens. The official names are used in the Appendices because they reflect the provisioning nomenclature.

Marine pvs 14 tm. Nonrechargeable Cover. Battery Retainer Case. Except in the Appendices. Optical Eyepiece Assembly Cap. Helmet Ring. Nomenclature Cross-Reference List.

Marine Corps Publications Distribution System. Refer to the latest issue of DA Pam to determine whether there are new editions. Infrared Equipment Strapping Strap. Table Infrared Receiver Eyeguard. Headset Mount. Viewer Image Intensifier. Optical Instrument Cap. Dust Packing. We will send you a reply. Retaining Browpad Assy. Sacrificial Screw. Fiber Optic Ring. Purge Screw. Optical Element Cord.

pvs 14 tm


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