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In the aftermath of its kickass midseason premiere, The Walking Dead packed arguably an even bigger twd2 03 mp4 punch this week by burying a beloved character — well, beloved by me, anyway — and hooking up a twosome that some twd2 03 mp4 you have been shipping for ages. So, who found themselves pushing up daisies, and who ended the episode by knocking boots?

Read on…. You know things are going pretty well when the big issue du jour is a toothpaste twd2 03 mp4. Maggie was encouraging Enid not to hide away from the world.

And just as Daryl was heading out on a supply run with Rick, Eugene and Denise were adding items to the, for lack of a better term, grocery list. Just kidding about those last ones. It was the law of averages, Velamma episode 17 theorized. And lo twd2 03 mp4 behold, the duo soon happened upon a delivery truck full of, among other things, sorghum. Aw… there was even that pasta maker that Mrs. Niedermeyer had wanted ages ago!

Better yet, the truck started right up. Could this day get any more awesome?!? In fact, it could. Next, the guys found a vending machine twd2 03 mp4 of candy and soda! Giving chase on foot post-apocalyptic cardio! Once he was discovered, another round of Catch Me If You Can ensued, this one ending with Jesus saving Daryl from a walker, Daryl knocking Jesus out and the truck being lost to the bottom of a lake. When she caught up with him, he reluctantly explained that he needed to take care of something before he could even think about having the kind of life that she did back in their community.

Who was it? Seconds after Michonne spotted Carl in the distance, we found out: The walker was Deanna! Once his heartbreaking task was completed, Michonne assured him that he still had family.

For one thing, he had never pulled a weapon on them. Later that night, the newly minted lovers were awakened — in their bedroom, no less!

And there, we left it! So, twd2 03 mp4 you surprised that the show finally went there with Rick and Michonne? First impression of Jesus — thumbs up or down? Hit the comments! Wait — did that just happen?!? Click here to subscribe. Editorial Renewal Scorecard: It's the Most Paranoid Time of the Year. Between Plymouth Rock and a Hard Place. Six Appeal Post to Cancel.

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